Gear oil market is expected to promise high growth owing to the increasing demand on automotive industry in recent years

Industry like Manufacturing, mining, construction, oil & gas, agriculture, transport is expected to drive the growth of gear oil market.

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EO Energy is a global group of oil & lubrication services. We supply the best & efficient product to increase your machine & engine performance. Also, our market-leading products give you peace of mind during the operation. Apart from the deals in best in class oil & lubrication products, EO Energy offering the best range of oil which protects the gearbox & transmission system of your car, bike & other automotive equipment.

An industrial gearbox performing its operation under worst weather conditions, extreme heat, and heavy loads. And that is a major responsible cause for dust & water presentation in the gearbox unit. Also, you need to change & replace the product frequently which increases the cost of operation. To combat these difficult conditions, EO Energy provides high gear oil grades to make machine performance more easily.

The essential attribute of the gear oil

Mainly gear oil for scooters, cars, and other automotive products is the components of base oil and additives. The best lubrication and impart the desired property or suppress undesirable ones make this oil more effective & efficient. Also, the additives are the backbone of a lubricating performance and they provide both performance & protection for your application.

When you are selecting oil for gearbox you need to understand the essential attribute and feature of this oil.

These are a few of the property, you need to consider before buying a high-grade oil for the car and other automotive machines. EO Energy provides the best range of low-cost of gear oil for various applications. Here you can find oil grade list with price & specification.

Gear oil price & specification

EO Energy oil & lubrication service deal in high-level oil grade for gearbox application. Our high duty products are highly efficient & offering long duration service for all machines & for the equipment. Here the list of few best selling oil for gear.

Gear oil 80w90 price & specification

Packaging type Bucket
Form Liquid
Feature Synthetic (work in extreme pressure)
Viscosity grade 460
Pour point ASTM D 97: -27

Gear oil 90w price & specification

Packaging typeCane, bucket
Type of oilNonsmell

Gear oil 75w90

Packaging typeCane
Model typeGE 4 75 W 90
Type of gear oilAdhesive
FeatureSynthetic (polyethylene Glycol)

Gear oil 320

Packaging type Barrel, drum
Viscosity ASTM D 445
Pour point ASTM D 97: -33
Application Heavy & industrial gearbox
Feature Synthetic

The viscosity of Gear lubrication oil

The various type of gear oil grade list is different according to the uses of a particular application. Also, the best way to finding the viscosity of the oil is the components maintenance manual guide which provides complete information on product compounds & components. But in manual guide information, you could not find the operation instruction in various weather conditions. So, it is important to understand the importance of viscosity & the responsible effective factor of oil at the time of selection of oil for industrial or commercial gearbox.

Usually, the viscosity of different type of gear lubricant makes the desired film thickness between interacting surface at a given speed & load. Because most of the time it’s difficult to find out the best viscosity method due to various factors of speed.

ANSI & AGMA is the two best common methods for determining the viscosity. In this method, the assumption of oil mainly depends upon its load capacity, viscosity index, pressure viscosity coefficient of the lubricant.

With the help of this method, you can find out the type of gear set, gear geometry, the temperature of gear during the operation, and the speed of the gear.

After completing the calculation of the slowest gear viscosity you can find out the highest gear oil viscosity grade from the chart. Also, you get detailed information on the operating temperature of the unit.


oil for gear- selection method

High-quality mineral base gear oil perform very well in most application. Also, this oil has high-pressure viscosity as compared to common synthetics which allow the best film thickness at particular viscosities.

Apart from that, the best quality synthetic oil available with the feature of greater inherent resistance to oxidation & thermal degradation. This property makes them preferable for high-temperature applications and allowing them to extend service intervals. In short, we can say the synthetic feature of gear oil subjected to low ambient temperature because of its low pour points & high viscosity index.

Due to the high viscosity index of this synthetic gearbox oil, there is a wider & suitable range of ambient temperature and eliminating the period of oil change. A few of them offer great lubricity for the machine parts which reduce the priority of friction.

Choosing a oil for the industrial gearbox is more similar to others. Also, there is no specific requirement or any change in the specification. To find out the best gear oil for various applications, you need to check the correct viscosity, type, and the lubrication property of oil.

Why choose our gear lubrication oil products

With the years of experience, EO Energy is the prime distributor & wholesale supplier of Gear oil for sale. Our best in class products offering long duration service with proper lubrication. Also, our gear oil price & specification is best as compared to other gear oil dealer in India which make them more popular for all application & requirement. Apart from them, the team of technicians & highly qualified engineers make our products more efficient day by day.

Here some of the best features of our gear oil & lubrication service.

High-quality service in all sector

We don’t compromise with the quality of the product. We properly check our oil & lubrication products in each parameter. Also, we follow all the guidelines & standard norms of gear & other engine oil for car or bike.

Effective service & price

The low gear oil cost is one of the best features that come with our service. That means as compared to other gear oil dealers in Noida & Delhi NCR, we offer a very low & competitive price of oil & lubrication service in Delhi NCR.

Various product range

EO Energy deals in all types of oil & lubrication services including Genset oil, engine oil Coolant, and other oiling services. Also, all the products are very effective for long-duration service in every job location & offering great service.

Product warranty

All the range of products we sell is properly checked & test in all parameters before delivering at the client location. So, there is a very low priority of occurring any kind of issue in our oil & coolant. But if you get any issue, we replace it.


These are a few of the best features of our service which make us a prime global distributor of various types of oil service. Apart from that, we offering a special discount to our precious clients and on bulk supply.

To get more information or want to buy gear oil & other lubrication product, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you detailed inquiry on all types of oil services.

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Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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