Dual fuel kit for DG Set, A prominent manufacturer & supplier of dual fuel gas conversion kits for diesel generators in India. Under the guidance of a professional & highly skilled team of technicians, EO Energy is truly committed to the continuous running of diesel generators. Our expertise in providing dual-fuel solutions for all existing diesel generators ranging from 50 kVA to 2000 kVA. EO Energy's dual fuel system uses the latest technology to enable simultaneous combustion of natural gas & diesel in place of 100% diesel for powering diesel Gensets.
After installation of the diesel dual fuel conversion kit, the diesel Genset is converted into a dual fuel natural gas Genset that helps to reduce operational costs & contributes to emission reduction. As we know, diesel emissions are extremely harmful to our planet & dual fueling helps significantly reduce carbon emissions from diesel generators.
EO Energy designed PNG kit for DG Sets by following standard parameters set by CPCB & NGT.


The innovative function of dual-fuel technology is a revolutionary concept for the diesel generator system. This PNG gas kit increases the ability of DG Set to operate on a mixture of diesel & natural gas.
EO Energy designs dual fuel gas conversion kits for all types of diesel generators with complete customization options. With a team of specialized & meticulously engineered to adapt real operational efficiencies & needs.

about Dual Fueling

What is Dual Fueling System?

The basic concept of dual fuel device i the concurrent of two fuels. A dual fuel conversion kit can be retrofitted on existing low or high-speed diesel generators to allow the usage of a mixture of methane gases (Most usually natural gas) with diesel as a fuel after mutation, the engine can resume operating only diesel. However, a gas-only function is not possible.
During the implementation of the dual-fuel process in the DG Set, a reduced amount of diesel fuel functions as the ignition source for the air-gas mixture. The methane gas mixture substitutes a significant proportion of diesel to deliver comparable heat energy during combustion in the cylinder. The emission from such engines is in an order of progress. Also, in the current market requirement, this means a significant price reduction.

1- Dual Fuel Kit For Diesel Engines

Eo Energy offers the finest dual-fuel kit for diesel Gensets. Through this, you can transform your existing DG Gensets into a dual fueling Set. Our organization is a trusted provider of the best dual fuel kit in India. Here also acquire a complete inquiry on a dual fuel kit for generator price in India. Get an inquiry on our best-selling Dual Fuel gas conversion kit for diesel generators.

Product Specification:

IP RatingIP54
Automation GradeAutomatic
ApplicationDiesel Generator
FeatureCorrosion Resistant
Body MaterialMS
Country of OriginMade in India

2- Dual Fuel Kit For Generator

As per the government norms & ban on diesel generators in some areas because of its harsh pollution. The best way to operate a diesel generator is to convert your existing DG Genset into a Bi-Fuel Genset by applying a dual-fuel conversion kit. Through this, you can make your DG Set long-durable at a cheaper cost and lower emissions as compared to diesel generators. EO Energy delivers the finest dual fuel kit at a reasonable price in India. All the Dual Fuel Sets appropriately inspected all testing parameters before installing them in the customer’s work location. Here is the inquiry on the price & specification of the Dual Fuel kit for the DG Set.

Product Specification:

IP RatingIP54
Material GradeSS316
Weight1.5 Kgs
MaterialStainless Steel
Country of OriginMade in India

Dual Fuel System Technology and Components

Dual Fuel technology gives new life to the diesel generator. This technology simultaneous combustion of two fuels, where Methane-based fuel is used in conjunction with Diesel to utilize the engine. Dual Fuel System has some components which help them to work properly.

1. Air-Gas Mixer (AGM):

Dual Fueling works with the gas mixer which is an essential component of the fuel system. and takes care of the quality of the mixture. Mixers deliver a very homogeneous air and gas mixture and an optimal Air-to-air-to-fuel ratio (AFR) over the entire speed and load range of the engine. This AGM is Located between the Air Filter and the Turbocharger which supply these gases to make sufficient power output.

2. Gas Train:

The gas Train controls the gas supply to the Air Gas Mixer. This acquires fuel-grade gas at low stable pressure and supplies it to the Air Gas Mixer at atmospheric or slightly negative pressure. Gas Train also has some components that help them to supply fuel grade to the Air Gas Mixer at atmospheric.

Gas Train Components are

  • Main Adjustment Screw
  • Gas Filter
  • DMV Double Solenoid
  • Zero Pressure Regulator

How does Dual Fuel Conversion Kit Works?

The gas utilized for Dual Fuelling is sourced from either piped gas or local storage. It is injected into the combustion air stream through a Gas Train consisting of a gas filter, a gas pressure regulator, and a solenoid valve. A throttle valve at the end controls the balance of the gas injected. The gas train is designed to receive input gas at low pressure and deliver it to the engine at slightly negative pressure.
Dual Fuel System provides fuel gas to the combustion cylinders through the Gas Train into a special Air-Gas Mixer. Dual-fuel systems are founded on proven gas engine components and powerful actuation and controlling units. They provide a perfect gas-air mixture quality and high transformation ratios.
Using dual-fuel engines with up to 2 MW outcome, the gas-controlled and gas mixer-based systems are appropriate for stationary applications as well as heavy-duty vehicles. The mixer is installed on the engine air inlet before the Turbocharger. Combustion is initiated by Diesel as the ignition source and observed by the ignition of the Gas.

Benefits of using dual fuel device for generator

By utilizing Dual Fueling you observe the many changes like :

Reduction in Pollution and emission control:

With these rising pollution levels and the priority on cleaner emissions, our Kit has been specially designed and created to assure that a cleaner and greener fuel is utilized to generate power in the future which makes it environmental-friendly.

Savings on costs and Quick recovery on investment:

The cost of investment will be easily pay-back in 1-3 years with our kit with a future operational cost deduction of approximately 35%-45% per hour of use.

Less in Capital Cost:

The dual Fuel kit is very efficient in cost compared to normal DG Gensets. As it gives the same output is less price and reduces your capital cost consumption. These Kit can be used on any existing DG Set from 40 kVA to 2500 kVA.

No difference in the existing power output of the DG Genset:

You don’t feel any output difference with the kit. As previous DG Gensets has given you output after the installment of our Dual Fuel Kit the output remains the same but the cost of efficiency will reduce.

Legal Consent of Dual Fuel Solution

Due to converting the existing DG set into a Dual Fuel Kit the generator will come into compliance with government orders and can be utilized all year round, without concern about negative action during the DG ban period.
Publish the NGT’s passing of order on the DG ban, the Haryana Pollution Control Board and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board have also published the following orders reiterating the NGT order, and executing the conversion of diesel gen-sets to partial-based Gensets.
​Our kit concedes with the order of the NGT –(non-attainment cities not meeting the standards of air quality)  dated 6th August 2019. {Page no. 16, point 7(b.)}

Why choose us to buy dual fuel equipment for DG Set

EO Energy is the reputed name of Genset trader & wholesale distributor in India. Also, we are renowned for this latest technology in Noida. Due to our reliable & customer satisfaction service, We are the first choice for the Dual Fuel Kit for DG Set.
Apart from the deals in the dual-fuel kits, we also deliver a massive range of industrial generators for heavy power needs. Here is the list of the few finest features of this Dual Fuel Kit.

We Supply and Installation of dual-fuel gas kits for the conversion of low and high-speed diesel gen-sets to dual-fuel gen-sets from 40 kVA DG sets to 2500 kVA
DG sets.

We offer Annual maintenance for preventative maintenance of existing dual fuel kits
and DG sets.

All dual fuel kit comes with an ensured warranty of parts & other components. That means if you get any problem during the warranty period, We change the components with a new one without charging a single cost.

Our Organization has complete solutions for the supply and installation of new or existing diesel gen-sets along with dual fuel kits and gas channels.

These are some of the finest features present with our dual fuel kit. Apart from this attractive offer, the 11 years of deep experience in generator dealership we are one of the prime distributors  & manufacturer of Duel Fuel kit for DG Set in Delhi NCR. Alike to deals in the new Genset, EO Energy provides a huge range of well-maintained used generators for sale and generators on rent.

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Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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