Why does an electricity generator not generate electricity?

An electricity generator is useful to power resources used to run electrical appliances in a power outage. Also, they supply electrical power whenever there is a blackout or routine power outage. But most of the time due to technical or other faults this DG Set won’t start. Also, we think why does an electricity generator not generate electricity.

This power generator prevents your daily activity from any unplanned power failure. Also, run your business without any interruption. But most of the time due to further reason portable generators not able to provide the power supply. So here we will see the information on how generators work & why does an electricity generator not generate electricity. But before getting more information first we need to know what is an electricity generator.

What is an electricity generator?

In simple language, an electricity generator is an equipment that has the purpose of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. So that it can be used in an external circuit. Today the wide use of generators is in agriculture as well as industry, National defense, technology, Science, and in our daily life.

How does an electric generator work and create electricity?

First of all, we should understand the fact that electricity is not produced by an electricity generator. The various fuel type in the form of mechanical or chemical run this standby DG Set engine to provide continuous electricity. Also, the wire winding inside the Genset manages the flow of electric current. But at the time of Genset operation, you need to follow various generator safety tips before checking any errors.

This electric charge flow consists of an electricity generator supplied output electric current. In other words, DG Set generates power with the flowing of electrons from an external source. Such as diesel, petrol, and gas fuel. The copper wire of the generator flows the electricity to provide power to the machines & other electrical devices.

If an electricity generator does not have any magnets installed, the electricity will not be produced as the main electricity is generated by an electromagnetic field generated by copper windings over the magnet.

At present, the degree of automating an electricity generator is at the top level. Also, the circuit of control is ambiguous or we can say it as complex. Apart from that, we see numbers of defects when a diesel generator we use at home or in industrial applications. Therefore,  while operating a portable Genset,  it is also important that we observe if the matrix of an electricity generator on each equipment is within the specified range or not.

Various reasons why does an electricity generator not generate electricity

The main reason why does an electricity generator not generate electricity is because of the loss of residual magnetism. Also, there are other factors which affect home generator or industrial DG Set during the operation.

Here a list of a few of the main reasons which affect the power generator starting problem or operational.

The magnetic field performance

Local magnetic fields can disappear on their own. When you use an industrial Genset or an inverter generator for a home run without loading for a long duration. There is a high priority of the local magnetic field can disappear due to transporting it for too long a distance by vibrating naturally.

Wiring error in the excitation circuit

In this,  the excitation winding polarity is getting rollback. When we electrify it, the magnetic field delivered by the field winding current is checked with the remaining magnetism about the vanishing of the remanence. Also, when estimating the DC of obstruction of the excitation winding or testing the programmed voltage controller without focusing on an extremity,  which will likewise cause the center remanence to vanish.

Blocking of an excitation circuit

Here, the condition is that the electrical contact is terrible or the wiring top of each electrical part is free, the lead wire is broken, making the circuit interfere with, and the generator excitation winding has no excitation flow.

Direct current side circuit of a rectifier is disturbed

Because of the interference of circuit for DC side of the turning rectifier, accordingly, after the AC exciter is redressed by the revolving rectifier, the excitation flow provided to the excitation winding can not be sent into the excitation twisting, bringing about AC coordinated generators can not create power.

Absence of output voltage due to alternate current exciter defect

The generator can’t deliver power because of AC exciter disappointment, with the goal that the excitation twisting of the AC simultaneous generator has no excitation current

Excitation winding is grounded or broken wheat results in absence of excitation current in an electricity generator  or the current of excitation may be minimal

How to fix an electricity generator which does not generate electricity?

The following are the solution to the above issues:

  • At the point when the remaining attraction of the generator center vanishes, charging treatment will be done.
  • For the most part utilizing additional battery or dry battery, utilizing its positive and negative shafts to gracefully power for a brief timeframe towards the main out terminal of the excitation winding.
  • Excitation circuit wiring blunder, right it subsequent to looking. 
  • Use a multimeter ohm square to discover the excitation winding broken line and interface it. For the disappointment brought about by helpless contact, clean the surface oxide layer with discovering sand fabric, the free association screw and nut will be firm.
  • Ground and broken line issue of excitation winding. Utilize 500V ohmmeter to check the ground protection of the excitation twisting, discover the ground point, use a multimeter to discover the messed up line, and reestablish it.

These are a few basic tips to check & test diesel generators when a generator not produce electricity. Having those ideas will help you in the operation of a diesel generator.