What Is The Difference Between a Gas Generator & a Diesel Generator?

A generator is an electronic machine that produces electrical power for temporary use. Generally, we used this power generator in our homes, shops, stores, offices, etc. There are some rules and regulations for installing a Generator at home or any place you want. A power or portable generator present in mainly diesel & gas fuel. But there is a few of the difference between the gas generator & diesel generator.

The different categories of this fuel DG Set present with numbers of benefits and advantages. It gives you electricity whenever you want but at the same time, a diesel generator emits harmful gases which are not good for health. Such as carbon monoxide.

Before getting more information on the difference between the diesel generator and gas generator first, we need to understand what is diesel generator & gas generator.

What is a diesel generator?

A diesel-powered generator runs on diesel fuel. This high power output DG Set for home & industrial use is more reliable because of its quality performance. This diesel generator for home available in the range between 1.5 kVA to 12.5 kVA. Also, you can buy an industrial diesel generator in the range of 50 kVA to 125 kVA DG Set.

The high power output & continuous prime service is a few of the best feature of this DG Set.

What is a gas generator?

Low noise & air pollution is the beauty of a gas-powered DG Set. This silent generator comes in different brands & power output. As compared to a diesel generator a gas DG Set emits 0% of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Also, from other DG Set a gas Genset work with very low noise pollution. The availability of this DG Set comes in under 2.5 kVA to 62.5 kVA gas generator.

What the difference between the gas generator and diesel generator

Apparently, people know that a generator is a machine that produces electrical power. But there are different types of generators based on power output & fuel type. Such as diesel generators & gas generators. Both fuel types of DG sets present different features & benefits. Here we will discuss a few of the major difference between diesel generator & gas generator

Nowadays, people are using gas as fuel in their vehicles. A gas generator may create gas by a chemical reaction or by a liquid or solid source. Gas generators are very soundproof & good for the environment. Here the list of some best features of this gas Genset.

Feature of Gas Generator

  • A gas generator is not emitting harmful gases during the operation. So this generator is much safer & eco friendly.
  • Soundproof & noiseless performance makes them more friendly & hassle-free.
  • Small size home gas generator you can install easily nearby your home location.
  • Efficient use of gas-powered DG Set is saved more amount of money during the operation.
  • The low maintenance cost of a gas generator is also cost-effective.
  • Availability of gas DG Set in various kVA range provides the opportunity to choose the best Genset according to the needs.

On the other hand, Diesel generators are also known as Diesel Genset. It is a combination of a diesel engine to provide electrical power. Also, they are a kind of electrical generator which runs on diesel. It produces electricity with the help of diesel or you can say that it uses diesel as fuel.

Hence, Diesel Generators cost less as compared to CNG generators. When compared with the market price, CNG is more efficient and cheaper than diesel. Diesel generators perform for long-lasting periods in comparison to gas generators. Diesel generators need very little maintenance than that of gas generators.

The best features of a diesel generator

  • Clean & reliable power output.
  • Range of small diesel home generator in 1 kVA portable DG Set to 15 kVA generator able to fulfill all power needs.
  • The high fuel efficiency of diesel generators offering long-duration power service with a low fuel consumption rate.
  • The longer runtime ability of this DG Set makes them the best choice for industrial needs.
  • The industrial diesel generator is available in the range between 40 kVA to 2000 kVA Genset to run large industrial machines.
  • AMF panel of standby diesel generator auto start & shutdown the DG Set engine when main grid power fails or occurs.

What is the different type of diesel generator?

Based on the size & power output there is various type of diesel generator which used in different work sectors. For example,

These are a few of the basic types of diesel generators. For more information on diesel generators click on the link.