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Looking to buy a diesel genset which is fuel efficient, compact in size, best-in-class aesthetics, safe and sturdy? If yes, than you have arrived at the right place. EO Energy is a well-known trader and supplier of an exclusive range of Diesel Genset Set. 

There are various brands who manufactures diesel genset of various sizes & models. Maximum time people get confused, how to choose the right DG set. Choosing a wrong generator is always a waste of your money.

But don’t worry, we will help you to find the right DG set for your home or business purpose. We are one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of diesel generators in Delhi NCR.

A diesel generator is used to supply electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator. This portable generator is mostly used in places where people face power outages frequently or where there is no power grid connection reached.

According to the requirement, EO Energy has categorized this industrial Genset in 3 types: power output, size, and cooling type.

Power output

Eo Energy offers the best range of diesel generator with high power output performance. Availability of different kV range of DG set makes us more popular between our clients. Variable speed of our diesel engine make them more fuel-efficient and our diesel power Genset give a longer power performance with low fuel consumption. The range of diesel DG set power output is very wide. You can find a genset from 3 kV to 2500 kV. Where a 3 Kva or a portable diesel generator range is used to run small home appliances or small business appliances. And a 2500 kVa or other range of industrial diesel genset is used to fulfil the power demand of big industries.


When we talk about the size of a generator, We actually focus on industrial generators and portable generators. If your power backup requirement is low or for only home purposes, then buying a portable generator is best for you. A portable generator is ideal for home, shop, and small business. EO Energy provides a wide range of portable diesel generators. Here you can find a portable DG Set in the range between 3 kV to 35 kV. On the other hand, if you need a diesel power generator for industries, you need to go with a heavy industrial generator. EO Energy deals with industrial diesel generators. Here you will find all brands of DG Set in the range between 100 kV to 2500 kV.

Based On Cooling Type

According to the cooling system in the generator, we can categorize this Genset in two types. First air-cooled Genset and the other one is water-cooled Genset. In the air-cooled generator, there is an air intake system, which is used to provide the cooling function to the diesel generator. This kind of generator mainly relies on air, because there are no additional components or parts for generator cooling. A water-cooled diesel Genset has a separate system to cool a DG Set. They mainly rely on water to cool & comprise a generator. But, compared to air-cooled diesel generators, water-cooled generators need more maintenance. But both Genset have unique features. EO Energy suggests the best one according to your needs.

Different Type Of Diesel Generator Set We Offer

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Things to Focus When Buying a Diesel Generator

silent diesel engine generator has so many components & specifications. We are describing here all the specifications so that you can buy the best one for yourself. These are the key features of diesel generator, you need to consider before buying one.


The high noise of diesel generators is always a big challenge. So you need to choose a generator which can reduce the noise level. Also, you can choose a generator canopy, this canopy can reduce the noise level from -35 DB to -45 DB.

Handling & power management

The handling of any generator is one of the most required things. A diesel generator which can transfer the power when grid power fails and shut down the Genset at the time grid supply is on, is the best in operation. Also, you need to check a few other information like display warning of low fuel & other performance issues are present or not. Also, you need to optimize the fuel consumption and performance of DG set at the time of different load demands.


Before buying a power generator, you need to calculate total power demand by your home or business. According to your power requirement, you can choose the best diesel engine generator. EO Energy has a huge range of diesel engine power backup between 3 kV to 2500 kV. We also help you to find out your home or business power requirement & provide you the best one according to your uses.

Fuel consumption

Diesel engine efficiency is one of the most important things before buying a diesel generator. You need to find out the total fuel consumption of a DG Set in per hour or per kV.

Genset portability

Always choose a generator that is easy to lift and reduce the hassle of transportation. Also, you need to check the size of the generator according to the space you have. EO Energy provides a set of wheels with a diesel engine generator, which helps you in the transportation of the Genset.


Diesel generator manufacture in both single and three-phase connections. You need to choose as per your home or business connection.

These all are the few important factors of diesel generator, you need to consider before buying one. Apart from this, EO Energy will help you to find the right size generator for your home or business needs. 

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