Eo Energy Emission Control Device For 320 kVA Generator- CPCB Approved

    Product Specification:

    To reduce diesel generator emissions buy a retrofitted pollution control device & run your DG Set under the norms of CPCB & NGT. EO Energy design & manufacture the world’s best retrofit emission control device for 320 kVA generator. We are also the largest supplier of RECD equipment for the Genset in the industrial sector. All our retrofitted devices are CPCB approved & effective more than 90% to reduce diesel generator emissions. A retrofit emission control device is mandatory for all DG set under the rule of the government & Central Board of pollution control. This product is an innovation to control air pollution to keep the environment safe and secure.

    A retrofit emission control device is one of the best technology to control hazardous gaseous pollutants from DG sets and improve the air quality which helps to reduce air pollution. This device also works with boilers and exhaust from different sources like diesel, furnace oil, coal, etc. We understand how global warming affects human health & one major cause of this issue is the diesel engine exhaust system. A diesel Genset emits harmful gases & other particles which badly affect human health as well as our environment. Our technology is also tested by the International Centre for Automotive Technology in Manesar which is one of the 5 national labs recognized by CPCB and the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change.

    EO Energy can provide Professional surveyors, Environmental Specialists, Engineers, Construction managers & Labors to guide the owners of these facilities through this environmental regulatory process. Our services vary from Needs Assessments and Master Planning to final Construction and Permitting Documents. EO Energy has provided these services for new facilities as well as expansions and upgrades to existing facilities. The RECD systems are over 95% efficient to control particulate matters which emit through the diesel engine exhaust system. This device also makes your surround clean & more breathable.

    This system is completely filterless so it generators negligible back pressure on the diesel engine. Unlike bag or box filters that remove only the largest particles, EO Energy RECD technology captures both large and microscopic contaminants and then strips them from the air stream collecting. The resulting discharged air leaves virtually no oil mist, grease, or hazardous particle untouched, releasing only clean air from the system to help you comply with even the strictest federal, state, and local environmental standards and keep your workers safe. The realtor-fit emission control technology for 320 kVA DG Set ensures constant airflow, unlike barrier filters that can plug and become ineffective. Since the cells are washable, reusing the collection cells eliminates costly filter replacements and disposal which allows for a greener environment and increased operational savings.

    Features of RECD for 320 kVA generator:

    • Cost-effective technology with a low price
    • Reduce harmful emissions of DG exhausts
    • Our all devices are CPBC II norms approved
    • It is easy to operate with automatic starting options
    • It can use longer than DPF and it can operate low load

    For more information or want to buy RECD equipment for diesel generators, fill out our inquiry form. Our sales department will contact you & provide the information in brief.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

    Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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