Why Electricity Generator is So Dangerous?

A generator is one of the best product which offers continuous prime power during any planned or unplanned power failure. Also, the high power rating of a diesel generator makes them an ideal choice for all sectors. But, Apart from the benefits of a DG Set, there is a lot of drawback of this power Genset. Such as without operating knowledge of it it will more dangerous. Here we will discuss why the electricity generator is so dangerous.

Do you own a business? Have you ever faced a power cut or blackout scenario? You must have heard about an electricity generator for home or an electricity generator for an office that gives you a power backup to run your business. Here we will explain to you what an electricity generator is and how it works. Also, we will tell you various drawback included why electricity generator is so dangerous. Here you will also get the information on generator safety tips.

What is an electricity generator?

It is an equipment or a device used for converting mechanical energy or we can say a motive power into the electrical power or simply electricity which can be connected to an electric circuit in house or office for the use of general electrical equipment.  The main use of an electricity generator is to transmit and distribute electricity over power lines. Overall the main purpose of an electricity generator is to generate electric power or electricity and provide power backup.

What are the uses of electricity generators?

The use of generators in our daily life is becoming very frequent in every business or home. The most frequent uses of a generator in our daily life are as given below.

  • Complete power backup for business sectors.
  • Useful in load shedding or also in a routine power cut.
  • Offering continuous prime power in the emergency & construction sector.
  • High power industrial generator to run large electrical equipment such as 500 kVA to 2000 kVA DG Set.
  • Useful in the farming sector, carnivals fairs, and sports events.

Why the use of generators in our daily life could be dangerous?

 Today people use generators for their convenience.  But there are also dangers.  Uses of a generator in our daily life would be as dangerous as:

Danger from carbon monoxide

you need to install a generator in an air-packed & moisture-free room such as a basement, garage, etc. Because lots of carbon monoxides emit from the generator engine. Opening entryways and windows or utilizing fans won’t forestall carbon monoxide develop in your home.

Electricity Hazards

Using a generator in moisture can generate electric shock. Also plugging in into the generator directly can be dangerous. In a similar way plugging a generator into a wall outlet is also dangerous. For power blackouts, forever introduced generators are better for giving the back-up capacity to your home. An appropriately associated compact generator can get over-burden. This may bring about overheating, potentially prompting generator disappointment.

Fire Threats

Storing fuel for generators can be harmful as it can catch fire. When stored inside the home can catch fire easily if it comes in contact with electric sparks or fire.

Major safety tips for generator usage

At the time of using an electrical generator, the small operational safety tips are more useful. This will help you to increase the life of DG Set with safe operation. Here an overview of major safety tips of a DG Set.

  • Not running generators in spaces with no air are enclosed with walls. Also, Do not put a generator where it can come in contact with moisture.
  • Let the generator come to normal temperature before it is refueled.
  • Storing generator safely where you cannot come in contact with fire.
  • In the event that you experience genuine manifestations, get clinical consideration right away. Make certain to let the clinical staff that you speculate carbon monoxide harming.
  • Keep the generator dry and don’t utilize it in a downpour or wet conditions. To shield from dampness, work it on a dry surface under an open, shelter like structure. On the off chance that your hands are wet, dry them prior to enduring the generator.

These are a few of the important feature which reduces the harmful nature of any DG Set. Hope here you will get a complete inquiry on generator safety & related inquiry on why electricity generator is so dangerous.