Which Generator Is Good For Home Use?

In this era, we use a lot of technology in our day to day life. For that, we need power, because all the gadgets need power or electricity to run. But most of the time we all are facing planned or unplanned power failure which affects our daily routine. So having a silent home generator is always the best solution. But which generator is good for home use is always a challenging thing when you are buying a Genset the very first time.

A generator helps us to run multiple power appliances at the same time when the main grid’s power fails. With the help of this DG Set, we can charge our mobile & other equipment included all electrical households.

Also, this power generator helps you to maintain your luxurious life. So this very important to find out the best DG Set for the home according to the needs. Here get a few basic but important things to consider to help you to find which generator is good for home use?

What do we consider before buying a generator for home use?

There are numbers of things which are very important to know before buying a portable home generator. Such as size, power output & type of generator. But apart from that, there are a few other major components which need to know. Here the list of a few major things which affect a deal of home Genset.


Having an idea of a budget is helpful to get the best deal. The same process we are following at the time of buying a DG Set for home. There are various brands & output ranges of home inverter generators available in the market. So the best thing you can choose a DG Set which presents in your budget. If your generator budget is enough then you should go with the feature you need.

Wattage needed

This is always a big question when you are looking for a Genset for home use. Generally, for a complete power backup for the home, we need a DG Set in the range of 3000 to 6000 watts. So before considering which generator is good for home use, you need to calculate total power consumption in main grid failure. if you are using high power appliances, then buy a high power output portable DG Set.

Type of generator

First, we need to know everything about which type of generator you are using at home. According to that, we need to make space for installation. It is very important to know what things are required to use a particular generator at home. You can also choose a DG Set based on the space of your home.

Fuel used in a generator

Which fuel is used in your generator? This is a very significant question before the installation of generators at home. There are so many kinds of fuels required in the generators, some generators run on diesel, some on petrol, some on kerosene, etc. so having a good knowledge of your generator is the very first step towards safety for our family. Also, the diesel generator is more efficient but it will emit more harmful gases. So there is very important to know various generator safety tips.

Types Of Generators For Home Use

There are several kinds of generators for different uses. But there are specifically designed generators for home use.

Below are the different types of generators for home use.

Portable generators for home

With the help of the name, it is quite clear that this generator is suitable for home use. Portable means easy to use or carry or very handy. It is a mini generator which you can use at your home and offices. The wattage of this portable generator is around 3000-8000 watts. Every generator has its cons and pros. So before installation try to keep the proper knowledge of the particular generator.

Standby generators for home

Standby generators are installed outside your house or building. It has a capacity of 5000-15000 watts. It generates carbon monoxide which is not safe for anyone. Fuel used for these kinds of generators is CNG/LPG, petrol or diesel.

Inverters generators for home

These are very small generators used in homes or camping, very handy and easy to carry. It provides power up to 2000-7000 watts.

Types of generator based on fuel types

Diesel generators

Basically, it runs on diesel so its name is Diesel Generators. It is also used in homes. Diesel Generators are good for long term use so suitable for home use.

Gas generators

They are the generators run on gas. Gas is cheaper than other fuels. Very much effective. You can save money by using gas Generators.

Petrol generators

Petrol Generators are excellent for home use. It gives a good amount of power.

Kerosene generators

In the beginning, mainly people used Kerosene in their generators. But today, it’s very difficult to find kerosene everywhere. So rarely people use such kinds of Generators for home use.

Best Gensets for home use can be the one which can give at least 5000 watts and should be inexpensive. Before purchasing any appliances for the home, try to get the proper knowledge about the machine or gadgets or generators deeply for your safety.