1250 kVA Genset Retrofit Emission Control Device- CPCB Approved


    Product Specification:

    Here we are offering the best in quality RECD system to reduce Genset emissions & convert them into something useful. Our firm is the largest distributor & manufacturer of retrofit emission control systems in India. All the units 1250 kVA generator retrofit emission control system designed & manufactured under the observation of a qualified team of engineers. The parts & designing of the product were tested in all parameters & followed all the standard norms of CPCB. EO Energy uses filterless technology to make the RECD device better to increase the efficiency of the DG Set. This emission control equipment is able to reduce the emission of diesel generators up to 90%. Our well-skilled team of technicians working on further modifications to make this device better & 100% efficient. This equipment is used in the contaminant collection coming out in form of exhaust from the diesel generators.

    All the process is done by the internal combustion of the dust particles in presence of certain catalysts to undergo oxidation reaction and burn all of the particles. The alkaline metals are used for the oxidation purpose to absorb the oxygen atoms in the particles. This is simply the best technology at present time to reduce the number of contaminant particles in the air. Our DG retrofit device is a retrofit emission control device for the DG sets using the “Filterless” technology. As per the Hon’ble NGT order, the testing of the same was completed in Oct 2019. Our product thus complies with the notification issued in regards to the retrofit devices for the reduction of PM emissions from DG sets. In the last few months, we have been able to onboard several manufacturing companies, MNCs, large auto OEMs as our customers in states where the retrofit notification has been issued.

    EO Energy has a team of experienced & qualified engineers to help you to meet the central & state pollution control norms. We are an innovative emission control manufacturing company with a specialization in design, development & manufacturing. Our experienced & expert team manufacture 1250 kVA DG Set RECD based on the job requirement. Before manufacturing an emission control device for a 1250 kVA diesel generator our team visit the job location & check all possibilities to provide the most user-friendly device. Our products are completely OEM certified.

    Key features of 1250 kVA Genset emission control device

    • 12+ years operational life
    • Rugged & robust design
    • OEM certified & all weatherproof
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Made with stainless steel
    • Reduce Genset emission up to 90%

    These are a few of the most beneficial features of our product. If you are looking to buy one, fill out our inquiry form or call us, our sales team will help you to find the best deal for a retro-fit emission control device. Eo Energy Pvt. ltd. is the manufacturer and wholesaler of this product and was established in 2019 with a mission of cleaning the air and reducing the PM in the air. The engineers in Eo Energy are determined to make this device even more efficient. The company also provides a manufacturing warranty on all its products to ensure reliability with a 1250 kVA generator.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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