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Are you looking for a home sanitizing service? We provide home cleaning, disinfecting & deodorizing spray services at an affordable cost.

We are using advanced & latest technology to clean or disinfect complete households & make them 100% free from harmful or invisible germs. All the items will be sanitized on location with complete satisfaction. House cleaning service is the best way to remove germs & other harmful bacteria from your residence. We provide convenient & comprehensive professional cleaning services for the home. The deep cleaning service is the best way to remove the hidden germs and harmful bacteria.

    Residential Home Sanitizing Services

    EoEnergy home sanitizing service uses the most hi-tech method to clean or disinfect unwanted germs or bacteria. We use the best quality organic sanitation chemicals, which is 100% safe for humans or small kids. Our products & services are also beneficial to provide a clean & germs free environment.

    Home sanitizing with EoEnergy house cleaning service eliminates harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, and more. Also, they destroy pests. Our team of sanitation workers disinfects all the items with clean & smelling conditions.

    When you choose the EoEnergy home cleaning service, our team of specialists provides you with the best duty at your step. Our professional sanitation team carefully moves your households to be sanitized.

    The primary process of home item sanitation, we sealed your belongings with our organic home sanitation chemical & disinfect all the germs & bacteria.

    Apart from them a few other best features of EoEnergy home sanitation service.

    • We use only organic chemicals for home sanitation, which is 100% toxic free. Also this chemical is safe for old age people as well as for small kids.
    • Using only the best quality sanitation equipment to clean your home at 360° & every corner of the residential area.
    • Apart from the cleaning floor or households, we clean & disinfect carpet, sofa, chair, table & other essential items very carefully.
    • The process of domestic cleaning we follow is very fast & reliable.
    • The deep cleaning service of our professional home cleaner workers provides you the best germ-free experience with long durability.

    How Our Residential Home Sanitizing Services Works?

    Have your home completely sanitized by a professional cleaning company. You can book a schedule for home sanitation & we are ready to serve you the best relaxing experience at your doorstep. Apart from the home cleaning, our sanitation service disinfects or kills small size invisible viruses such as Covid19, H1N1, Sars & other harmful germs or bacteria.

    Due to organic sanitation chemicals, our home sanitization is 100% safe for pets & small kids. Also they are very effective & durable. Our best effective service disinfects & cleans all the possibilities & possible areas of germs very carefully.

    Home sanitation process we follow

    Before doing the cleaning & sanitation our team of home sanitization workers defined all the things in the proper way. The best technique of sanitation is to remove all the hidden germs & viruses & clean complete residential surfaces.

    The process of home cleaning & sanitation is present with a few basic differences. Such as where cleaning addresses physical soils & sanitation is directly related to microorganisms. But without cleaning the sanitation will not be completed. To make a sanitary environment EoEnergy follows seven essential steps.

    Inspection & identification

    Before starting the cleaning program we do the examination of the residential area. This process will help us to identify the areas which need more attention during the home cleaning, disinfection & sanitation. It may also help to determine the place which needs more attention during house sanitation.

    Sweeping & scraping all area

    The first step we follow during the cleaning & sanitation, we remove all the small or large size dust particles. This process is done with the help of brooms and scrapers or simply disposing of the items.

    Wash & clean all surface

    The next step of cleaning is to wash the complete surface & the corner of the residential area with the help of detergent or chemical. The washing process completely cleans the surface and very effectively.


    This following step is conducted to ensure that all the detergent or other chemical is completely removed from the home surface. The rinsing process is a little bit harder due to the detergent neutralization feature. Because detergents are alkaline and most of the chemicals are acidic.


    Once the home surface is completely clean we start the process of home sanitation. Also, we use a variety of applications in the sanitizing process, which clean the complete home environment & disinfect all the harmful germs or bacteria. Generally EoEnergy uses organic home sanitation chemicals but according to the requirement we use chlorine-based chemicals which is one of the common ways to disinfect all the germs. A few other common sanitizers for home cleaning such as ammonium compounds, peroxyacetic acid, or hydrogen peroxide are also used for disinfection. Our team or home sanitation worker explains all the pros & cons of different sanitation chemicals which help you to choose the best sanitizer according to the requirement.

    Air-dry the surface

    Generally sanitizer present in two forms according to the requirements you can choose detergent or chemical washing. But after sanitization this is very important to dry the surface. We use the latest quality air dryer to do surface dry. Compared to detergent sanitizer will be automatically dry from the surface but when we do the cleaning with the detergent, this is very important to use an air dryer to clean & dry the residential surface.

    Validation & verification after home sanitation

    After completing the cleaning & sanitation service for the home. Our team of executive check & insect all the area of the home. This will provide you 100% assurance of complete home cleaning. Also, if there is any need for extra cleaning, we do that without any delay. After only 100% of client satisfaction we finish our services.

    Why choose us for home cleaning

    EoEnergy offers the best in class service during home sanitation, which provides complete home cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection service. We provide the best pest control service to remove unwanted visible or invisible germs from the kitchen, living area, garden, and terrace.

    Due to the latest home cleaning service at an affordable price, EoEnergy is one of the best and most famous professional cleaning services. We only use eco-friendly sanitation chemicals which is good to clean home as well as there is no side effect for pets, small kids, or old age people.

    EoEnergy sanitation services provide the most valuable facilities which are beneficial to protect your home against germs and other viruses. Our hi-tech method of home cleaning service works naturally & safely but more effectively.

    home sanitizing & cleaning

    Apart from them some of the best features of our service.

    • Save your time during the home sanitation. That means the service we offer is faster & provides the best durable experience.
    • We follow all the international norms of safety, which is one of the major concerns for us.
    • EoEnergy residential cleaning service works with a professional team of sanitation workers. The high rated cleaning workers provide the best residential cleaning service.
    • Also, we fulfill all the requirements of clients. If they needed special treatment for the home with additional chemicals we provide them.
    • After completing the cleaning service for home, we always keep in touch with our precious clients. Due to our friendly behavior, we are always a prime choice for our customers.

    These are some of the best features present with our home sanitation service. To get more information or want to hire a residential cleaning service, you can call or contact us. We are available 24*7 to serve the best home cleaning experience.

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