Transformer Oil : A perfect filtration Partner for your Transformer

It is the ultimate low maintenance, low cost moisture management solution for the life of the transformer which maintains water, acidity and particulate at very low levels. Get an inquiry on the latest range of transformer oil.

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Transformer oil


EO Energy provides high-quality transformer oil for sale. We are the largest distributor & wholesale supplier of different grade transformer lubrication oil. Due to the highly advanced working environment & professional team of engineers, we are a prime & well-known dealer of transformer oil in India.

This oil is basically a mixture of mineral oil or referred to as insulating oil which used in the transformer due to its chemical properties & insulating feature. Also, the stability at high temperatures makes them a good choice for the transformer. This oil reduces the cost of transformer maintenance & you can avoid any costly downtime or repairing cost. Apart from that, our oil & lubrication products present with the property of accurate pH value, non-toxic, precise composition, highly stable, and safe to use.

Also, our team of quality control checks & test all the products very carefully before delivering them to the client location.

Transformer oil price & specification

With the excellent efficiency EO Energy offering various range of transformer lubricating oil for sale. Also, we are offering low transformer oil prices as compared to other oil dealers in Noida & Delhi NCR. Similarly, we provide a highly efficient range of products according to the client’s needs. Here the list of high-quality oil for transformer we sell,

Automotive transformer oil for industrial application

Packaging typeBarrel
ColorGolden yellow
InhibitorsExtreme pressure
TypeAutomative lubricant

Transformer oil with additive

Packaging type Drum
Feature Additive, base oil, complex agent
Application Commercial
Form Liquid
Density 0.89 g/l

Transformer oil cooler

Packaging type Can, Drum & loose
Form Liquid
Application Low or high power transformer
Grade Industrial
Type Injection modeling

Ester based transformer oil

Packaging type Drum
Form Liquid
Application Industrial
Fire point 300-316 DC
Pour point Max -45 to -56 DC

How transformer oil workes

This lubrication oil mainly knows as insulating oil which is extracted from crude oil. Due to its mineral properties, this oil delivers various hydrocarbon. The component of this oil is composed of an Aliphatic compound (CnH2n+2 & CnH2n). 

Majorly transformer oil is a form of mineral oil & synthetic oil. And the hydrocarbons of mineral oil provide the proper cooling to the components of the transformer. Also, the lubrication due to synthetic oil offering proper function for its all components. Apart from that fire-resistant property of synthetic oil protect the transformer against any unwanted fire accident.

Few other important factors of this mineral & synthetic oil,


How to check the quality of transformer oil

To determining which oil is the best and which can be used in the machinery is basically depends upon its quality testing. There is a wide variety of testing oil & its basic components property.

EO Energy quality testing team using various methods of testing of this high quality oil filtration before delivering it to the client location. So, we are able to provide the best quality transformer oil to our precious clients. Also, we check the BDV of transformer oil.

The various testing technique we follow to maintain quality,

Dielectric Strength

This test is commonly used to determine whether the oil is stable at high temperatures or not.


It checks whether Oil has a stable pour-point or not. As we have discussed earlier, more pour-point can cause issues in various parts of machinery.

Sludge Test

It checks whether the sludge can easily be removed and can be dissolved with ease or not.

Viscosity & Acidity

Transformer lubrication Oil should have low viscosity. This is considered as one of the most important tests in checking the transformer oil quality. This should be acidic in nature, If not then it may cause a failure in machinery. Check with the help acidity testing kit.

Oxidation Stability

Which oil is stable depends on different factors like sludge formation and dissolving capacity.

Transformer oil characteristic table

S.NoCharacteristics Of Transformer OilValue
1Density Max0.89 gm/Cm2 at 29.50 C
2Electric strength (Break down voltage)  a) New untreated oil  b) After treatment30kv Minimum (RMS)  60kv Minimum (RMS)
3Pour point–6°C Maximum
4Water content (PPM)50 PPM Maximum

Different types of transformer oil

This oil basically available in two forms, the first one is paraffin-based transformer oil & the other one is naphtha-based transformer oil.

Due to the low oxidation feature of paraffin-based transformer oil, they produce very less amount of sludge. However, Naphtha-based oil removed sludge very easily as compare to sludge from paraffin-based oil due to its soluble property. Also, when the sludge build-up in the oil container area of the transformer, it properly refers to its operation.

But when we talk about Naptha-based it doesn’t contain dissolved wax-like paraffin-based oil. Also, this wax is one major cause of increasing pour point and potential issues. But in a high-temperature climate where the temperature never gets very low, this will not create any major issue.

Apart from that, both oils are commonly uses in transformer globally.

Why choose us to buy transformer oil

From several years of experience, we are a prime distributor & wholesale trader of transformer lubrication oil. Apart from the range of oil for transformer, EO Energy deals in a different type of Genset oil & engine oil for car & bike. Our highly skilled team of technician & professional sales team deals only in high-quality oil & lubrication service. Here a few of the best features of our service.

Low price

Compare to other oil dealer we are offering low cost of transformer oil for sale. Also we provides other oil for machines such as Genset oil & engine oil are available at a very low price. Due to our low price of lubrication oil, we are the prime choice of our precious clients in Delhi NCR.

Product testing

Before delivering the product at the client location, we check & test the quality of oil & its components. Also, we don’t compromise with the quality of lubrication products & only offering highly durable & long-lasting oil for transformer & other machines in affordable range.

Product warranty

As we mentioned previously we don’t compromise with the quality of the product, which makes them more effective & best for all applications. Also, if you get any issue with our oil or lubrication product, we immediately replace it with a new one without charging a single penny from our customer.

Offering low cost of maintenance

Our oil for transformer & engine reduces the maintenance cost of all machines. Also, these best quality oils provide high efficiency for engine & transformer. The low cost of maintenance help to save more amount of money during the operation.

Variation in product

EO Energy offering the variation with there products. That means, here you can find all varieties of oil & lubrication service for all types of machines & engine. In short, we provide all equipment & service for your business under one roof with high-quality products.

These are some of the best features of our service which make your business very high & provide uninterrupted long duration service.

Also, our best quality oil & coolant range maintains the temperature of engines against any unwanted fault or other issues. Apart from that, we are offering a special discount for our regular clients & in the bulk order.

To get more information or want to buy the best BDV oil for the transformer, you can call or contact us. Our team of sales executives will provide you detailed information with transformer oil prices & specifications.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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