In today's time, 60 percent of all manufacturers utilize an air compressor system, for use with machine tools, material handling, spray painting, and separation equipment. It is also valuable for many industries as well as. One of the big reasons for that acceptance is the safety and convenience of utilizing air as a resource, as opposed to different energy sources such as electricity.

EO Energy offers a complete range of potable and industrial air compressor solutions with a product list of 300+ air compressor outcomes. Select according to your requirements. Our products are designed and manufactured to provide high-quality, reliable, and energy-efficient air compressor solutions across all industries & small-scale business requirements from agriculture to construction, mining, manufacturing, and so on. 

There is various type of air compressors based on their uses, Known as oil-free air compressors, oil-lubricated air compressors, piston air compressors, and more. We also offer a broad range of  Ingersoll Rand air compressors including stationary single-stage and two-stage reciprocating compressors, rotary screw air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, oil-free air compressors, and a high field of compressed air dryer solutions.



1. Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

Our organization provides Oil Fre Piston Air Compressor one of the most trustworthy known for its portability also. These air compressors are designed and manufactured by prevalence highly-qualified experts. As a leading product in industries, Eo Energy has expertise in manufacturer and supplier in Delhi-NCR & India. Get Inquiry for Oil Free Piston Air Compressor for sale price & details. 

Motor Power 0.75 kW,1 HP
Speed 1450 RPM
Voltage 230 V,1 PH
Piston Displacement 201 lpm,7.10 cfm
Tank Capacity 45 Liters
Free Air Delivery 150 Lpm,5.30 cfm
Maximum Pressure 8 bar 116 Psi
No of Cylinder 2 n
Condition New & Used
Motor Power 3 Hp,2.2 kW
Compressor 550 RPM
Piston Displacement 360 lpm,12.7 cfm
Free Air Delivery 256 lpm,9 cmf
Air Receiver 160 Liters
No of Cylinders 2
Condition New & Used

2. Oil Lubricated Screw Air Compressor

New advanced design and technology features and well-equipped manufacturing superiority of oil lubricated screw air compressor. These air compressor generates maximum profitability and creates an efficient investment for clients. The Oil-lubricated screw air compressors are powerful, reliable, noise resistant, and last longer. These air compressors are suitable for industries and specific jobs. We offer oil-lubricated screw air compressors at an affordable price with full installation at the client’s job location. Here, get an inquiry for price & product details.

3. Oil Free Screw Air Compressors

The oil-free screw air compressors come with pre-grease cylinders covered with a material like PTFE, which allows the piston to slide easily. These air compressors are designed to supply zero risks of contamination and improved energy efficiency. The oil-free range provides long-term reliability to meet the specific needs of various fields of industries. Our firm offers a range of oil-free air compressors with 100 percent oil-free compressed air solutions at a reliable price. Get the inquiry for oil-free screw air compressor price & product specification.

Motor Power 45 kW
Horse Power 60 HP
RPM 2900
Compressor Technology Screw Compressor
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Noise 68+-2 db
Condition New & Used
Power 15 HP
Voltage 24 V DC
Working Pressure 10psi
No. Of Cylinders 4
Air Tank Capacity 185cfm
Compressor Technology Reciprocating
Condition New & Used

4. Diesel Portable Air Compressors

They are known for their reliability and ruggedness, These are portable air compressors that are available in single and two-stage models. They are mostly used in a vast range of applications like rock drills, impact wrenches, jackhammers, chipping tools, and sand discharge. Our organization is the reputable supplier & manufacturer of diesel portable air compressors for sale in Delhi-NCR & India. We provide a range of affordable diesel portable air compressors for all industries. Get an inquiry for a diesel portable air compressor price & details.

5. Electric Portable Air Compressors

Electric portable air compressors are an ideal technology usage in mining and construction locations where electric power is easily obtainable. These air compressors present the benefit of quiet and emission-less functions. These air compressors are also cost-efficient by their finest performance. EO Energy offers a wide range of electric portable air compressors at a reliable cost compared to other dealers & manufacturers. Get an inquiry on the electric air compressor price & product details. 

Motor Power 22 kW
Max Pressure 150 psi
FAD 12.74 m3/min,450 cfm
Weight 2110 Kg
Dimension 3970 x 2910x 1860 mm
Condition New & Used

Where are Air Compressors used?

All industries' electricity usage amount to as much as around 12%, For that air compressors, are a quiet associate to every industry possible. There is an air compressor in every cement factory, in every wastewater therapy facility, and every power manufacturer.

There is a compressor someplace that is giving the compressed air required to make nearly everything we have. From blowing glass and thermoformed plastics to aerating the water provided to our taps. Powering from pneumatics in production lines to paint spraying. Different applications call for various types of air compressors. We provide multiple types of compressors in size and power reserve, you will find two leading designs for the prevalence of air compressors. Retaliate piston air compressors and rotary screw air compressors.

Why Choose Us To Buy Air Compressor?

EO Energy is the reputed name of air compressor supplier & wholesale distributor in India & Delhi-NCR. Also, we are a leading air compressor dealer and manufacturer in Noida. Due to our trustworthy & customer pride service, We are the first choice for industrial & portable air compressors.

Apart from the deals in air compressors, we also offer a huge range of industrial generators for heavy power needs. Here is the list of the few best features of this air compressor.

Reliable air compressors

The durability of your production counts to us as much as it matters to you. That is why our air compressors are some of the most stable machines you can get. We are a supplier & manufacturer that has been at the forefront of growth in air compressed for the last longer.

Compressor kits with the most inferior total cost of ownership

Air compressors are long-term assets that will play a significant part in your business for years to come. The mostly factory changes air compressors every 5-10 years. This means that the initial financial cost is only a fraction of how much your compressor will cost you in total. 70% or more of your air compressor’s lifecycle expense will come down to its power usage.

Our air compressors have a lower total cost of ownership. Owing to ever-improving design and technology, energy-efficient erratic speed drive motors. That all adds up to a quite lowered bottom line for you and your factory.

All Air Compressors Come with Warranty For You

All air compressors come with a secured warranty of parts & other components. That indicates if you get any problem during the warranty period, We change the elements with a fresh one without charging a single cost. Our sales team will have your requirements in mind to present the right air-compressed system for you. Be it that you need the most inferior cost of investment because you are just beginning out. Or you require a foolproof air compressed installation with assured long term.  

These are some of the best features offers by our air compressors. Apart from this attractive offer, and the years of deep experience in generator dealership we are one of the prime distributors of 2 kVA DG Set in Noida & NCR. Similar to deals in the new Genset, EO Energy provides a huge range of well-maintained used generators 2kVA for sale and generators on rent.

To get more information or want to buy a diesel generator, you can call or contact us. Our sales executive will assist you with detailed information on the 2 kVA DG set price list & specification.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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