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Are you looking for a sanitization tunnel? Eo Energy sanitation service offers the best range of disinfection tunnels in several ranges. We are a reputed & trusted brand name in the field of disinfection tunnel manufacturer in India.

We design and manufacture the best quality residential & industrial disinfection tunnel to disinfect Covid19 (Corona) and other harmful viruses. This stainless steel walk sanitation spraying tunnel machine automatically sprays the sanitizer when someone crosses the passing gate. Also, this antibacterial spray disinfects or kills all the harmful germs which are present in the human body or things.

How Corona disinfection tunnel works

We all know that today most of the countries are phasing lockdown situations due to Covid19 Coronavirus. But there are also so many places where we need to do social gatherings to maintain & manage the workflow. Such as the government sector, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and other places.

But apart from that, if we do not do the proper sanitation of the place or the worker who is doing their job, there is a high priority of spreading the virus. To avoid this situation or disinfect the harmful germs, a disinfection or sanitation tunnel for commercial, industrial, or residential is the best way.

We provide several ranges of the best & latest design commercial or residential sanitation tunnels to disinfect corona & other harmful viruses such as H1N1, Cold flu, Sars, and others.

EO Energy has introduced this latest design product to resolving major issues of viruses at your work or residential area. Also, this best in a class tunnel for sanitation used to disinfect & stop the viruses from spreading.

Our fully automatic atomization disinfection door works very intelligently. This powerful device uses ultraviolet, plasma, and lightwave disinfection technology to sanitize the 360° process. The atomization nozzles are covered inside the door frame & also the full body disinfection can disinfect all parts of the body in a comprehensive manner. We design & manufacture this disinfection tunnel with user-friendly features and reasonable rates.

Due to the best in class working principle, there is no reaction or discomfort such as the respiratory tract. Also, the body temperature alarm & thermal temperature detector can be added to detect the human body temperature when someone passes through the disinfection gate.

Disinfection tunnel Price, we offer

The disinfection tunnel price we offer is present with the low-cost feature, which means the cost of the sanitation tunnel is more competitive as compared to other disinfection tunnel manufacturers in India.

Our products are mostly used in places where humans gather frequently such as hospitals, bus or railway stations, public sectors, and other places. Apart from that, we design & manufacture portable disinfection tunnels for apartments & small offices.

Here our sanitation product specification we offer for sale

Large size disinfection machine for public sector

Product Specification
ApplicationHotels, public Sector, hospitals, offices
BrandEO Energy
Use forHumans
Pump pressure80 bar
Suitable forTemporary installation
Chemical usedOrganic

Disinfection tunnel for residential apartment

Product Specification
BrandEO Energy
TypeSemi & fully automatic
Disinfection forAll
ApplicationCommercial apartment, small offices
MaterialStainless steel
Suitable forTemporary or permanent installation
Chemical usedOrganic
Tank capacityAdjustable

Spray sanitizing tunnel

Product Specification
BrandEO Energy
Suitable forTemporary or permanent installation
ApplicationMalls & commercial sector
Disinfection forHumans
Sanitation chemicalOrganic
MaterialStainless steel
Tank Capacity200 to 500 Ltr

Corona disinfection tunnel

Product Specification
BrandEO Energy
Disinfection forHumans, materials, vehicle
ApplicationCommercial sector
MaterialStainless steel
Suitable forPermanent or temporary installation
PowerSolar, battery, grid
FeatureFever detection, face recognition, IRIS scanning

Reason to buy sanitation tunnel for residential or commercial needs

Disinfectant tunnels or we can call a sanitation spray tunnel is the best way to disinfect harmful viruses or germs from the human body or things who leave with high-density virus places such as hospitals.

This spray tunnel for hospitals, office buildings, malls, cinema, and airports is used to disinfect human body germs which easily spread from one to another. This disinfection tunnel is one of the best ways to sanitize people where there is a large number of gatherings.

This sanitizer spray automatically detects human activity and also if someone passes through the disinfection door it will spray sanitize with the help of nozzle spray. Also, when you pass through them, the thermal screening device detects the body temperature as well as you can wash your hand also. These sanitation devices are able to kill all harmful viruses including Covid19.

Various versions of EO Energy disinfectant spray tunnel provide their service in different work sectors. Essentially the chemical for disinfection tunnel is the components of sodium hypochlorite which is safe for skin, eyes, and other human body parts.

Apart from that, a few other benefits of having a satiation spray machine

  • Available in various shapes and sizes in every range to disinfect germs & viruses from the human body & things.
  • Due to the portability feature of disinfection tunnels, they are easy to install temporary or permanent.
  • Organic chemicals for disinfection tunnels are safe for small kids, old age people, and pets.
  •  With the help of disinfection tunnels for Covid19, you can sanitize Coronavirus as well as the normal flu virus, H1N1, and sars virus.
  •  Apart from sanitation spray, this machine also detects body temperature, which is beneficial to observing human illness.

Why choose us to buy disinfection tunnel

EO Energy sanitation service offering a huge range of disinfection tunnels for sale. This sanitation spray machine is available with various features & advantages. Our service is a global leader in the field of sanitation service providers in India.

Our sanitization machines build on the observation of a highly skilled team of engineers, which makes them best for all needs. Here some other features of our services.

Low cost

Compared to other disinfection tunnel dealer in India, EO Energy offers the best & affordable price of sanitation spray machines. Due to the best in class service at low cost, we are a prime disinfection tunnel dealer in Delhi NCR.


Flexibility in sanitation products is one of the best features present with our service. That means the disinfection spray machine we offer is available for complete needs. Also, you can install it permanently or get a temporary disinfection tunnel for sanitation.

High-quality product

Our best in class disinfection spray product made with very high-quality components, which provide the surety of long duration service without any interruption. The chemicals we provide for disinfection tunnels are highly reliable & completely organic. So there are no side effects for this chemical on small kids or old age person.

Product warranty

All the range of sanitation products we sell is available with 100% product confirmation. That means if you get any problem during the operation we resolve it without charging a single penny. Also, if the disinfection product could not respond properly or any product issue occurs during the warranty period we change it with the new one.

Complete product guidance

Before the installation of the disinfection tunnel, our team of technicians provides complete information related to the product. Also, we share the knowledge of operational features & quickly maintain ideas to get non stop reliable service.

These are some of the best in class features of our service, who make us a leading sanitation service provider in NCR. To get more information or want to buy a disinfection tunnel, you can call or contact us. Our sales team is ready to serve you the best in class trusted service.

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