How Does The Generator Work?

A generator is mainly used to produce electricity during a power failure or the place where the main grid power supply is not available. In short, we can say the generator works to produces electricity to run electric equipment.

An electric generator works on the principle of the electromagnetic theorem. Where the conductor coil continuously rotted between the horseshoe type magnet. The conductor coil is made with copper wire. Also, this conductor coil present with its core, we can say an armature. This armature is connected with a motor and rotted frequently.

To produce electricity from the portable generator, they need fuel for the operation such as petrol, diesel, natural gas, etc. Also, you can use different renewable energy sources. For example- a solar-powered turbine, wind turbine, or a water turbine. So, here we share the information on the generator working principle such as how a diesel generator works.

What is the generator working principle

As previously we explain that DG Set is a manufacture with the electric conductor & copper wire. That is tightly wind & mounted with a large magnet. An electric conductor of a Genset which move in the magnetic field and this magnetism will linking with the electrons in the conductor to manage the flow of electric current.


At the time when the DG Set armature starts, it starts to raise the voltage. Here, a few of the voltage is making on the field winding through the Genset regulator. Also, the expandable magnetic field produces more voltage in the Genset armature.

A diesel engine Genset or other fuel engines DG Set don’t create electricity instantly. But they create energy by converting mechanical or chemical energy into electric energy. They follow the process of motion & turning various fuel in the form of electric energy with the help of electrons. Those electrons present from the external fuel resources.

How DG Set works in different power output

A few of the high-power industrial electric DG Set is very large in size & offers energy on a very large scale. Such as generators produce electricity through water turning turbines. Generator for home & industrial purpose is much small in size & basically depend upon the traditional fuel source. Such as diesel, propane, and natural gas to produce an electric current. Once the electric power is established, it was directly coming through the copper wires into power external machines & other devices.

The range of modern DG Set follows Michael Faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction. Because Michael Faraday discovers the theorem of how a magnetic field creates & produces electric energy and flow the current in electric devices.

So the basic thing or we can say an electric Genset is nothing but an electromagnet moving wire device to flow the electricity.

This is the basic theorem & working principle of a DG Set. Hope this information is enough to provide complete information on how generator work. For more information related to Genset click on the link.