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    Inverter Generator

    EO Energy is leading supplier and dealer of various kind inverter generator for sale. We provide clean and silent power for home, business and emergencies application. Our different range of quiet generators can supply power as clean as you get from the outlets in your home.

    Our digital inverter generator is present with the light-weight and soundless feature, as well as the variable speed engine of this generator, make them more fuel-efficient. This will give you a longer power duration with low fuel consumption. You can also get an online inquiry of our inverter generator review.

    This reliable source of power is used in the various sectors to provide continuous power, for example

    • RV power
    • Sporting event vendors
    • Mobile restaurants
    • Sensitive construction site
    • Camping entertainment sound-set
    • Healthcare & emergency services
    • Mobile service providers

    Apart from these, these portable inverter generators are more useful for its high-quality power, portability, quiet performance in tough conditions, consumer-friendly design, and eco-friendly nature.

    Our highly qualified team of technicians, design and manufacture this power inverter generator for standard power production. High voltage multiphase AC power can provide consistent power in different power loads.

    Range of Inverter Generator We Offer

    Our organization is the leading service provider of all brands inverter Genset for sale. Here you will find the best quality 5000 watt inverter generator and 10000 watt inverter generator at affordable price. This small inverter generator for home provide clean & pure electricity as same as main grid electricity. Here get an inquiry on our best selling silent inverter generator for home.

    Air-cooled 3 kVA digital inverter generator

    Fuel efficiency and clean energy are some of the best features come with a portable inverter generator. According to the demand of load, this small generator can set RPM and this will decrease the fuel consumption 30% to 40%.

    Product Specification
    Brand Honda, Yamaha, Hyundai, Cummins, Kohler
    Power 3 kVA
    Cooling System Air-Cooled
    Voltage 220V
    Application Home & Small Business
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Fuel Tank Capacity 20 liter
    Frequency 50 Hz

    Portable Inverter Soundproof Generator

    Being a leading firm in the generator industry, we are deeply engaged in providing a portable inverter generator. Our range of this small Genset is highly fuel-efficient and able to provide continuous power for a complete home or business power utility.

    Product Specification
    Brand Kohler, Cummins, Honda, Mahindra, Hyundai, 
    Noise Level Soundproof
    Fuel Type Diesel
    Fuel Tank Capacity 20 liter
    Voltage 5kV
    Body Material Mild Steel
    Application Home & Small Business

    Self-start Inverter Portable Generator

    With the help of the skills of our highly-qualified team of professionals, we are involved in delivering a high-quality range of inverter portable generator. This small inverter Genset present with various features like self-start engine, low noise, low fuel consumption, and long durability.

    Product Specification
    Brand Honda, Hyundai, Cummins, Mahindra
    Genset Type Manual, Automatic
    Model EU 30i/EU 30is
    Engine Type Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled
    Engine Throttle Electronic Governor
    Starting Self-Start
    Fuel Tank Capacity 20 Liter
    Dry Weight 62 Kg

    Petrol Power Inverter Generator

    Petrol engine powered inverter generator is the most demanding home power generator because of its low maintenance, long durability, soundless performance, and clean energy.

    This range of mini power generators is precisely a trader by our specialized team of professionals. Also, we ensure that all the products are timely delivered to our clients. 

    Product Specification
    BrandHonda, Kirloskar, Hyundai, Greaves Power 
    Fuel TypePetrol
    Oil Change Period100 Hours
    Rated Current13 A
    Frequency50 Hz
    Sound Power LevelLess than 85 dB
    Weight of Genset with Canopy129 Kg

    Things to know before buying Inverter Generator

    An inverter generator is always the best power backup solution because of its high performance & easy to handle feature. Easy transportation of our portable inverter generator is helpful to use it in multiple locations at different times.

    Some other key features of this small generator are as follows.

    Soundproof performance

    Because of the soundless performance of this small generator, a small home generator is more popular as compared to other generators. EO Energy mini inverter generator model is present with an inbuilt sound-attenuating enclosure, that is helpful to reduce the noise. Our most of the portable inverter generator is operating in 50 to 60 dB volume, which is equal to the normal conversation.

    High fuel-efficiency

    The best feature of an inverter generator who make them a prime choice of customers, the pocket-friendly nature of this generator. It means a digital home generator consumes more than 40% less fuel as compared to other power generators. Our range of diesel inverter generator and gas inverter generator is more fuel-efficient. Our highly qualified team of generator engineers always focus on manufacturing an idle small generator, which is capable to adjust engine speed if necessary, and burning the fuel as per your home power requirement. Normally a portable generator runs on a constant 3600 RPM and provides 60 Hz power, but our quiet portable generator is built to provide 60Hz power in various RPM. In lower RPM this digital inverter generator provides up to 40% fuel efficiency and fewer exhaust emissions.


    The light-weight feature of our best inverter generator makes it easy to transport from one place to another. Compared to other generators, this portable inverter Genset is easy to handle & easy to carry. Team of our highly-qualified engineers always trying to focus on the quiet operation and light-weight of this mini inverter Genset.

    Maximum power output

    EO Energy design and manufacture this home inverter power set to provide maximum power output. We provide a wide range of this small generator in between 1000 watt inverter generator to 7000-watt digital inverter generator. Available all the range of these best inverter Genset are more popular because of its light-weight, quiet operation, and low fuel consumption feature.

    Availability of parallel connection

    EO Energy digital inverter generators allow you to make a parallel connection between two inverter DG Set. If your home utility power requirement is high and a single generator is not able to fulfill this requirement, you can double your power by linking multiple small inverter generators. This safe power inverter Genset is best for use with small appliances, microwaves, cell phones, lights, computers, and other sensitive electronic equipment. Before selling a digital inverter power backup set, our expert team will help you to calculate the total power requirement of your emergency appliances. This will help you to buy the best home inverter generator.

    High-quality power production

    Our high-quality portable inverter generator engine is connected with an efficient alternator, which generates AC power. But connected rectifier is used to convert AC power to DC and the attached capacitor is used to smooth it out to a certain degree. And then this DC power is again inverted in clean AC power at the desired voltage and frequency. Our mini inverter Genset essentially designed to provide clean energy as you get from your electricity company.

    Why Choose EO Energy to Buy Inverter Generator

    Being a leading firm in the generator industry, we are offering a high-quality range of best-rated inverter generator. Our world-class sales support, setting a new standard in performance and reliability. The range of portable power inverter is suitable for home or small business applications. We are offering best range & brands of Honda inverter generator & other brands of inverter DG Set such as Yamaha inverter DG Set for sale.

    Features of EO Energy Inverter Generator

    • Compact structure
    • High fuel-efficiency & durability
    • Low noise
    • Reliable running
    • Availability with all famous brand

    Apart from this, EO Energy provides a wide range of portable inverter generators, which is available in all fuel types. Our highly skilled technician team design & manufacture these home generators to provide a hassle-free experience.

     For detailed inquiries related to the best small inverter generator, you can call us. Our sales team will assist you quickly. 

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