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Are you looking for the best pest control or sanitization service? Choose EoEnergy. We are using the latest advanced technology for sterilizing and sanitizing to a commercial or residential area to remove unwanted germs or bacteria.
Also, EoEnergy provides doorstep service which means your working or residential area sanitized on location with all items. Our sanitation workers are highly trained & best in the job of sanitization service.

    Features of our sanitization service

    EoEnergy not only sanitizes your home or office area but our sanitation workers seal all the items & make them virtually free from harmful germs. After completing the commercial or home sanitization service, we placed your item in the proper place. From the years of experience, we are providing a quality cleaning service. We are insured, professional, and best of all local caring business. 

    Apart from them, our service is more famous due to these reasons.

    Non Toxic chemical

    We are work with the nontoxic sanitization chemical, which is highly eco-friendly and there is no side effect of this chemical if they touched by a human. The chemical for sanitization we used, disinfect the rooms & goods within a seconds. Also, there is no harmful reaction if the drop of chemical falls on food or water.

    Quickly kill the germs

    Due to the best in quality service & advanced technology, the process of sanitization is very fast. The sanitization spray contains alcohol & other ingredients to quickly kill the germs & other harmful bacteria. Also, we use all the guidelines & protocols of sanitation rules to provide a clean & healthy environment for all people.

    High efficacy

    Our sanitation & disease service efficacy is very high which means when you using home sanitization service from us, there is a high priority to make your living area germs free for a long duration. Due to the high efficacy, we are a regular partner of essential businesses include grocery stores, real stores, hardware, office supply store, and restaurant.

    Organic chemical

    EoEnergy environmental sanitation service only using the organic chemical to make your home or office germs free. This organic disinfected spray follow all the norms of CDC & WHO methods. Our effective cleaning & sanitizing procedure safe for kids & old age persons. There is no side effect of this organic sanitation chemical during the cleaning of a residential area.

    Long-lasting effect

    Our sanitization seravice not only responds quickly but the effect of sanitization is present for a long duration. The complete environmental sanitation protects your workplace or living area from unwanted and harmful germs. Apart from the cleaning of the place you work or live, we sanitized all the small or large size items present in the location.


    Our sanitization & disinfected service is 100% non-corrosive. That means the sanitizer chemical reaction only applicable to the germs or small size bacteria. Also, our team of sanitation workers using highly advanced technology during the home or office sanitation process. Due to its non-corrosive feature, the chemical is safe when it comes to contact with eye & skin during the operation.

    Our clients

    • School
    • Home
    • Office
    • Shop
    • Shopping Mall
    • Building
    • Clinic
    • Medical Center
    • Warehouse
    • Factory

    Why sanitization is so important

    To Clean or make the germs free environment sanitization is one important & effective way. Sanitizing protect human health against any disease or attack of the virus. The process of cleaning & sanitizing is beneficial to prevent pest infestations by reducing residues that can attract & support pests.

    The best effective cleaning is done by the professional sanitation workers, who not only clean the space but sanitize all the items with care. The effective chemical & advance method of sanitization clean 360° area of any place.

    The disinfection products used to sanitize the home, office or other commercial space are best in quality. That means the chemical of sanitization quickly respond at the time of cleaning. Also, the process of disinfection is more efficient & effective. To properly disinfect the surface, we follow the standard procedure of sanitation.

    Why our service is more effective than other

    EoEnergy sanitization service not only clean the surface but more effectively we disinfect all the items present in the area of sanitation. We use organic chemicals for disinfection at the time of home sanitization & other sectors such as supermarkets, restaurants, offices, and schools.

    The lack of chemicals we are using in our disinfection process is beneficial to the person who is sensitive to chemicals or they don’t want high toxic in their homes. Also, the absence of high toxic sanitization chemicals is best for home service especially if small kids are there.

    We change the way of cleaning, disinfecting & sanitation

    Our best in class service offering advanced & latest ways of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation. Which not only clean the surface but disinfect or kill all the hidden harmful bacteria in your home, office, or other common sectors. Also, our highly trained team of sanitation workers follow the standard process of cleaning service.

    Our disinfection products follow the guideline & instruction of the Environmental protection agency (EPA). So that the chemical for sanitization or disinfects the germs we use is made by the organic ingredients. Due to its eco-friendly nature, the possibilities of health risks for the user are very less. Our organic sanitation service has the EPAevalute identify health risks to the user.


    The process we follow to sanitization

    The process of cleaning service we follow, very first we remove the visible dirt or particles. Our cleaning service or the product we use for this also a part of disinfection. This process is normally undertaken on a routine or frequent basis. The primary process of removing the visible dirt or particles are also referred to as cleaning. Also, we use some disinfection chemicals with cleaning the surface or items present in the place.

    The disinfection refers to a specific measure which control, deactivate or kill infected germs or viruses. We are continuously updating our disinfection service to reduce the health problem in humans due to the cleaning sanitizing & disinfecting products. We simply use the organic sanitization product that is effective & much safer for human health & environment.

    Our team of sanitation workers is providing high efficacy with long-lasting effective results.

    Reason to choose EoEnergy

    EoEnergy disinfection service work with the motive of providing our clients 100% germs or viruses free environment for residential or commercial activity. Regular cleaning or home sanitization help to reduce the priority of any harmful viruses which infect your health. Our disinfectant misting service uses non-toxic or non-alcohol chemicals for sanitization which is safe for people, especially for the kids. Also, at the time of looking for sanitation at home, you need to choose the best sanitation company. And we provide assured customer satisfaction with doorstep service.

    Our sanitizing & disinfecting service using best in the class method of application with EPA registered disinfecting solution. This also confirms the all surface in your property will be clinically clean from any possible condemnation.

    Along with the high efficacy, our sanitization service protects against Coronavirus (Covid-19), H5N1, Coxsackie, H1N1, Rotavirus, Avian Influenza, HFMD, etc. Apart from them, we using,

    • All Natural & organic products.
    • The sanitization chemical is completely eco-friendly.
    • Safe for the environment as well as no high chemical reaction.
    • Our latest & highly advanced technology with high-pressure steam is best to disinfect or sanitize all household’s surface.
    • The professional team of sanitation services for a home not only clean the surface but dry faster when they use water.
    • Apart from the invisible germs or viruses, we kill dust mites and bedbugs if present.
    • Also, we remove substance which hard to remove in daily cleanings such as wax in-ground, stain, or glue.

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