White mineral oil : An indispensable material for Food,cosmetics,Plastics and pharmaceutical industries

“White mineral oil is highly refined mineral oils that consist of saturated aliphatic and alicyclic nonpolar hydrocarbons which are hydrophobic, colorless, tasteless, odorless, and do not change color over time to to time” 

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White Mineral oil


With a huge year of experience, EO Energy is the largest distributor, supplier, and dealer of white mineral oil in India. Our quality products and client-based service approaching us in a leading position in the oil & lubrication sector. Our organization is deal with the processing & exporting of large series of petroleum-based products white mineral uses for small & heavy industrial application. 

We also offer the best range of coolant, engine oil, Genset oil, transformer oil, and other lubrication products to meet the requirement of various sectors. Our professional team of technician check & test the entire range of products in all parameters including shelf life & stability under different climate conditions. Also, that helps us to deliver a quality product to our precious clients.

In recent times white mineral oil uses is a very wide level due to its tasteless & best lubrication feature. Also, this oil is good for healing skin injuries. That means, this product not only uses in the manufacturing of fuel & oil for the motor car but also in the production of health & cosmetic products.

What is a white mineral oil

White petroleum oil is basically a mixture of hydrocarbon blends which comes with colorless, transparent, tasteless, and oily feature. Also, this mineral oil & white petroleum contain saturated hydrocarbons obtained by the distillation of light using various methods. This oil is mainly the output of crude petroleum refining through the sulphuric acid & hydrogenation method. White mineral oil doesn’t dissolve in water and alcohol but in a few organic chemicals such as benzene, ether, and chloroform they mix easily.

Due to its colorless & transparent nature, we call it white petroleum oil but also this oil is very known with the name of paraffin or liquid paraffin. It can be also marked as technical or pharma grade based on his chemical properties.

Our organization provides various range of oil & lubrication products for sale. Also, we offering reliable & easy to buy white mineral oil price in India. Here you find a list of our best selling products.

White petroleum oil price & specification

EO Energy deals with the best & efficient series of petroleum lubrication oil. Also, our white mineral oil viscosity obtains reliable & best specification-grade according to the international norms & covering the big white mineral market in India.

White mineral oil grade standard price & specification

Grade standard Technical standard, Regent grade
Packing type Bottle
Form Liquid
Color Transparent
Application Industrial, commercial

White petroleum oil food grade

Packaging type Barrel
Purity 100%
Application Food & application
Shelf life 2 year
Color Transparent

White mineral oil 70 sds & nf

Packaging type Cane & bottle
Form Liquid
Temperature -20 to 140°
Feature Base oil
Color Transparent

White mineral oil for skin

Packaging type Small cane or bottle
Form Liquid or gel
Application All skin type
Feature High-grade components
Type Leak-proof

White mineral oil uses & application

This oil has lots of features that make them a suitable product for all applications. This oil is widely used in drugs, cosmetics, perfumery, food industry, and many more. Apart from that this oil is used with various product such as,

Apart from that, white petroleum oil specifications having various grades according to the applications. Also, the type of white mineral oil & uses categorize them in mainly two types. Here you get the information on mineral oil based on grade & application.

White mineral oil LX-100 (GRADES: LX – 100)

The lx-100 grade of mineral oil is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons which are highly paraffinic in the environment. This oil present with the feature of transparency, colorless, and tasteless. The range of highly refined hydro-treated oil has the best in class thermal & chemical stability with high flashpoint. This quality oil majorly offering the service for textiles, plant spray oil, inks, personal care product, perfumery, etc.

White mineral oil PX-20 (GRADES: PX-20)

The PX-20 grade white petroleum oil is a petroleum base mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons. This colorless, tasteless, and odorless in cold oil is present with transparent free from fluorescence property. This highly refined oil having excellent thermal & chemical stability. Also, the high flash point & easy to mix with chloroform & solvent ether make them the best product in the health sector.

Uses of White mineral oil

This oil is a major part of our daily life which is used in various applications according to the needs. Here some of the major uses of white mineral petroleum oil.

White mineral oil for cosmetics & pharma industry

This white petroleum oil used in various ways in the cometic & pharma industry. In the cosmetic industry, this oil is used as the manufacturing of different types of lotion, cream, UV rays production, baby oil, etc. Apart from that, this oil is very useful in the production of ointments, pomade formulation, and gelatine capsule in pharmaceutical applications.

Also in the veterinary drug manufacture, the white mineral is very beneficial. This oil doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients which are not good for human health.

White mineral oil for the food industry

White mineral petroleum oil is widely used in the food industry for various processes. Generally, this product is used in food & drink production. The color transparency & low buying cost of white mineral oil make them more useable products for the food industry. Also, this lubricating oil is suitable for all kinds of food texture and there is no side effect of this product for the human. All the product we deliver for food processing is highly compelling to meet with relevant needs for all application. Also, they follow all the standard norms during manufacturing & production.

Other Uses of white mineral oil

This oil is also used in thermoplastic rubber production, polystyrene production, and PVC production. In addition, white petroleum oil is also used in our everyday products such as polishes, wood products, glossing products, lamp oil, cleaning products, toys, and glues. It is also used for cooling, for example, liquid submersion cooling of components in some custom build computers and also regularly used by radio operators as cooling agents in RF dummy loads and it is also used as the cooling fluid for large electrical equipment such as transformers.

Reason to choose our service

EO Energy is one of the largest suppliers, wholesale trader & dealer of white mineral oil in India. All the products we deliver is highly efficient & best for all application. Also, our products are highly demanding in the pharma, food, and cosmetic industries. Apart from low white mineral price, there are numbers other features & benefits of our quality products such as,

Low cost of white mineral oil

As compare to other white food oil dealer in India, we are offering low & affordable price of mineral oil for sale. Due to the best service & easy to buy cost of this product, we are the largest distributor & wholesale trader of white petroleum oil in Delhi NCR. We deals only quality products.

Product warranty

With our all available range of high-grade white mineral oil, we are providing a warranty for the packaging & quality of the product. That means if you get any issue in the quality of the product or in the packaging of white petroleum oil, we immediately replace it with a new one without any delay.

Quality in products

As we previously mentioned that our all the product manufacturers under the observation of a highly qualified team of engineers. Which provides the assurance for the quality of products & we never compromise with our service. Also, we follow all the standard norms while manufacture.

PAN India service

EO Energy is the largest service provider & wholesale distributor of white petroleum oil in Noida & Delhi NCR. But apart from the location of NCR, we distribute our product in the PAN India location due to our customer-oriented service, affordable cost, and quality product range for sale.

These are some of the best features you get with our service. Also, due to the serval year of experience in trading of oil & lubrication, our products are highly reliable & prime choice for all applications. Apart from the deals in white petroleum oil, we provide the best range of various types of oil such as engine oil, Genset oil, transformer oil, gun oil, coolant, and other lubrication services.

To get more information or want to buy white petroleum oil, you can call or contact our sales team. They will assist with more detail on various ranges of white mineral oil prices & specifications.

“... We were looking to consolidate our workloads on a stable system. EOEnergy helps us to pick the best solution for us...”

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Get answers to all your questions you might have.

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