Volvo Penta Used Generator

Volvo Penta is a part of the Volvo Group which is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy trucks, buses and construction equipment. This Company was founded in 1869. The headquarters of this company is in Skovde, Sweden and the key people of this company is Bjorn Ingemanson. Volvo Penta Manufacturescomplete power systems to the marine industry and internal combustion engines (ICEs), power-generating equipment, and similar industrial applications. In these articles, we will know about the Volvo Penta used generator.

The Volvo Penta Group mainly design and produce two types of Genset, Standby power and Prime power.

This generator gives instant power. The engine of this generator is reliable and durable. The kind of emergency backup that need in critical situations.  

Model of Volvo Penta Power Generator and Its Specification

There are many models of the Volvo Penta power generator. Some of them are as follow:

Volvo Penta TAD530GE

The TAD530GE is designed for saving power generation and maximum uptime. The robust design makes the engine highly stable.

Image of Volvo Penta TAD530GE

Volvo Penta TAD530GE

Specification of Volvo Penta TAD530GE

ModelVolvo Penta TAD530GE
Displacement4.7 L
AspirationTurbo with charge air cooler
Compression ratio181
Bore108 (4.25) mm(inch)
Stroke130 (5.12) mm ( inch)
Rated1800 rpm
Fuel System1500 rpm
Number of cylinder4
Fan Power Consumption5.9 (8) KW/Hp
Cooling system 48 (2730)kW (BTU/min)
Method of operation4-stroke
Generator efficiency91
High-Pressure Fuel InjectionUnit Pumps

Volvo Penta TAD550GE

Image of Volvo Penta TAD550GE

Specification of Volvo Penta TAD550GE

ModelVolvo Penta TAD550GE
AspirationTurbo with electronically-controlled waste-gate and charge air cooler
Emission control technologyInternal EGR
Fuel SystemCommon-rail fuel
Number of cylinder4

Volvo Penta TAD731GE

Image of Volvo Penta TAD731GE

Volvo Penta TAD731GE

Specification of Volvo Penta TAD731GE

AspirationTurbo with charge air cooler
Generator Efficiency92
High-pressure fuel injectionUnit pumps
Number of cylinder6

Volvo Penta TAD1341GE

Image of Volvo Penta TAD1341GE

Volvo Penta TAD1341GE

Specification of Volvo Penta TAD1341GE

AspirationTurbo with electronically-controlled waste-gate and charge air cooler
Compression ration18.1
Number of cylinder6
Fan Power Consumption10 (14) kW (hp) 
Cooling system Radiator incl intercooler

Why Should Buy Volvo Penta Generator?

Volvo Penta generator should buy because of the following reason:

  • Uptime
  • Economy
  • Flexibility
  • Emission Technology


Volvo Penta’s main focus is to keep your business on full continuity.  So they strive to ensure versatility and reliability in the Genset engine, maximizing uptime and reliability.


Volvo Penta engine have many cost-saving advantage. The engines are developed to be both fuel-efficient and durable, promoting long term cost efficiency.


The Volvo Penta generator engine is constructed keeping in mind the wide range of power generation setup. All part of the same platform, making them easy to install and service.

Emission Technology

Volvo Penta generator is designed to meet the very latest in international emission legislation. They take into account the demands of regional markets to meet the demands at every stage of the process – during production and the lifetime of the product.

Advantage of Used Generator

There are many reasons why buying a Volvo Penta used a generator. It would be a smart chosen versus buying a new generator. The main reason is that used generators with low hours on the engines are often available at very good prices, and are substantially below the high retail prices of new units. It is even possible to save up to 40% or more by getting a low-hour used generator instead of a new one.  

Another main benefit of purchasing a used Generator is the fact that they are readily available and can be bought quickly and installed. There is no waiting time because of limited availability and factory lead times, you can simply buy it and have shipped it. Many sellers even include shipping in the cost of the unit.

Another benefit is that when a manufacturer produces a new generator, the purchaser usually has to take the generator in the same form. This means that the manufacturer has produced the generator depending on how you get it. When purchasing a used generator, you have more flexibility to make adjustments or modifications that will suit your needs.

The Bottom Line

We support customers all the way, from the installation to aftermarket service. Functionality is the common denominator for all power generation purposes. That is one of the reasons why you will always be able to find a perfect Volvo Penta engine for your next power generation setup – no matter the environment or the conditions. We deliver, build, and service engines for prime power and standby power generators.