Generators are generally installed for buildings or at those places where the emergency power supply is needed. During the time of emergency, they are very helpful in fulfilling the need of electricity. As this multipurpose device is very useful for us so it is also very important to keep each and every aspect in mind while installing the generator. 

Before using the generator it is very important that we should keep an eye on the earthing of the generator as it ensures the safety of the people nearby the generator.

Today we are going to tell you about the generator earthing essential. We will study a complete and simple process to ground your generator but let’s discuss earthing first.

generator earthing
Generator Earthing

What is earthing?

The connection of an electric circuit to a reference ground is known as Grounding or Earthing.

In the case of a generator, the frame of the generator acts like an electrical circuit and a properly installed grounding rod acts as the reference ground.

You can easily ground the generator by connecting a copper wire from your generator’s frame to the grounding rod.

Why earthing or grounding is important?

Earthing or grounding is very important as it will help to keep the proper functioning of the generator and also helps to keep the people safe who are near the generator. 

portable generator earthing

There are many benefits of grounding the generators which are as follows:

  • It helps to reduce the melting effects in electrical equipment like switchgear, transformers, cables, and rotating machines during the ground fault.
  • Reduce the mechanical shock in components and circuits that are exposed to ground fault
  • Secures control of transient over-voltages while avoiding a facility shutdown.
  • Reduce the chances of electrical shock hazards
  • Minimize the line voltage dip that occurs while clearing the ground fault.

The best and easy way to find that your generator needs to be grounded or not is to go through the instruction manual provided with the generator set.

Tools Needed to ground a diesel Generator

You can easily ground the diesel generator by using the tools mention below:

Requirements Purpose
Solid Copper grounding wireTo connect the generator frame to the earth.
A set of wire strippersTo strip the copper wire.
4 Foot Copper ground rodFor adequate grounding of the generator.
Hammer/Mallet/Sledge HammerTo drive the copper rod down to earth for proper grounding.
Pliers For winding the Copper wire 
WrenchTo attach the copper wire to the generator and also used for loosening a bolt on the generator for proper connection. 

Optional tools/Supplies

  • Water – it is very useful in softening the hard ground so that you can easily connect your generators to the earth.
  • Screwdriver – you can use it for removing a grounding bolt that has been rounded off or does not feature a hex head.
  • Shovel – a shovel can be very helpful in burying the copper rod to the rocky terrain

Note: You can easily get these tools and equipment at home and they are also very easy to arrange. 

Method of grounding diesel generators:

For proper earthing or grounding of a diesel generator you will have to follow the given procedure:

  1. Install the Copper ground rod

By using a hammer drive the copper ground rod at least 4 feet into the earth.

You can also use water to soften the ground, it will also help you to do the work effortlessly. If you are installing a generator in a rocky terrain then you can also bury the rod in tilting position but always make sure that the angle does not exceed 45 degrees.

2. Strip and connect Copper wire to copper Rod

After proper staking the ground rod, now it is time to connect the copper wire to the ground rod.

Strip the copper wire properly by using the wire stripper. Wrap this wire tightly around the copper ground rod by using the pliers.

3. Grounding the generator

After connecting the copper wire to the grounded copper rod now comes the most important i.e. to connect the wire with the generator.

Locate a grounding bolt on your generator and loosen it to wrap the stripped wire around it.

Now wrap the wire tightly around the bolt and tighten it down for a tight and secure connection.

Ending up

Grounding the generator is a very important part of the installation of your diesel generators. It will help to reduce the chances of any malfunctions and keep your appliances safe. By doing this you are contributing to keeping others’ lives safe who are near the generator.

Maybe your generator does not need grounding but it is also very important to keep a track of it so that you can help to keep others safe. It is always advised to do this process by an experienced and specialist person as they have better knowledge in this field.

We here at Eo Energy offers one of the best generator earthing services whether it is for small portable generators or big generator plants. We keep all the safety procedures in mind to ensure the safety of our valuable customers.