How Generator Produce Electricity?

A generator is an equipment that provides electricity when you face any planned or unplanned power failure. This DG Set supplies backup power for the home, business & industrial sectors. They also used in the farming & mining sector where the main grid supply is unavailable. But there is always a question click in our mind how generator produce electricity? Here get the detailed information on the Genset working process.

How generators works

Actually, generators don’t create electricity. Instead, they transform mechanical and chemical energy into electrical energy. They capturing the power of motion and converting it into electrical energy by forcing Electron from the external source through an electrical circuit. So here we get the information on how the generator works.

Working principle of generator

Generator follows Michael Faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction. “If any conductor is rotated in any magnetic field, it has an E.M.F. is generated, if the conductor pattern is complete then the flow of current start in it.”

Three important factor required to run a generator.

  • Conductor
  • Magnetic field
  • Mechanical force to move the conductor in the magnetic field

When the armature is rotated in a magnetic field then there is a constant change in the magnet flux passed from the coil, causing them there is flowing electric in it. The positions of Bruce B1 and B2 are adjusted in such a way that the current direction in the coil changes, then at the same time these Bruce are connected to one point of the commutator to another point and the direction of electric in the outer circuit, remains fixed with time.

Suppose the direction of current in the first half cycle is such that the head connected to c1 is positive and the end connected to c2 is negative.  In this case, the Bruce b1 is positive and the brush b2 is negative.  In the next half-cycle, the direction of the current in the coil changes as it changes c1 becomes negative c2 positive but due to rotation of the coil, c1 rotates to c2 position and c2 rotates to c1 position.  Hence b1 is always positive and b2 is negative.  Thus in a complete cycle, the direction of current in the outer circuit flows from b1 to b2.

The workflow of Genset components

There are a few very important components in the diesel generator which need to produce electricity during the operation. Such as

  • Fuel tank
  • Boiler
  • Turbine
  • Battery

First of all, it burns Fuel which changes chemical energy into heat energy through the Boiler. The heat energy will cause water to heat and move in-tank energy of motion is kinetic energy. The kinetic energy in the water causes a Turbine to turn a Generator. A Generator changes the kinetic energy of a spinning wire or coil of wire to electrical energy. The wire is surrounded on both sides by a strong magnet.

On one side the negative side of the magnet is facing the wire. On the other side, the positive side of the magnet is facing the wire. An electron within the wire is attracted to the north part of the magnet and will repel, or push any away from, the south part of the magnet. By spinning the wire, it continually passes by the side opposite charges of magnetism.

The electron within the wire moves toward the positive magnet end, and away from the negative magnet end. This continual moving back and the front is alternating electric current. This alternating electric current stores in Battery.

This whole process of the generator is used to produce electricity & provide a continuous power supply for all applications. This is the process where we can understand how the generator produces electricity.

Why we need a Genset to produce electricity

A generator is mainly used to provide & manage continuous power supply during the power cut or the place where the main grid supply is not available. In the previous section, we explain how a generator makes electricity. Also, the big in size industrial DG Set provide high power output to run large industrial equipment.

In short, we can say a best in class power generator run your home to industrial equipment & provide a continuous power supply. The process of electricity production of a DG Set is very clean & environment friendly. Because all the DG Set follows the latest norms of CPCB-2. For more information on various categories of generator click on the link.