How to Start a Generator?

A DG Set or also we can say an alternator of a generator is basically a coil of wire which rotates at the magnetic field. This magnetic field is provided by a permanent magnet which is included in Genset. But most of the time we think about how that field works & how to start a generator?.

In this alternator, there is a presentation of the coil that is initially exited by an external battery. This is as same as how an alternator works in cars & other machines. Once the process of field establishment is completed the alternator will start to charge & there is no need for the magnetic field. Also, in a Genset, there is no other excitation of the magnetic field coil needed. The residual magnetism offering a friendly environment for enough magnetic field to start the generator. If that residual magnetism field doesn’t exist the field will not work or operate. Also, in any DG Set, there are numbers of generator components to work in the proper manner.

Apart from that, the DC current which comes through the coil for a short while will provide the magnetic field to start or operate a generator. This magnetism field of DG Set persists with the iron core when the Genset unit is shut down or not in the operational condition.

The way to start a generator

To start or operate a DG Set, the best way to find out the user manual guide which comes with the products. Most of the diesel generator present with automatic start & shut down switches. That means these easy & single push-button start a generator very easily. Apart from that here with the help of the user manual guide, you will get the information on a few steps to start & operate a generator.

Go with the user manual to know how to start a generator

We all know that every product presents with its user manual information but most of the time all of us hate to read it. But for the long-lasting operational life of the generator life, it will help you in any way. So always go with this user manual information. Also, this user manual guide will provide you complete information on how to start.

Check & test the generator before starting

If your building was struck by a storm, it’s a good idea to check for damage. Most importantly, you don’t want to use a gasoline-fueled generator if you have experienced a natural gas leak.

Move your generator outside, away from the house

We can’t stress this point enough: run your generator outside, at least 15 feet from your house. Don’t operate a generator inside of your home, garage, or shed. If you use a generator inside your garage you could be killed by carbon monoxide poisoning within minutes.

Don’t operate your generator (unprotected) in a storm

Heavy rain can cause electrical shock and damage to the engine. But if you need to run a generator while it’s raining, you can buy a generator tent to help protect your product from the elements.

Check fuel levels for oil and gas

You use gas to fuel a portable generator. Always make sure you fill up your generator with natural gasoline. Ethanol in the gas will absorb water over time. Stale gasoline not only makes it harder or impossible to start but can damage the engine. Also, check the oil level of your generator to make sure the engine gets proper lubrication. Fill the oil up to the line specified on the generator.

Remove any cords plugged into the generator

Before starting the generator, disconnect all cords. You should start your generator before connecting it to your home. You don’t want any load attached during the startup.

This is one of the best & efficient ways to start your generator & get the service for a long duration. So when you think about how to start a generator? the user manual guide & other small information will help you a lot.