Inflatable Lighting Tower

Inflatable Light towers are portable lighting solutions containing a collection of electric lamps affixed to the top of a mast. This compact lightweight tower can be bound to any instrument or carried by hand at any location where lighting is needed. The light consists of a solid base unit that boards a blower and control panel and an inflatable fabric Tower which boards the bulb. These Inflatable lighting towers are the most advanced retrieval equipment. Light in weight, portable, and glare-free illumination device ideal for any trouble. A portable emergency lighting tower is also the most convenient for illuminating dark places during a tragedy.

Eo Energy is an authorized supplier and manufacturer of Inflatable lighting tower systems. We provide high-quality and best-performance lighting towers. This system is manufactured by our dexterous technocrats using high-quality elements with the help of methods. Tested on specific quality parameters under our highly qualified expert's control. This system is valued in the global market. Our teams put in their best efforts by providing inflatable lighting towers for rescue operations during the daytime and want to recover operations during dark hours and not wait for daylight.


Luminate Inflatable Light Tower

Through the help of the latest technology of the Luminate Inflatable Lighting Tower, We are able to provide high illumination in dark areas. This inflatable lighting tower provides illumination in 360 degrees and makes a great level of shine in place. These light towers come with a small kVA generator that helps them to run, As these inflatable lighting towers are also portable. We are a renowned dealer & manufacturer of tower lights in India. Our organization offers an inflatable lighting tower at low & affordable prices as compared to their competitors. Get an inquiry for an inflatable tower light price & details. 

Lighting Color Warm White
Type Of Light Bulb, M.H(400W)
Color Temperature 5000-6500 K
Wattage 400W
Input Voltage 230V
Power Supply Portable Generator Power
Certification NABL
Lighting TypeFluorescent, High-Intensity Discharge
Frequency50 Hz
Luminous Flux42,000 lm
Max height4.5 Meters
Power SupplyPortable Power Generator

Inflatable Emergency Balloon Tower Light

Inflatable Emergency Light Tower helps in rescue operations at the time of dark hours or in dim areas. These portable tower lights are easy for the carrier at any required place at the time of recovery procedures or any needed location. This inflatable emergency light tower makes a high sufficient amount of illumination in shady areas. We have the best range of inflatable emergency tower lights in every output. We offer an emergency inflatable light tower for sale at a reliable cost. Get the inquiry for an inflatable emergency light tower price & specification.

Inflatable Tower Light For Street

Eo Energy also offer inflatable light tower for streets and small areas requirements. These inflatable tower lights come in low kVA outputs. As these tower lights provide the best illumination of the dark surrounding streets and locations. These are portable tower lights that can easily take place in any required job location. A customer also easily carries these light towers with them to make any kind of outdoor occasion. Our firm makes high-rated inflatable light towers at low price points for our customers. We are the reputed manufacturer of inflatable tower lights for sale in India. Get an inquiry for Inflatable tower light price & details. 

Lighting ColorWarm White
Pole TypeGlowing Cloth
Power1.6 kVA
Light SourceGenset
IP Rating65
Brightness42000 LM
CertificationCE, NABL
Lighting Color Cool White
Cooling fans
Height 5 mtr max
Light Source Power Geneset
Power 2 kVA
Certification NABL

Inflatable Mobile Tower Lights

A inflatable mobile tower light is the most reliable system for any kind of operational requirements. These tower lights are portable in use and easily installed in any kind of workplace. The mobile light tower comes in various power outputs. Also, customers can choose according to their needs. These inflatable mobile tower lights give high illumination in unclear areas. We offer inflatable mobile tower lights at a very low and reliable price in India. Get the inquiry for Inflatable Mobile Tower Lights price list & regarding details.

How Inflatable Light Tower Works

The portable inflatable light tower works with help of an inbuilt power Genset, blowers, and lamp. The user has to switch on the generator first, then the blower which raises the fabric to a height of 4.5 meters from ground level. Further, the user changes on the 400 WMH lamp which supplies 360-degree glare-free illumination up to 10,000 sq. meters of the area within 3 minutes. This helps in every needed situation where inflatable tower lights require. 

Inflatable Tower Lighting Requirements Applications

Inflatable light tower requirements are important elements for many construction areas. Teams can work in dark hours and dim places where the outside light is critical. Many sporting events operate Inflatable light towers when additional safety measures are taken to account for increased pedestrian traffic inside the forum or outside the area. Inflatable light towers are an essential part of jobs performed in remote or difficult-to-reach locations such as.

  • Road Repair and Construction
  • Railroad tracks
  • Outdoor Occasions
  • Dim Tunnels

Why Prefer Us To Buy Inflatable Light Tower?

EO Energy is a renowned name of supplier & manufacturer of Inflatable Light Towers in India & Delhi-NCR. Also, we are an authorized dealer and supplier of Gensets in Noida. Due to our trustworthy & customer satisfaction assistance, We are the first option for portable Inflatable Light Towers. Apart from the deals in Inflatable Tower Lights, we also provide a wide range of industrial & portable Gensets for heavy & small power requirements. Here is a list of the few best features of this inflatable light tower.

Product testing

Before providing the inflatable light tower in the client location, our expert technician team properly tests all parts of the tower light. Due to the proper testing of the inflatable tower light, there are very few cases of time-taking during the first start.

Affordable price

The best thing regarding our organization's services, is the reasonable price of the Inflatable light tower we offer. That represents the cost of the portable inflatable light tower we provide is much lesser than other competitors in the field.


Our all products come with a warranty on the elements & their components. That implies when you buy a tower light from EO Energy there is a very lower chance of any kind of problem. But if you get any type of problem with the inflatable light tower product & elements during the warranty duration, we replace it with the new one without charging any type of amount.

Less maintenance cost

Due to the finest quality elements & highly reliable components of the EO Energy inflatable light tower, the light tower maintenance price is very low. Also, regular oiling & parts check increases the life of light power backup.

Service & parts support

EO Energy not only deals in inflatable light towers but apart from the range of tower lights, we offer entire support of parts. Also, our expert team of technicians is available 24*7 to deliver any support associated with the service.

We work with the aim of serving 100% pure & reliable inflatable light towers to the client location. With 11 years of long experience as an Inflatable Light Tower dealer & supplier in India. We are a premium option for industrial and portable inflatable tower lights needs. Also with our dedicated service, you get an entire inquiry for a portable inflatable tower light in different categories such as industrial & portable light towers.

To get more details or want to buy an inflatable light tower, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will help you with detailed information on the inflatable tower light price list & specifications.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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