In the era of generators, a residential silencer performs the same work as the muffler does for an engine in an automobile. Both help in reducing the noise and exhaust emissions produced during combustion.

With the support of our well-equipped manufacturing unit, we are offering a wide range of residential silencer for generators. The silencers that we offers are available in different specifications.

These residential silencers are very useful for both new and used Genset generator. We also customize our range to meet the specific application requirements of our clients.

Today we are giving you a fine detail of a residential silencer that is ready to use for the new as well as used generators.

residential silencers
Residential Silencer

Residential Silencer

A residential silencer is a device attaches to the exhaust pipe on your generator. It is very effective in minimizing the noise and exhaust emission produced by the generator. If it is not present in the generator then we will have to hear a harsh and unpleasant noise from the generator.

Not only the noise but the emission produced from the generator is harmful to both humans and nature as it contributes to causing air pollution. The silencer which we offer helps to minimize these kinds of problems.


There are three basic designs of silencers:

  • Reactive Silencer – Internal construction consists of three chambers connected to a tube. Exhaust noise bounce between chambers that reduce output noise. It is beneficial for reducing low to mid-frequency noise.
  • Absorbent Silencer – Interior construction consists of fiberglass or E glass insulation. The exhaust noise is reduced as it travels through the insulation. This method is effective to minimize high-frequency sound waves.
  • Combination silencer – As the name suggests it is a combination of both reactive and absorptive silencers. The absorbing material is fixed into the chamber design of the reactive silencer. This allows the reduction of all frequency designs.


The silencer we provided has the following  features:

  • Significant sound reduction.
  • No metal parts to break or rust.
  • Seals tightly closed with velcro.
  • Protects motors and electrical connections from water damage.
  • UL rated fabric repels water, fuels, oil, and dirt.
  • Wipes clean with mineral spirits or soap and water.
  • Sturdy tubular frame slips together with ease.
  • Cover can be folded compactly for assembly, disassembly, and storage.

Types of silencers we offer

We provide a matchless variety of residential silencers for our customers so that you don’t have to search different websites for getting the perfect match for your generator. 

Here is a list of all the silencers which we provide to our customers which are as follows:

  • Cylindrical Silencers for generators
cylindrical silencers
Cylindrical Silencers

The cylindrical silencers are one of the most commonly used silencers for the generators. They are perfect for both inside and outside applications. The silencers can be mounted horizontally or vertically to satisfy all types of application requirements. This type of silencer is mostly common as is easy to afford and it is also readily available.

  • Low Profile Silencers
cylindrical silencers application, residential silencer
Cylindrical Silencers Application

These type of silencers comes in various shapes such as rectangular, oval, and round. The availability of space helps to determine the shape of the silencers. Most probably these types of silencers are used in those areas where the generators are located in sound attenuated enclosures.

different shapes of silencers
Different Types Of Cylinders We Offer
  • Emission control silencers
Emission control silencers, residential silencer

These types of silencers are generally very beneficial to control the emission coming out from the generator. When a generator operates a combustion reaction takes place inside the generator and a lot of gases are released. Some of the gases are very harmful not only for us but also for nature also. To remove these gases a particulate matter filter is installed in the silencer. It prevents these gases from reaching the atmosphere.  

Note: Advanced emission systems are not necessary for emergency or backup generators.

Ending up

We offer a wide variety of residential silencers to our customers these types of silencers to the customers. By supplying a multiple of cost-effective compact and low-pressure drop silencers we are leading the way through innovation, technologies, optimizations, design engineering, customer service and lead- time in engine exhaust silencer.

We really hope that we will satisfy all our customer needs. We also make sure that not a single valuable person will have to face any kind of problems caused by our products and services. If you have any queries or you wanted to know more about our product and services then feel free to contact our toll-free no – +44-3313736483.