1000kVA Genset Emission Control Equipment For Sale- Tested & CPCB Approved Device

    1000kva emission control device

    Product Specification:

    Diesel generators are always a prime choice to run your business or residential utilities during unplanned power failure. But do you know the exhaust emission of any diesel generator how badly affected the air quality? Yes, diesel generators are one major & responsible cause due to their bad emission exhaust which emits harmful gases & other bad particles. To control this 1000 kVA DG Set pollution & to convert them into something useful, EO Energy introduces a retrofit emission control device for 1000 kVA generators. We design & manufacture 1000 kVA generator RECD by following all the norms of CPCB & NGT to make them highly efficient & user-friendly. This emission control device (RECD) for generators is very useful to control air pollution & maintain good air quality for breathing.

    Eo Energy has a wide range of air pollution control systems, devices are designed by the team to expert innovators and using hi-technology. This device is available in all sizes and we also customize it according to your DG sets installing it properly. Our devices meet all the requirements of handling applications in various industries like pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, powerplants, schools, offices, chemical industries. Also, before installation at the client job location, our RECD products are tested in each parameter to provide long-duration service. Our firm is established in the year 2011 & from 2018 we started the service of the emission control device. With huge experience in this field, we work with qualified technicians & use the latest & updated technology to make RECD equipment is best for all job needs.

    In the industrial sector, large size diesel generators are used for continuous power backup. But also they emit hazardous gases & other harmful particles in a huge amount such as Sox, Nox, HC, CO, CO2, etc. According to the NGT, CPCB & other government organizations, diesel generator emissions badly affects our ecosystem as well as harm the human body’s immune system. To minimize the pollution level of diesel Genset CPCB issued an advisory & make RECD installation compulsory for industrial diesel generators. This retrofit emission control system reduces the emission level up to 90% & converts these harmful particles into reusable things. As we know 1000 kVA diesel generator emits a huge amount of toxic gases & other harmful particles, that’s the reason the national pollution control board make compulsory RECD system for industrial diesel generator.

    Features of RECD for 1000 kVA DG Set

    • Best device for reducing diesel generator emission
    • Life of product up to 12+ years
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Easy to install & operate
    • Rugged & robust design makes them all weatherproof

    To get the best deal on an emission control device for generators to call us or fill out the inquiry form. Our sales team will help you to find out the best deal on RECD equipment in India.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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