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In Normal Time investor should pay more attention to the Credit markets because it’s the energy by which everything is Driven, It’s the Oil in the engine

We called it Engine Oil which is rated by their grade and viscosity. 

What we do

Engine oil


Choosing the right engine oil for your car, bike, or other equipment is very important because this oil decides the performance of your machine. EO Energy deals in high-quality engine oil for various applications such as for petrol or diesel engine.

Our engine oil for bike & car is the best lubrication oil for the engine which increases the performance & efficiency. Also, we offering the best affordable engine oil price for all applications & equipment. There are so many options for choosing an oil for car & bike. But finding which oil is best for your machine is an important thing you need to consider. Also, based on the motor specification you can choose the best oil.

Apart from that, a high-quality oil provides proper maintenance & ensuring that your engine runs at peak performance. Our high performance semi-synthetic lubricant is specially designed to secure engine & increase the performance on heavy-duty conditions. A few of the best products such as ZRX-4 is used to maximize the engine output with complete protection & performance.

Range of best engine oil grade we sale

We deal with various types of engine oil brands to provide durability & protection for an engine. Our best in class synthetic oil is best for both car & bike. Also, the low price of engine oil is one of the best features of our service. Due to our high-quality product, we are the largest engine oil dealer in India.

Engine oil for bike

EO Energy provides the best quality engine oil for two-wheelers. This lubrication oil increases the efficiency of the engine & offering frictionless performance.

Product Specification
Packaging type Bottle & bucket
Feature Base oil
Grade 20 to 40 W viscosity grade
Oil foam Liquid
Flash Point 256℃
Engine oil for a car​

Engine oil for a car

Range of four-wheeler engine oil highly synthetic & efficient for the performance of Car & other heavy vehicles.

Product Specification
Packaging typeBottle & bucket
Oil featureSynthetic
Corrosion on LED plate10 g/m 2
Used inCar, bus, truck, and other four-wheelers

Features of our engine oil & lubrication service

We are always trying to provide best in class oil to our precious clients. We know the importance of car & bike in your daily life. So the health of the machine is equally important for us. Here the basic but very important feature of our service & products.

Clear all testing parameters

Our product clear all the testing parameter from the government-affiliated lab. Also, with the packaging container, we provide all the information with it. In this container, you get all the information related to product testing. The symbol indicates inform that the oil component passes all the SL service listed tests.

Maintain the traditional properties

All the product range of oil & lubrication we sell is more famous due to its traditional feature. Our synthetic & blended oil generally consider more usable for a new car. This conventional oil contains high-quality frictionless components that provide the best service for diesel & petrol engine machines.

Apart from that some other features such as dispersants, friction modification, high-quality anti-foaming additives, corrosion inhibitors, best quality pressure agents, etc. Also, the best quality engine oil brand in India offering 3000 to 5000 miles service without any interruption. Our recommended oil provides the service in low & high-temperature both.

Synthetic feature of oil

A full synthetic oil provides high performance to any vehicle due to its best lubrication feature. Our engine oil for car & bike is also beneficial to maintain the RPM of the engine. Apart from that, they can manage the higher temperature & various load capacity by keeping the engine clean. We deal only with the best brand motor oil to protect the engine. Our synthetic oil is also very low in price.


We know the requirement of engine and based on the needs of diesel & petrol engine, our various products offering the best service. Our product mainly provides high-mileage for the two-wheeler & four-wheeler motor. In short, we can say our motor oil is designed with high-quality additives which specify the best in class mileage for all types of vehicles.

Engine oil for a car​

Additives for engine oil

Using additives in engine oil is one of the best ways to increase the performance of the engine. The additive properly assists oil for good lubrication as well as managing the temperature. Also, they are useful to reduce the priority of sludge & varnish and any damage from there formation.
A high temperature of any motor engine is combined with moisture, rust, corrosion, and oxygen to produce sludge & varnish.
Here get the properties & categories of oil additives and the importance of it.

Technical specification table of engine oil

If your car, bike, or other motor engine needs an oil change than its very important to know about the best engine oil brand for diesel or petrol engine. Fully synthetic oil with a high molecular structure is a better way to provide long durability to any type of engine.

We deal in both synthetic and conventional oil with an advanced additive system which meets the exact specification based on the vehicle manufacturing type.

Technical specification table
CharacteristicUnitTest Method10W-3015W-4020W-50
ColorASTM D15002.533.5
Gravityg/cmASTM D12980.8750.8840.888
Viscosity@100 OCcStASTM D44511.514.519
Viscosity@40 OCcStASTM D4457511073
IndexASTM D2270146135124
Pour pointOCASTM D97-39-33-27
FlashpointOCASTM D92218225235
TBNMg KOH/gASTM 289613.513.513.5

Why choose our engine oil service

EO Energy oil & lubrication service deal in the various range of oil for two-wheeler & four-wheeler. This fully synthetic oil manufacture with high-quality components which increase the life of petrol & diesel engine. Our best in quality product offering the best lubrication system & increase the efficiency of the engine.

The stability feature of synthetic engine oil provides the surety of performance during the high & low temperatures.

Apart from that other best feature of our service.

High-quality product

EO Energy deals only in the best in quality oil which offers the best service for all motor engines. All the products are highly efficient & offering the surety of long-duration service.

4t plus engine oil

EO Energy 4t plus engine oil more famous due to its multispeciality feature. This oil not only provides the best lubrication to petrol & diesel engine but also good for gearbox & wet clutches.

Low in cost

Compare to other engine oil dealers in Noida & Delhi NCR, we are offering best affordable price to our clients. Also, due to our low cost of oil, we are a prime dealer of engine oil in India. Price features may be different according to retail or wholesale supply.

Variety of product

We deal in several varieties of different brands engine oil for bike & car. Our all the products are highly recommendable for all type petrol & diesel engine. Also, our products are more efficient & beneficial to increase the performance of a powerful engine.

Highly efficient

The efficiency of any car & bike engine mainly depends on the, which type of engine oil you are using. EO Energy provides highly efficient & the best components oil for sale. This oil also increases the fuel economy & provide high mileage to a diesel or petrol engine.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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