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Gun Oil


With the high technical expertise, EO Energy is the largest distributor, wholesale trader & gun oil dealer in India. We formulated high-quality (OX-52) oil for guns which also know as riffle oil. This oil is used in various automotive machine industry & processed with the superior quality base oil & eco-friendly additives.

These lubrication preservatives are the best cleaning agent for small size arms & other automatic weapons. Also, this gun oil manufacturing with the best in the class base oil & other ingredients to meet complete defense specifications. Apart from this, our best quality cleaning agent for the gun used & recommended by major firearms & other defense equipment manufacturers. Similarly, like deals in oil for arms, our range of hunting gun oil protects it from all weather & environment.

Also, due to the best lubrication feature, this fluid oil is beneficial for sporting arms such as shotguns, pump, revolver, and action rifles. The odorless property of this oil makes it ideal for all kinds of firearms.

Best gun oil nozzle spray protects this firearm against jamming, overheating, and part stocking. They neutralize acid also resists drying for long term storage use.

Gun oil price & specification

EO Energy offering the best gun oil 2020 in various grade & viscosity. Also, we provide only high-quality lubrication ingredients for arms which provides a long duration shelf life for all equipment. Here you get a list of best oil & lubrication products for small & heavy guns.

Gun oil OX-52 price & specification

Packaging type Cane, bottle
Grade High defense grade
Color Pale yellow
Foam Liquid
Shelf life 3 years

Gun oil for automatic pistol & rifle

Packaging type Barrel
Foam Liquid
Grade OX 13
Feature Automative
Color Red

Gun drilling oil

Packaging type Barrel
Application Automative
Flashpoint ASTM D 92
Pour point ASTM D 97
Form Liquid

Customize gun oil

Packaging type Small plastic bottle
Feature Nozzle gun oil
Color Red
Form Liquid
Application Gun lubrication

Gun oil expiry & importance

It is very important to find out the expiry of oil for gun because after storing it for a long duration it creates sludge & unwanted particles. These particles are harmful to machine equipment  & also reduce the shelf life of machine components. So this is very important to store this fluid as per the oil storing guideline.

Our best quality oil for pistol & other arms is manufacture with the silicone-based lubricants which is added with the best frictionless additives. Also, the mixture of aloe vera helps to maintain the smoothness of the gun. So it feels like non-irritating & free from any kind of itchiness. Apart from the functioning & smoothness feature of gun oil, this quality oil lubricant works very well in extreme weather conditions due to its environment-friendly feature.


Best gun oil 2020 according to the survey

All the range of gun oil spray we sell is best in class due to its quality feature & ingredients. Here you get the list of oil & lubrication for the gun which is best for all kinds of arms.

Reason to choose the best oil for gun

There are numbers of a variety & type of oil available in the market to improve the condition of the weapon. Also, the best quality gun lubrication increases the life of weapons. Because of some common problem such as rust & piston jamming is occurred when we are not using proper lubrication for the product. Also, the excessive use of firearms without pouring the gun oil spray is the major cause of damaging weapons.

This problem is very common with the pistol where it locks the bullet while firing it. So the size of the weapon doesn’t matter and lubrication is necessary for all kinds of guns.

Here a few of the best reasons to buy oil & lubrication products for weapons.

Keep the weapon problem-free

The quality components of gun lubrication reduce the friction between the metal components. Due to the friction between metal components, the movement of the part, accuracy, velocity, and ability will be reduced.

So that using a gun lubes during the cleaning & maintenance period is so important to manage the smoothness & accuracy of the weapon. Apart from the increased performance, this oil also plays an important role to use any weapon safely.

Silicone power with gun oil

Most of the high-quality oil & lubrication for gun design & manufacture with silicone ingredients which provides numbers of characteristics. Also, the easy & fast spreading of silicone is helpful in lubrication of all components & corners of the gun.

This silicone-based oil for gun works in a very perfect way and also an ideal ingredient for small size gun, pistol, and shotgun due to its high resistant feature in both high-pressure & high-temperature environments.


Due to the regular use of weapons, there is a very high priority of damage if you are not doing proper maintenance of pistol or rifle. This oil provides a 100% damage-free operation for all applications. Also, the ranges of gun oil 35 protect wood damage which occurs due to mineral oil-based products.

Various type of gun is manufacture by using part of the wood, plastic, and metal. So before using oil or other lubrication, this is very important to know which part of the gun needed lubrication & which not.

Can we use any oil instead of Gun Oil

A question always arises by every gunsmith that is there is any other substitute oil is available for gun oil. The answer is yes the motor oil is also can be used as gun oil but not every other oil can be used as oil for gun like vegetable oil it can be used in gun oil but in low temperatures, it will get solid and this may harm the functioning of gun.

Whereas the gun oil is not too much costly it is available at a reasonable price and can be used for several years.

Safety and Precautions while using Gun Oil

Using gun oil for repair and maintenance could be dangerous to us, it is because of the following reasons:

Reloaded Bullets

Sometimes people do their preventive maintenance when the bullets are loaded it can be dangerous for this to make sure the gun is not loaded.

Reassembling guns

People do improperly reassemble a gun. Repair it, as shown in the booklet to how to reassemble it. Make sure after reassemble that every part of the gun is well connected. Failure in reassembles of guns may cause injury while shooting.

Why choose us to buy gun oil

We are the largest distributor & wholesale dealer of gun oil in India. Our all the product design & manufacture under the observation of a highly qualified team of technicians. Also, apart from the oil for guns, EO Energy deals in high-quality oil & lubrication such as engine oil, transformer oil, coolant, Genset oil, etc.

Our trusted & customer-oriented service makes us a prime oil for gun & pistol dealer in Delhi NCR. Here some of the best features of our services.

Low cost of gun oil

Compare to other oil &lubrication dealer, we are offering low & affordable price for all available range of products. Similarly like other products & services, we offer a low price of high-quality oil in Noida & Delhi NCR.

Product warranty

All product for sale available with the complete warranty of oil & its packaging which make them more trusted. Also, if you get any issue with the product or packaging we replace it without charging a single penny.

Low maintenance cost

The regular use of quality oil & lubrication components for your machine equipment or engine. It will reduce the yearly maintenance cost & help you in saving more amount of money during the operation.

Product flexibility

The meaning of flexibility with the product is, we are deals in all types of oil & lubrication products. With our best in class service, you can get all products for small or large size industrial equipment.

Quality components

The available range of oil we sell, design & manufacture with high-quality components. These ingredients check-in all parameters to confirm the high working quality of the oil.

These are a few of the best features of our service, which make us a prime distributor of oil for gun & other automotive equipment. To get more information or want to buy gun oil at a low price, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide detailed information on gun oil spray prices & specifications.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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