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Expert Tips To Start & Run Industrial DG Set In Cold

In winter, the weather is getting too cold that affect the starting & running various machine. Along with other machines & equipment, your industrial DG Set needs extra attention in this cold weather. The wall of Genset is made with metal which easily gets cold. When the DG Set gets cold, the diesel engine can struggle to start due to a number of reasons. The very first, this cold weather decreases the battery performance up to 46%. Also, the thicker oil & slow-moving internal parts of Genset also strain the engine to start. To get proper optimal performance users need to know the best tips to start generators in cold weather.

The best way to get maximum efficiency in cold weather is DG Set testing. Check all parts of the generator & do the regular maintenance & inspection. These standby diesel generators can often take a back seat to other equipment. Apart from that, you also need to follow a few important tips to run a DG Set in cold weather including the various antifreeze methods. So if you are facing such kinds of problems, Here in this article, we have shared the important information & tips to antifreeze industrial DG Set. Spend your 2 minutes to read this article for proper information.

How to start a diesel generator in winter

As we know a diesel Genset is mainly the combination of diesel engine & alternator. The rotation of the alternator with the diesel engine generates electricity. However, doesn’t matter whether it’s a diesel engine or alternator the winter safety is equally important for both. After the operation of the diesel generator, it’s important to notice where it parked & what is the condition of the weather. Along with this checklist a few major points you need to know to get proper operation of a DG Set in cold weather.

  1. Engine block heater inspection

In winter weather make sure the engine block heater function working well. Because without heat source you are facing big problem to start DG Set. So if your industrial DG Set doesn’t have the block heater & you are operating it in a cold place make sure to add one. Also, you need to start this block heater for few hours before running your DG Set.

  1. Inspect battery charger:

The dead battery is also the major call for the DG Set service. So always charge diesel engine starting battery to get proper functionality. Also, make sure the battery is properly connected in main shore power sourcing.

  1. Use the user manual guide:

The generator user manual guide contains all the information related to your power generator. You can also get the knowledge of regular maintenance & winter weather service tips. The manufacturer of DG Set provides this user manual information with the products.

  1. Snow hood to protect DG Set:

Use of the generator hood is the best way to protect the Genset from snow. Also, it will protect your industrial generator from all bad weather conditions. This snow hood is a type of cover design to give complete protection to the DG Set engine & other parts against bad weather, theft & vandalism.

  1. Check DG Set Exahust & ventilation:

Inspection of Genset ventilation & exhaust system is the most considerable point to get the proper output from the diesel generator. Especially when you are using a hood for Genset check Genset ventilation is working properly or not. This will help to maintain the temperature of the engines.

  1. Genset fuel inspection:

Before operating the DG Set in cold weather make sure the generator fuel contains antifreeze additives. By using these anti-gel microbes you can control the thickness of fuel which is very high in the winter. Most of the fuel service providers uses antifreeze components but if you are not sure use them from your end.

  1. Control panel box & intake heater:

Due to the uncertain temperature in winter the moisture occurs in the control panel box which creates the problem of auto start & shut down the Genset engine. Using the control panel heater keep maintain the temperature of the AMF panel & avoid all uncertain weather issues.

Apart from that, the intake heater is the best way to start a diesel generator in cold. Intake heater present inside the intel manifold & heat the air which dragged into the cylinder of diesel generator.

Things to inspect before start diesel Genset

When the heavy storm comes it highly impacts the electricity supply. Also, you don’t know when the power will back. In this situation, a portable generator is the best way to get a continuous power supply. If you buy a new generator then there is no need to check it from the maintenance point of view. But if you have any old DG Set, this is important to check & inspect all the parts properly.

Following this important instruction will help you a lot more. Here take a look,

By applying these basic but important factors you can easily get better performance & high efficiency in winter weather.


An industrial diesel generator is the most reliable equipment to run industrial equipment during power failure. But in winter weather this is very important to maintain your DG Set regularly to get optimal power output. You need to follow a few basic tips before starting the DG Set in cold weather.

Here in this article, we have shared the information for how to start a generator in winter. I hope the above information will help you a lot more with a better understanding.

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