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The best way to disinfect the germs inside your car is to use car sanitizer spray. This car sanitizer kills 99.99% germs which present inside the car area such as car seats, dashboards, steering wheel, etc. EO Energy offers a huge range of car sanitizer machines in India. Our best in quality car sanitizer spray capable of killing 99.9% germs & bacteria. Also, the disinfection of small microbes reduces the chance of any kind of infection. The disinfection spray is present in various varieties of fragrance such as lemon, mango, lavender, lemongrass, orange, and many more.

    Car Sanitizer Spray - Disinfecting Your Vehicle Interior

    Eo Energy offers the best range of car sanitizer for sale. Our quality products are highly demanding to disinfect visible or invisible harmful germs. This sanitation spray disinfects all the car surface corners from 360°. We are an accomplished organization who provide the best in quality car sanitizer in various fragrance. 

    Some of the best car sanitation spray we sell.


    Multipurpose car sanitizer

    Product Specification

    Brand EO Energy
    Application Car interior cleaning
    Packaging size 500 ml
    Alcohol content 70%
    Fragrance Lavender, orange, and other

    Car air sanitizer

    Product Specification

    Brand EO Energy
    Packaging type Spray
    Alcohol 70%
    Type Car air sanitizer
    Fragrance Sainted

    Car disinfection machine

    Product Specification

    Brand EO Energy
    Type of machine Fogging
    Application Car, air
    Chemical No
    Number of knobs 1

    How to clean or disinfect car

    Car sanitation sprays an even better way to disinfect the small microbes compared to other wiping methods. Also, due to the easy to use a feature of this disinfection spray, you can spay it in every corner. There is no need to wipe the car surface mat after spraying the chemicals. The car chemical sprays best into the reaching large surface quickly & clean inside as well as outside.

    But also you can’t use this spray to disinfect if you have a leather seat or touchscreen. Because contact with liquid may not be good for their health. So more importantly you need to know how to use car spray in those areas.

    Usually, no one advises using chemicals on the touchscreen because due to chemicals the mechanic’s device will be harmed.

    Using a microfiber cloth doesn’t allow access to disinfection spray. Also, not to try spray directly on the leather seat. The right process is the first spray that chemicals on the microfiber cloth then wipe the touchscreen & seat gently. With the help of microfiber, you can easily clean sensitive areas of the car.


    Advantages of car sanitization

    Visible & invisible germs & bacterias are the biggest threats to your health when you spend more time inside your car. There are a number of effective ways to make your car clean from dust, small particles, or microbes. Also, it will be beneficial for your & your loved once health.

    Here are the following advantages & basic methods to sanitize or disinfect cars.

    Remove the Dust and Mould from car

    Dust is one of the major causes of the presence of bacteria or germs. If you look at this dust with the help of a microscope you will find various types of germs & bacteria that are present in dust. Also, due to the vacuum pack seal of the car, this bacteria will grow very fast compared to open space. You can easily remove this dust through a brush, blower, or you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean complete dust particles.

    Clean/Replace the Cabin Air Filter of car

    Apart from the quick response time, Eo Energy offers quality service with an effective office cleaning rate. We do not only work with the motive of good sanitation service but we always try to achieve great service for our clients. Also, we trained our cleaning workers to provide high-quality sanitization at your workplace. In short, we work professionally, affordably, And effectively to make your office more clean & 100% germs free.

    Disinfect car interior

    Car sanitizer spray is the best way specifically to disinfect the interior & exterior of a car. This sanitation spray for cars is available in the form of wipe or gel. EO Energy provides the best in the quality car sanitation spray to make 100% gems free environment. This disinfectant spray you can use to clean the steering wheel, armrest, button, mirrors, gear stick, touchscreen, door handle, etc. Due to this car disinfection spray, there is a very rare chance of infection.

    Use a Sanitizer Spray

    Spraying sanitizer spray in the car is one another way to kill all the germs & virus which are present inside the car. We provide the best in quality car disinfection spray to make 100% germs free car environment. So don’t forget to spray car sanitation chemicals in every time period gap. Also, to kill residual microbes which is a major cause of infection, this car spray is the best way. Our products are available in different fragrances to make a clean & happy interior environment of a car.

    Use of sun rays

    Sunlight also a great way to clean the fungus & moisture of the car interior. This natural disinfectant UV rays sanitize & kill all the harmful bacteria present in the car. But this sunlight is not much effective as compare to sanitation spray for cars. Also, when you park your car in a clean & open place open the door for a while because clean & fresh air creates a healthier environment.

    Why choose us to buy car sanitation spray

    EO Energy is one of the reputed & trusted names in the field of sanitation service. Our sanitation products are best in quality which able to kill 99.9% germs & viruses.

    We manufacture high-quality car sanitation spray to clean & sanitize car interior space. The sanitation product we sell present with our quality service. Also, apart from that, there are a number of features & advantages of the EO Energy sanitation service. Some of them are: 

    Low cost

    Compare to other car sanitation service providers in Delhi NCR EO Energy offering a low price of car sanitation spray. Due to the low cost of car disinfection spray & high-quality service, we are a prime distributor & wholesale trader of car sanitation spray.

    Product surety

    The range of car sanitizer spray we manufacture is present with 100% product surety. That means the car sanitizer spray & car AC disinfectant spray we sell in India is made by the best quality chemical.

    Zero harmful chemical

    Because of the organic chemical with alcohol composition, our car sanitation spray is good for human health. Also, there is no side effect against old age persons, small kids, or pets.

    Trusted global service

    EO Energy sanitation service provide their highly recommendable Service in PAN India location with doorstep service. Also, the car sanitizer spray we manufacture is providing their services in every location of the country.

    Complete range of sanitation service

    Apart from the manufacturing car sanitizer spray & other sanitation chemicals, we provide cleaning & disinfection service at your doorstep. Such as including home, office & other place cleaning service in an effective manner.

    These are some of the best features of our high-quality sanitation service & products. To get more information or want to buy car sanitizer spray, you can call or contact us. Our highly professional sales team will assist you with detailed information. 

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