Generator oil : In order to protect Engine, oil plays a vital role

“For Maintaining generator oil is one of the easiest ways to ensure your generator runs reliably.
To keep generator’s engine lubricated and running smoothly,  its need to be regular oil changes from installation”

Who we are

Genset Oil


EO Energy is the largest organization that deals in various varieties of generator & its components. We are offering various range of DG set for continuous prime power. Apart from the service of diesel generator, we are offering high-quality Genset oil for sale.

We are a wholesale, distributor, and exporter of conventional engine oil for Genset & automotive.

Due to our best in quality products, we are a global trader of generator engine oil & provide our service at PAN India location. A petrol or diesel generator using the same oil which you are using in your car. This DG Set is generally used in various application areas or fuel injection workshop or industries. Our high-quality oil for power generator produces the best lubrication for the generator engine. That is beneficial to increase the performance of Genset. Also, the proper blending & quality components of oil will offer long duration service without any interruption.

Generator oil price & specification, we offer

EO Energy deals in the various range of Genset oil to make your DG Set engine more comfortable for any job requirement. Also, our generator oil price is more affordable as compare to other Genset oil service provider in India.

Power Genset engine oil

Packaging type Barrel
Ph 10-12
Application DG Set
Form Liquid
Grade 50W 40

Heavy generator engine oil

Packaging type Bottle & barrel
Grade SAE 20W-50
Application Heavy-engine
Form Liquid
Ph 16-18

Semi-synthetic engine oil for DG Set

Packaging typeBottle
Grade15W 40
ApplicationPortable Genset
Oil typeSemi-synthetic

Multi-grade engine oil

Packaging type Can & bottle
Application Automative
Form Liquid
Grade 20W 40
Viscosity ASTM D-2270

Generator oil types & features

The most important things to consider at the time of buying generator oil, the close monitoring of oil viscosity. You can also find the various viscosity in a different type of Genset oil. Also, properly check the correct type of oil according to the type of engine. We provide all the information on quality & components of oil in our user manual which helps you according to the recommendation. Because when you use different oil than the recommendation, it will be a major cause for your engine parts.

The 4-stroke engine oil is the most common oil which is used to increase the performance of the generator. Also, this engine oil reduces the priority of friction and harmful content which occur due to its metal property. But the pH level & oil grade some other features you need to know before buying a DG Set oil. Different types of Genset oil offering various pH & grade level with there products. Apart from that, other important features of DG Set oil & lubrication products.

A DG Set oil 40 performance level:

Properties of oilType of Genset oil
Viscosity at 100℃14.0 to 15.0
Flashpoint ℃220
TBN, mg KOH/gm10.0
Pour point ℃(-) 6

Features of generator oil

Proper lubrication for the engine & its components is the prime feature of any DG Set oil. Due to the high-quality lubrication property of engine oil, they increase the shelf life of engine & other parts of DG Set.

  • Provide complete lubrication to increase the efficiency of the generator engine.
  • Various grade level of generator engine oil gives you a better opportunity to choose the best Genset engine oil.
  • Reduce the friction between metal plates which offering long duration service for all applications.
  • Also, the proper generator oil change interval reduces the maintenance cost of G Set which saves more amount of money during each operation.

Tips for Generator Oil Changes and Maintenance

Proper maintaining & changing generator oil is the best way to get ensure generator reliability & efficiency. Also, provide the surety of availability in all job locations. From the duration of installation to operation regular Genset oil changing serves you the best operational experience.

Here we share the information & tips on generator lubrication to running smoothly.

Reason to choose our service

EO Energy is the leading supplier & wholesale trader of the best quality lubricates & engine oil for generator. Our synthetic & conventional products range offering long durability and make them best for home or industrial applications. Also, here you can find engine oil for all generator types such as petrol, diesel, or gas Genset.

Apart from the stability feature of our high-quality engine oil, there are a number of features of our service. Some of them are,

Low buying cost

Compare to other Genset engine oil dealer in India, we are offering low & affordable price of engine oil & other lubrication products for DG Set. Apart from this, we deal with affordable retail & wholesale orders to our precious clients in PAN India.

Flexibility in products

Flexibility in the product range is one of the best features of our service. That means we are offering a vast product range for all types of Genset. So that here you can find engine oil for all kind of home or industrial power backup.

Product quality

We don’t compromise with the quality of the product which means we only deal in high-quality & genuine engine oil range. Our products not only beneficial for the efficiency of the generator but also increase the life of portable Genset.

Oil warranty

All the range of engine oil for sale we provide is come with surety of product for various applications. Also, if you get any issue with the quality of the product, we replace it without charging a single penny & on a very immediate basis.

High rated service

Due to the zero-tolerance with the product quality, we are the prime choice of our clients & the largest engine oil dealer in Noida & Delhi NCR. Our service person gives you all the technical information related to DG Set oil & feature.

These are some of the best features of our engine oil service in India, which make us a reliable & trusted distributor generator lubrication & engine oil service.

To get more information or want to buy engine oil for Genset, you can call or contact us. Our sales & technical staff will provide you more information related to the products.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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