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Lubricating oil


EO Energy is a trustworthy and prominent organization which engaged in exporting, trading and wholesaling a comprehensive range of lubricating oil for sale. We deal in various ranges of oil for different applications such as Genset oil, engine oil, transformer oil, and many more.

Also, the available range of lubricant oil we provide presents with the finest quality components which are the most trusted resource for the industrial or automotive equipment. The unmatched quality, longer shelf life, and optimum performance of our oil & lubrication products broadly admired by the clients. Apart from that, our lubricating oil price is more pocket friendly & easy to buy.

Based on the use of lubricating oil, it refers to a generic name for a wide range of products. This oil is characterized by a hundred of basic chemicals & additives. Lubricating oil refers to a generic name for a wide range of products. It is characterized by hundreds of basic chemicals and additives.

Lubricating oil is normally used to reduce the friction, wear, and heat between the two mechanical components. It is also called lubricant or lube. This oil is used in mechanical components that are in contact with each other.

The oil used in motorized vehicles is Lubricant oil types, but it is given a different name for that purpose. These names are called motor oil or transmission fluid. Lubricant oil always contains 80 to 90 percent petroleum hydrocarbon and the rest 10-20 percent are additives. Why additives because they provide specific properties to the oil. Lubricant oil has two basic categories i.e, Mineral and Synthetic.

Lubricating oil price & specification we offer

We are the largest wholesale trader of different types of lubricating oil dealers in India. Our best in class products are more effective & efficient for all applications due to high lubrication oil grade & viscosity. Here you get a few of the best types of lubrication oil with price & specification.

Lubrication oil for bike & car

Packaging type Cane, gallon
Form Liquid
Application Used for lubrication in bike & car
Chemical Hydrocarbon
Color Yellowish

S4 TXM transmission lubricant oil

Packaging type Bucket
Autoignition temperature 320
Form Liquid
Odor Slight hydrocarbon
Lower explosion limit Typical 1%

20w50 grade lubricant oil

Packaging type Can
Application Bike
Grade 20w50
Form Liquid
Feature 4T gold

Lubricating engine oil

Packaging type Can, bucket
Grade SM grade
Form Liquid
Used in Bike, car, heavy-vehicles
Feature Multigrade

Types of lubricating oil

Based on the lubricating oil viscosity & grade we can categorize lubrication oil types into two categories. This oil is used to lubricate the machine engine & its components. Also, they reduce friction & increase the shelf life of automotive equipment.

Mineral oil

Mineral Oil is lubricating oil which is directly developed from crude oil. It is the combination of three oils paraffin, aromatic and naphthenic oils. Mineral oil has some benefits like it provides lubrication at high temperatures. It also helps motorized vehicles to maintain their stability over a long period of time.

Synthetic oil

Synthetic oils are manufactured and hence they are not naturally crude like mineral oils. While operating in extreme temperatures, they act as a substitute for petroleum refined oils. It has the ability to lubricate the engine parts of vehicles and keep them slick, especially at high temperatures. As conventional oils break down, synthetic oil has very chances to break down. Hence it is proved that this oil does not need to be changed as often as conventional oil.

Properties & application of lubricating oil

Lubrication oil uses in various applications to increase the life of machine components. Also, the lubrication oil for car & bike maintains the smoothness of the engine & provides them long durability. Apart from that, a few more properties of this oil.

Apart from that, sometimes the lubrication oil properties reduce friction & preventing the corrosion. However, friction is appeared due to the resistance of motion and because of this motion, we found the loss of material.

That means, reducing friction is the key feature of lubrication oil but also there are a number of benefits & advantages of this oil. The thick lubrication film not only provides prevention against corrosion but they protect the surface from water & other harmful particles.

Also, the lubricant oil viscosity & grade work as a conduit to transport contaminants for filtering and removing unwanted particles. Apart from this, the high-quality fluid used to maintain the temperature of the engine by absorbing heat from the surface and transfer this heat at the point where it can be dissipated.

Lubricating oil additives

The additives of lubricating oil are used to increase the performance of oil & other functional fluid used in a machine or engine. All types of additives perform separately or commonly with other additives. Also, the selected additives & lubrication oil brands are used in various applications. Apart from that, they are widely used in all kinds of automotive applications. A few of the important & major functional additives for oil are detergent, antiwear agent, viscosity index, oils grade, and oxidation inhibitors.

Feature of lubrication oil additives

At low-temperature viscosity of the fluid will be high and at high-temperature oxidation rate increases. When the temperature is not stable that can cause such machine operating factors component integrity, duty cycle severity, and heat absorption or desorption.

  • When the lubricating oil combines with the oxygen there occurs a chemical reaction calls oxidation. It accelerates by acid, water, high temperature, and catalysts. An increase in temperature reduces the life of the lubricant.
  • Demulsibility is the ability of the oil to separate water. Mineral oils that are highly refined permits water separation.
  • The pour point is called the lowest temperature where oil pours. An increase in temperature allows the viscosity of oil to thin down.
  • Flashpoint or fire point is the temperature when oil sparks or fires.
  • Machine parts should not be corroded when it is properly lubricated.
  • Color doesn’t affect the oil properties or we can say the color test is not important.

Why choose us for oil & lubrication service

Our organization is backed by a team of multi-talented professionals; they are playing a vital role in the growth of our organization. Our skilled professionals are well versed in their respective domain. Based on their working experience and area of expertise, we have divided further our team into various sub-teams to complete the allotted task in a hassle-free and streamlined manner. Apart from that, some of the other key features of our service.

The low price of lubrication oil

EO Energy offering the best & affordable price for there all available products. Also, we are offering a low cost of lubricating oil. For the detailed price & manufacturing, information is available with package items which make them more easy to use.

Efficient & effective product

We deal in the only high-quality effective product which offers continuous long duration service. Also, the various range of oil & lubrication products gives your home or industrial equipment long shelf life which increase the shelf life of machines.

Less maintenance cost of machine

The best thing about our lubrication oil for home or industrial machines, they reduce the average monthly cost. That means the highly configured & best component oil beneficial in saving more cost in maintenance & help to save more money.

Complete product warranty

We provide a complete warranty with our all products, which means there is a very rare chance to get any issues with our quality products. But when you get any issue with our lubrication product, we change it without any charge.

These are a few of the best features of our services which make us a prime distributor and lubrication oil dealer in Noida & Delhi NCR. To get more information or want to buy an oil or lubrication product you can call or contact us 24*7. Our sales team will give you detailed information on various ranges of oil.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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