There is no doubt that a human can’t survive without the functioning of the heart likewise a generator can’t perform without the functioning of the alternator. It is also considered as the heart of the generator whether it is of any kind. Not only it holds a special place for generators’ life but it also holds an important place in the automobile industry as most of the vehicles use the alternator to power their electrical circuits. 

But today we are now going to discuss alternator in regarding a generator. Before moving on, we want you to learn about alternator first.

Genset Alternator
Genset Alternator

What is an Alternator

An alternator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of alternating current. It comprises of a stator – a stationary component and a rotor – a moving component. When both components work together under the influence of magnetic and electric field then a relative movement is generated between them which produces electricity. 

This is a very important component of a generator as it is solely responsible for generating the electric current in a generator. 

How Does a Genset Alternator Work?

The working of the portable Genset alternator is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.

According to this principle, when an electric conductor such as wire containing electric charges is moved in the presence of a magnetic field then a voltage difference is generated between the two ends of the electrical conductor which causes the movement of electric charges through the wire and hence results in generating electricity.  

It contains an assembly of both moving and stationary components enclosed in a protective housing. The stationary part of the alternator is basically a set of wires or electrical conductor wound in coils over an iron core. It is also known as the stator.

The rotor is the movable part of the alternator that helps in producing the magnetic field in three different ways:

  • Induction – This type of mechanism is mostly seen in large generators. Usually, brushless generators have this type of feature.
  • Permanent Magnets – Small Gensets have permanent magnets that provide the stationary magnetic field. The rotor converts this stationary magnetic field into a rotating magnetic field thereby resulting in the production of alternating current.
  • Using an Exciter – Being a small source of direct current (DC), an exciter uses an assembly of slip rings and brushes to energize the rotor.

Alternators We Provide

We offer a matchless variety of alternators for our customers. All of these are very useful in maintaining the power supply in the generator. All of these alternators are made by using new and advanced technology. We also focus on the new and effective techniques that are eco-friendly and can’t harm our environment in any way.

Benefits of Using an Alternator

By using an alternator you can avail the following benefits:

Higher output result – You can get the maximum power supply by using an alternator.

Lower weight – The weight of our alternators is very low so it is also very easy to transport it from one place to another place.

Compactable size – The size of the alternator is also very compact so it can easily be fitted inside any kind of generators

Cost-effective – you can easily get these alternators at a very cost-effective and at reasonable prices.

Easy to maintain – If any fault occurs in these devices then easy maintenance is also available.

Full Warranty support – Full warranty support is available on all the new alternators.

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