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    Home Generator

    Want to buy a home generator for your house-holds power needs. Here we provide the information on models, specifications, features, and advantages of DG Set for home.

    When things related to home safety, power is the first line of defense but planned or unplanned power failure is always a horrible experience. An external power resource or a home inverter Genset protect your home during a blackout. This backup generator for the home present in various kV range & size. Such as mini home generator or standby home power backup in single-phase and three-phase.

    A permanently installed portable home generator is the best way to protect your home during a power outage, which occurs due to any reason. There are a number of vendors in the market who provide generators for home power needs. Apart from them, EO Energy is one of the prime distributors & wholesale trader of the silent home generator in Noida & Delhi NCR.

    We provide Several ranges of the best portable power backup for home with the commitment of customer satisfaction and best in class service. Our soundless generators for homes one of the most demanding & best-selling products for the last 11 years.

    Included new DG Set for home, EO Energy deals in the rental home generator & used home Genset for sale.

    We can categorize our home power backup in mainly 3 categories according to the home power needs. This all categries of home DG Set for sale available in various kVA ranges such as DG Set 1 kVA to 10 kVA.

    Types of home Genset

    Home inverter generator

    A small inverter generator is used to provide clean, reliable, and quiet power to small home appliances. The lightweight & quietest in operation is the best feature present with this small power backup. The variable-speed engine of this Genset provides more efficient & clean energy. This small home Genset for home is able to power small home appliances such as light bulbs, T.V., fridge, and other small home power appliances. You can choose according to the needs.

    Portable home generator

    Portable generators are the best external resource of energy, which is present with the flexibility of relocation. It means you can easily carry this DG set’s with you from one location to another. These portable electric Genset’s deliver the comfort of energy without installation. Also, powering the critical necessities at home and provide the electricity when you need it most. We offer portable home DG Set in all available fuel ranges. Such as diesel, Gas, petrol.etc.

    Home standby generator

    A right home standby generator is the best way to complete all your power needs during a power failure. The best feature of these Gensets, they require less maintenance & start automatically when the power goes. Similarly shut down when grid power on. Because of the large power capacity, they are able to fulfill the power needs of the whole house. We offer a vast range of selection natural gas, petrol or diesel home standby generator. These standby generator mainly used in the apartment.

    Home generator range we offer for sale & hire

    According to the client’s home power needs, we offer several ranges of DG Set for home. Our household generators are best in class and provide the long last services at low operating cost & high fuel efficiency. Also, we provide our mini generator on rent at affordable prices. Our home generator cost is more affordable & easy to buy. Here get a list of small Home generator price & specification we are offering.

    2 kVA silent generator for home

    2 kVA silent home generator for sale we offer present with low & easy to buy cost feature. Also, our home Genset review is more good in the market. This 2 kVA DG Set for sale available in various fuel categories such as petrol, diesel, and gas.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating2 kVA
    Voltage220 V
    ApplicationHome, shop, and event
    TypeSilent portable
    Cooling systemAir-cooling
    Noise levelSilent
    Engine typeNaturally aspirated 
    Rated speed1500 RPM
    DutyPrime power
    InsulationClass H
    Fuel typeGas, Diesel, petrol
    BrandsHonda, Koel, Hyundai, Mahindra, etc

    Silent portable generator for home

    Silent portable DG Set is always the best option for home power needs. This noiseless Genset offer hassle free long duration service for all purpose. We are offering this Soundproof portable DG Set in the range between 3 kVA to 12.5 kVA. Here find the latest specification of the product.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating3.5 kVA to 10 kVA
    Noise levelSound-proof
    No. of Cylinder2, inline
    TypeAutomatic, Semi-automatic
    Voltage220 to 240 V
    Cooling SystemAir-cooling
    InsulationClass H
    ApplicationHome and small business
    Engine typeNaturally aspirated
    Duty Prime Power
    Rated Speed1500 RPM
    Fuel TypeNatural Gas, Diesel, Propane
    BrandHonda, Hyundai, Mahindra, Ashok, etc

    Home inverter generator

    Small size home inverter generator we sell available in various brands & maximum power output. This small size inverter available in 1 kVA to 7.5 kVA for household uses. Apart from the silent feature, the inverter generators are more famous due to its clean & eco friendly energy.

    Product Specification
    Genset max. output 3000 VA
    Rated Output 230V / 50 Hz 2800 VA
    Engine throttle Electronic Governor
    Choke Auto
    Starting Recoil electric start
    Fuel type Petrol
    Continuous operating hour Approx 7 hour
    Insulation Class H
    Alternator Brushless
    Cooling system Air-cooling
    Type Automatic, Semi-automatic
    Phase  Single-phase
    Duty Prime
    Air cleaner Dry
    Brand Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra, Koel, etc

    Home standby generator

    For the continuous standby Power, the home standby generator is an ideal power solution. We are offering various kVA range of this DG Set such as 25 kVA standby generator, 40 kVA, and 160 kVA Genset. Here get the latest specification and price of our home standby home generator.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating25, 40, 62.5, 100, 125, 160 kVA
    Voltage220 to 480 V
    Output typeAC three-phase
    Rated speed1500 RPM, 3000 RPM
    Frequency50 Hz, 60 Hz
    No. of cylinder4, 6, 8, 12, inline
    Noise levelSilent
    Cooling systemAir-cooling, Water-cooling
    ApplicationCommercial apartments
    AlternatorStamford, brushless
    InsulationClass H
    GovernorA1 class mechanical
    FuelDiesel, Natural Gas
    BrandMahindra, Volvo, Ashok, Koel, etc

    Water-cooling diesel power generator for home

    All the range of DG Set present in various type of cooling method. But the home generator which present with water cooling method is more cost effective. We are offering this generator in the range between 15 kVA to 62.5 kVA. Here get an inquiry on latest specification of the product.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating15 kVA to 62.5 kVA
    Voltage220 V to 320 V
    Noise levelSilent
    InsulationClass H
    AlternatorBrushless, Stamford
    Cooling systemLiquid and water-cooling
    PhaseSingle and three-phase
    Rated speed1500 RPM
    ApplicationBusiness, and commercial apartments
    EnclosureIP 23
    No. of cylinder4 or 6
    Fuel typeDiesel, Natural gas
    BrandTata, Mahindra, Cat, Prakash, Sudhir

    Three-phase silent power home DG Set

    EO Energy deals in various kVA range of DG Set with different power output. In short, we are offering single-phase & 3 phase silent power home generator for sale. Here get an inquiry on latest product specification of our product.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating10 kVA to 65 kVA
    Voltage220 V to 380 V
    Noise levelSilent
    InsulationClass H
    AlternatorBrushless, Stamford
    TypeAutomatic, Semi-automatic
    Cooling systemAir-cooling, Water-colling
    Output typeAC single-phase, Three-phase
    Rated speed1500 RPM
    ApplicationHome, business, and commercial
    GovernorA1 class mechanical
    No. of cylinder4, 6, and 8
    FuelDiesel, Natural Gas
    BrandMahindra, Honda, Volvo, Koel, etc

    Silent gas generator for home

    Due to the clean & reliable power output gas powered home generator always the best generator for home power needs. In EO Energy,we are offering different brands of home gas generator such as Mahindra, Koel, Honda, Hyundai, etc. Here get an inquiry on latest product range.

    Product Specification
    Genset Rating 5 to 25 kV
    Fuel Type Natural Gas, LPG
    Noise Level Silent
    Type Automatic, Semi-automatic
    Frequency 50Hz
    Voltage 415V
    No. of Cylinder 2 or 4
    Rated Speed 1500 RPM
    Alternator Type Brushless
    Battery Capacity 12V
    Insulation Class H
    No. of Phase Single-phase, Three-phase
    Governor Mechanical
    Power Factor 0.8 (lagging)
    Brands Mahindra, Koel, Honda, Volvo, etc

    Things to consider before buying a home generator

    Selecting the right size home generator is always beneficial & protective during a power failure. But how to choose a right silent generator for home is not an easy task if you are not much familiar with Genset.

    Before selling & installation of a home generator, EO Energy provides the brief details and also helps you in choosing the right size home DG Set according to your household’s power needs. 

    Here are a few important things you need to understand before buying or renting a home power backup.


    The prime factor before buying a home DG Set, what is your budget or much you can spend in a power backup. Setting your budget will allow you to get the best generator deals according to your requirements.

    EO Energy provides the best in class power backup at an affordable cost. Our home generator price is very low as compare to other market competitors. We believe in quality service in low cost. 

    Required wattage to run home utilities

    Before buying the best home generator, you need to calculate the total required power to run your household during a power outage. It will help you to get the best deal. The total amount of wattage you will calculate based on the appliances, you need to operate when the power goes out.

    If you do not understand how to calculate the required wattage, our technician team will help you & also help to seal in the best deal.

    Fuel type for home DG Set

    A generator comes in various fuel types like diesel, petrol, natural gas, LPG, kerosene, and propane. So, you should decide which type of fuel Genset you need for your household. Most of the time a portable diesel generator is the ideal choice for home power backup because of fuel efficiency.

    But the important thing is, where you install home power DG Set. If you install outside the home then you go with any fuel type. But if you want to install inside the house then buying a home inverter generator or a solar generator is best.

    Check all the feature

    All the home generators present with numbers of features and applications. Such as cooling system, fuel type, alternator, transfer switch, noise-free, and voltage regulation. You need to check and verify all the parts are genuine or not. So choosing a generator for home is highly-advisable. Also, the price of a silent home generator is quite affordable.

    What type of generator you want

    Based on the size, fuel type, and wattage there are numbers of types and generator brands available in the market. Each of them is present with different features and advantages and also different price ranges.

    Generator size

    After deciding the budget, feature, and wattage you need to select the right size generator for home power needs. The selection of the size of a home generator is mainly depending on where you want to install it. Mini home DG Set is good for installation inside the home or large one is outside the home.

    Benefits of buying a home generator

    No one fully depends on the general power supply 24/7 because the maximum time it may fail in crucial moments. There is a number of reasons to buy a portable home power backup. Because a silent home diesel generator is one of the great ways to protect your home in any planned or unplanned power outage.

    A few other benefits of buying a home generator are as follows.

    Having a home generator means

    • Provide the power in a heavy storm

    A heavy storm is a big cause of power outage for a long duration but now no need to worry. Our permanently installed standby home generator always monitors the main grid supply. If a power failure occurs due to any reason, this standby home DG set will start automatically and light your house.

    • Longer operational duration

    Our home Gensets are powerful, reliable, and give long duration services when the main grids fail. This fuel-efficient Genset works in low fuel consumption & high durability.

    Why choose EO Energy to buy home power backup

    From the last 11 years, we are the most popular brand name & wholesale trader of Genset for home. We are 100% committed to providing range of best generators for home. Our silent home generator is the best selling, reliable & fuel-efficient home DG Set.

    EO Energy deals in best in class & high-quality components power backup, which make them best for customer use. We always try to make sure, our each & every product meets the customer expectation & provides the continuous power supply in an emergency. All the emergency home generator of EO Energy comes with warranty & service security. Which means if you get any issue with our product in warranty duration, we provide free of cost service.

    Key features of our home Genset service in Delhi NCR

    • Easy to use
    • Compact design for use
    • Sound-proof or silent operation
    • Prime power with durability & fuel efficiency
    • Available in all famous brands
    • Product delivery on time

    To get more information on a home generator or want to buy a DG Set for home, you can call or contact us. Our sales team responds to you quickly & provides the details in brief.

    So, What are you waiting for?

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