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We are the one of the best manufacturer of the best in quality pharma-grade hand sanitizer to disinfect gems & harmful viruses. Our hand sanitizer chemical is made with a 100% organic chemical, which is truly best for all skin types.

This sanitizer chemical present in the form of liquid, gel, or foam version to clean your hand from an infected virus. Also, these viruses are one of the major causes of health disease. Our expert team making quality sanitizer spray, which able to kill germs instantly. Also, we provide a complete range of sanitizer holder stands for hands-free disinfection experience.

These hand sanitizers contain a balanced amount of alcohol, which is effective & efficient to disinfect harmful bacteria. Such as H1N1 virus, Sars, flu, Coronavirus, and others. Apart from the range of hand sanitizer chemicals, EO Energy offering the best range of bath and bodywork sanitizer with alcohol composition. This natural hand sanitizer completely made with organic chemicals. Due to the organic nature, they are 100% skin-friendly.

    Sanitizer price & specification, we offer

    We are the largest manufacturer & supplier of antibacterial gel in India. Our best in class products are highly demanding for daily use to disinfect or kill the virus. Also, they are available in various fragrances, which provides cleanliness with freshness.

    Here some of the best range of sanitizer for sale,

    Natural hand sanitizer spray

    Product Specification
    BrandEO Energy
    Alcohol typeIsopropyl alcohol

    Home or office floor sanitizer

    Product Specification
    Brand EO Energy
    Application Commercial
    Alcohol% 70%
    Alcohol type Isopropyl alcohol
    Available in  5 and 10-liter packaging

    Gel form hand sanitizer

    Product Specification
    BrandEO Energy
    Packaging typeBottle
    Uses forPersonal
    Alcohol content80%
    Alcohol typeIsopropyl alcohol

    Hospital hand sanitizer

    Product Specification
    BrandEO Energy
    Uses InHospitals
    Alcohol containsMore than 85%
    Container5 & 10 liter

    How sanitizer work

    The important point you need to consider before using sanitizer, a hand sanitizer doesn’t replace soap or water if your hand skin is dirty. But apart from that doing hand sanitation kills unwanted invisible germs instantly when your hands are dust-free but you need to clean it.

    This component is mainly a combination of alcohol or we can say alcohol hand sanitizer. It based on more than 70% isopropanol alcohol, which is a kind of rubbing alcohol. Also, this alcohol-based hand rub is more effective to kill germs. The main ingredient of most organic sanitizers is alcohol and that organic molecule is a combination of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. The propanol & isopropanol are two other mal components that are used to disinfect germs like ethanol.

    But this alcohol composition is not suitable for all germs such as nonvirus. Also, a hand sanitizer doesn’t remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides or heavy metals. The sanitation combination not effectively works on greasy hands. So, at some point of view soap and water are more useful.

    EO Energy manufactures the best composition of alcohol sanitizer as well as an alcohol-free sanitizer. The range of sanitizer hand wash, you can use during the traveling or in the place where you don’t want to clean hand from the water.

    Apart from that, a bottle of hand sanitizer is very useful due to its best in class features.

    Use of sanitizer

    A natural cleansing hand gel is more demanding because of its instant germ-killing feature for all skin types. Also, the sainted fragrance of sanitizer gives a fresh & clean smell for a long duration.

    The regular use of hand sanitizer reduces the microbial counts as well as kills many harmful germs & bacteria. We also manufacture the best quality hand sanitizer for Covid-19 or Coronavirus.

    Apart from that, there are other several benefits & importance of sanitizer such as,

    • Kill or disinfect all kinds of micro-size invisible germs & bacteria which is a major cause of illness or infection.
    • Sanitation in-home or commercial space offering a clean, fresh, and germs free healthy environment.
    • Also, the sanitizer chemical is the best disinfection chemical to use in the public sector such as shopping malls, health sector, public toilet, cinema, and other places.
    • Due to the portability feature or we can say packaging in a small bottle hand sanitizer is easy to carry and use for any location.
    • Especially during the flu season, this sanitizer gel reduces the chances of germs spreading, which is harmful to human health.
    • The less alcohol or alcohol-free sanitizer improves the texture of the skin or we can say this product is skin-friendly which improves skin quality.

    Our sanitization service sector


    EO Energy offering a wide range of sanitizer along with sanitation service to clean or disinfect germs or viruses from the various sectors. Because of high-quality sanitation components & best in class features of our service we are the prime choice of sanitation service in Delhi NCR.

    Our sanitization service sector

    • hospitals & health sector.
    • Public sector.
    • Mall & multiplex.
    • School & colegges.
    • Home sanitation
    • Office & commercial space.

    Why choose us to buy sanitizer

    EO Energy offering the best range of natural sanitizer to provide 100% clean & germs free environment. Also, we manufacture 100% organic sanitation chemicals such as neem & aloe vera hand sanitizer for healthy skin.

    Apart from that, there are other numbers of benefits & advantages of our product & service such as,

    Affordable price

    The best thing about our service is the competitive cost of sanitizer. That means the price of sanitizer we offer is very low as compare to other hand sanitizer manufacturers in India. Also, we offer the best in class cleaning & disinfection service at low & affordable price with best in quality sanitizer spray for sale.

    Flexibility in service

    The variation in our service help in creating clean, fresh & germs free work or leaving the environment, which offers a happy & healthy environment. Apart from the manufacturing of organic sanitizer our team of the cleaning worker provides the best in class service in an effective manner.

    Best quality product

    Our manufacturing unit didn’t compromise with the quality of the product & serve only effective & efficient sanitizer for hand wash. Also, we follow all the international norms during the sanitizer manufacturing & test all the products such as the disinfection tunnel before delivering client location.

    Reliable & efficient service

    We work with the motive of 100% client satisfaction with the best quality effective doorstep service. Our all products such as sanitizer stand and disinfection check & test in all the parameters to provide nonstop uninterrupted service. Also, we didn’t compromise with the quality of service & deals only 100% genuine products.

    These are some of the best features of sanitation service & manufacturing of sanitizer provide by EO Energy.

    To get more information or want to buy the best quality hand sanitizer or looking for a sanitation cleaning service, you can call or contact us. Our team of experts will assist you with detailed information & ready to serve you 24*7.

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