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    Portable Generator

    With the variety of products, EO Energy offers the best & suitable range of portable DG Sets for sale for all applications. This small home generator has various power output options according to the user’s needs. They are also very useful during the planned or unplanned power outage. This super silent Genset for home offers more hassle-free & uninterrupted power when you need it most.

    The offering range of mini power generators is more useful for home or small commercial purposes, for example, powering small electric appliances, powering agricultural equipment, outdoor event, construction site, etc. The size of any portable power backup is measured by their power rating, not by their dimensions.

    EO Energy portable diesel generators are categorized in mainly 3 forms. Less than 2000 watts, between 2000 to 7000 watts, and more than 7000 watts. Small power backups less than 2000 watts are very light in weight and usually very easy to handle. 

    A portable power generator in the range between 2000 to 7000 watts are varied greatly. We manufacture these portable generators with hand-carry design and or built like a cart with wheels.

    And the other heavy-duty portable generators more than 7000 watts are the most powerful portable generator used in industrial applications. These types of portable Genset are considered heavy-duty models. We manufacture this type of generator with a protective design and never-flat tires.

    Different Portable generators we offer

    We, EO Energy is the largest & trusted distributor & wholesale trader of the best portable DG Set for sale. This Genset is available in all brands & kVA ranges. You will find a Home & industrial Portable DG Set in the range between 5 kVA to 125 kVA. Here get the product inquiry & cost of the portable DG Set with product specifications.

    Portable Generator

    For the last 11 years, we are the prime leader in the field of generator wholesale trading & distributorship. Our portable Genset is an exceptional collection of quality. Also, the range of portable DG Sets is design with unmatched quality raw material and sophisticated techniques. Furthermore, our home generator examined varied parameters of quality.

    Product Specification
    BrandAshok Leyland, Mahindra, Honda, Cummins, Koel Green, and other
    Power3.5 kV to 5 kV
    Voltage220V to 480 Volt
    ApplicationHome power backup & other small appliances
    Cooling SystemAir & Oil Cooling
    Noise LevelSoundproof
    FuelDiesel, Gas, Petrol
    portable generator

    Portable Power Generator

    From the last 11 years, we are engaged in offering a wide range of portable power generators. Our portable power generators are mostly used in home power backup, small business applications, and small industrial applications. We offer this portable power generator in different fuel type like diesel, natural gas, propane, and LPG.

    portable generator
    Product Specification
    BrandAshok Leyland, Koel Green, Greaves, Mahindra, Jackson, Honda, Hyundai
    Power Rating5 kV to 100 kV
    Cooling TypeOil, Air & Water Cooling
    Voltage250 to 1000 Volts
    Phase1 and 3 Phase
    ApplicationHome, Small Business, and Industrial
    FuelDiesel, Natural Gas, Petrol, LPG

    Portable digital Inverter Generator

    Due to EO Energy’s innovative technology, this modern time inverter generator is so popular. This small home generator is present with a number of unique features, for example, soundproof, complete standby power source, eco-friendly, a tough performer, and user-friendly design.

    digital portable generator
    Product Specification
    ModelEngineRunning wattsOutletDecibelsWeightRun Time
    @ ¼ ½ Load
    Earthquake IG 800 W40 CC700/800120V 5-20R 12V DC56218.2 hour @ ¼ LoadY
    ETQ IN2500I125CC2200/2500120V 5-20R GFCI 12V DC 60695.5 hour @ ½ LoadN
    Hyundai HY 2000si125CC2000/2200120V 5-20R 12V DC64725.5 hour @ ½ LoadN
    Generac 5793 iX 2000126CC2000/2200120V 5-20R 12V DCNA524.7 hour @ ½ LoadN
    Champion 73536I80CC1700/2000 parallel capable120V 5-20R 12V DC53489 hour @ ¼ LoadY
    Champion 75531I171 CC2800/3100(2) 120V 5-20R (1) 120V TT 5-20R58838.5 hour @ ¼ LoadY
    WH2000iXLT79CC1800/200 parallel Capable120V 5-20R 12V DCNA4313 hour @ ½ LoadY
    PH2100RRi125CC2000/2100(2) 120V 5-20R (1) 12V DCNA737.5 hour @ ¼ LoadY
    EU2000is79CC1600/200 parallel Capable120V 5-20R 12V DC524410 hour @ ¼ LoadY
    EU2000i98CC1600/200 parallel Capable120V 5-20R 12V DC5346NAY
    56200i79CC1600/200 parallel Capable120V 5-20R 12V DCNA484 hour @ ½ LoadY

    PTO Generator

    EO Energy also manufactures Generator which is driven in PTO generator or Tractor. We use the graded aluminum body to manufacturing alternator of this PTO Generator. 

    Our PTO generators are high quality made power take-off (PTO), tractor driven alternator with the gearbox which is built to backup farm operations. This Genset is a simple, reliable, and practical source of power when a tractor is available. We design this DG Set to provide inexpensive electricity supply and continuously rated to work in a tough environment.

    Product Specification
    Tractor HPkVAMPSMotor HPTractor RPM
    pto portable generator

    Mobile Generator

    EO Energy is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a mobile generator in Delhi NCR. Under the guidance of our highly professional team, this mobile generator designs and manufacture reliable and continuous power supply. EO Energy mobile Genset presents with a number of key features, for example, user-friendly, portable, less power consumption, and low maintenance.

    mobile generator
    Product Specification
    BrandAshok Leyland, Cummins, Mahindra, Honda, Jackson, Hyundai, Koel Green
    Power10kV to 500kV
    ApplicationHome, Small Business, Industrial
    Product TypeMobile Genset
    Phase1 & 3 Phase
    FuelDiesel, petrol, Natural Gas

    Small Generator

    For the low requirement of power backup during a power failure, EO Energy introduces a wide range of the small generator. These small generators are very useful for home or small business power backup. You can easily handle this small size generator from one place to another. Also, you can carry this Genset in any outdoor location or outing places.

    Product Specification
    BrandHonda, Mahindra, Cummins, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Koel Green
    Cooling SystemAir & Oil Cooling
    Voltage220 volt to 480 volt
    Fuel TypeDiesel, Natural Gas, Petrol
    Output TypeAC Single Phase
    Engine typeDirect injection
    Fuel Tank Capacity14 to 25 LTR
    Rated Frequency50 HZ
    Bore Stroke70*60 mm
    Starting TypeElectric Start
    small portable generator

    Things to consider when buying a Portable Generator

    Before selling portable generator, we describe all the features & application of our customers. This generator are present with lots of unique features, some of them are as follows.

    Low Noise

    High noise pollution of any generator is always a big challenge. So always choose a generator, which is present with low noise feature. EO Energy also manufacture & supply Genset enclosure. This enclosures are helpful to reduce noise of generator from -35 db to -45 db.

    Easy to handle & Better power management

    Generators user-friendly nature is one of the most important things. Easy operating solution make generator more comfortable. Always choose a generator which is present with automatic control panel, this is helpful in auto-start & auto-off of any Genset. Also, you need to check other important features of any generator like display warning of low fuel & other performance display are present or not.

    Power Rating

    One of the most important things before buying a portable power generator, you need to calculate total power consumption by your home or business appliances at the time of power outage. Only after getting this information you will choose the right size generator. EO Energy manufacture and supply a huge range of portable power backup in the different kV range. We also help you to find out your home or industrial power requirement and provide you the best Genset according to your uses.

    Fuel consumption

    Fuel efficiency is always a key feature of any portable Genset. So before buying any generator you need to check the fuel consumption rate.

    Genset portability

    Portability of generator makes them easy to lift from one place to another. Because of this reason Portable generators are more popular in the market. You can use this genset at multiple locations at different times. EO Energy provides a set of wheels with a small portable generator, which helps you in the transportation of the Genset.


    This portable generator manufacture in both single and three-phase connections. You need to consider as per your requirement.

    Why choose EO Energy to buy Portable Generator

    EO Energyengaged in manufacturing & supply of high-quality portable generator to our valuable client, from last 11 years. Our latest technology & high-quality components makes them best for the customer use. 

    Our experts team always make sure that each & every product of EO Energy meets the customer expectations. We also give the warranty on our every product. If you face any issue in warranty period, we will short out this without any charge.

    The key feature of EO Energy Portable Generators

    • Compact structure
    • A Strong acoustic enclosure as per requirement
    • Delivery on time
    • Reduce noise pollution
    • Fuel efficiency & durability
    • Reliable running
    • Availability with all famous brands

    Apart from this, Eo Energy also deals with other types of portable Generators, for example, portable petrol generator, portable diesel generator, used portable generator, portable generator on rent, and Air Cooled portable generator.

    This all range of small portable generator comes with a number of unique features like reliability, fuel efficiency, low noise, and multiple fuel engine option.

    For more information related to a portable generator or buying an EO Energy portable generator, you can call us. Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

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