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    Industrial Generator For Sale

    Buy industrial diesel generators from the largest inventory of DG Set in India. Here we are offering the best generator for industrial use in all kVA ranges. With years of experience, our firm set a milestone in the power backup industry with quality, reliable & client-oriented service. The offering range of industrial generators for sale directly came from the manufacturing units. Also, we do the proper inspection before installing industrial Genset at the client’s job location. In our inventory, we also offer industrial DG Sets based on the fuel type such as gas or diesel generator.

    The design & work functionality of this industrial Genset is more difficult as compared to other small power generators. This DG Set is mainly used to run large industrial applications during the power main grid failure. These silent industrial DG Sets are specially designed to ensure a stable supply of electricity in the event of a power failure due to any reason. Also, in our Genset trading point, you get the inquiry with various fuel options such as diesel, propane & natural gas diesel generators. We categorized our selling industrial DG Set in mainly two categories,

    1. Portable industrial Generator
    2. Large industrial Generator

    Types of Industrial generators, Based on the size

    • Portable Industrial Generator

    Portability features in Genset increase the use of various locations. We can also say the portable DG Sets are easy to relocate from one location to another. This category of industrial generators makes them more popular for the location where high power requirement is a certain time period.

    Our portable industrial generators are generally used by emergency responders. As compared to other brands of industrial Genset, our portable industrial DG Set is more popular because of its lightweight feature. Also, we manufacture & supply this industrial energy generator in various fuel engines.

    • Heavy Industrial Generator

    EO Energy’s heavy industrial generators are one of the prime choices in the industrial sector when we talked about long-term reliable service of power-backup.

    Our large industrial power DG Set is designed & manufactured with legal standards to perform in an efficient & proper way. Our generator set pattern is tough & present with high-quality.

    Due to the reliable and robust performance and maximum efficiency of industrial diesel generators, this DG Set is more popular in the industrial sector. The range of available industrial power backup is extremely important to ensure maximum performance. For example, in the health sector, the continuous supply of energy is always crucial.

    Range of industrial power DG Set for sale- Genset price & specification

    Silent Portable Industrial Power Backup

    Product Specification
    Brand Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Sonalika, Cummins, Jackson, Volvo Penta
    Power 50kV to 250 kV
    Noise Soundproof
    Voltage 415V
    Cooling Type Water-Cooling, Air-Cooling
    Frequency 50Hz to 150Hz
    Phase Single Phase, Three Phase
    No. of Cylinder 4 to 6
    Application Industrial
    Fuel Type Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas

    Heavy industrial power Generator

    Product Specification
    Brand Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Cummins, Koel Green, Volvo Penta, Jackson, 
    Power 500kV to 2500kV
    Noise Soundproof
    Enclosure IP 23
    Cooling Type Air-Cooling, Water-Cooling
    Alternator Stamford
    Phase Three Phase
    No. of Cylinders 6 to 12
    Application Industrial
    Fuel Type Diesel, Natural Gas

    Industrial Natural gas Generator

    Product Specification
    Brand Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Cummins, Koel Green, Kirloskar, Jackson, Cooper
    Power 100kV to 2000kV
    Noise Soundproof
    Phase Three Phase
    Type Fully Automatic
    Overload Protection MCB
    Voltage Regulation AVR
    Cooling System Water-cooled
    RPM 3000 to 4500 RPM
    Fuel Type Natural Gas

    Heavy Industrial Diesel Generator

    Product Specification
    Brand Mahindra, Sudhir, Ashok Leyland, Cummins, Volvo Penta, Jackson, Koel, Cooper, Caterpillar
    Power 500 kV to 2500kV
    Noise Soundproof
    Phase Three-Phase
    Application Industrial
    No. of Cylinders 12 to 16
    Cooling System Air-cooled and Water-Cooled
    Type Automatic
    Alternator Brushless
    Fuel Type Diesel

    Things to Understand When Buying an Industrial Generator

    Industrial power backup manufacturing & supplied with various brands. But before buying an industrial diesel generator, you need to understand a few basic features of this power backup Genset. 

    Before selling a power generator to our precious customers, we describe all the features of Genset. Here some important considerable points, you need to understand before buying industrial DG Set.

    Total Amount of Required Power

    The total required power at your job site is one of the major concerns before buying a commercial DG Set. A clear idea of needed energy for your commercial appliances will help you to choose the best industrial generator. Also, we customize our industrial power Generators to meet the client’s power requirement. If you have no idea how to calculate the required power, don’t worry our technical team will help you to find out the best ideal portable industrial Genset.

    Fuel type for Industrial Power Backup

    Without knowing the pros & cons of all available fuel engine generator, choosing the best industrial power backup is always a tough decision. This power backup DG Sets are available in various fuel types like diesel, petrol, and gas. The fuel availability & the cost of fuels are some major points when you buy a Genset for your business application. We provide an industrial generator in various fuel range. Also, we suggest our customers according to fuel nature, which fuel generators for industrial purposes are best.

    Genset Location

    Choosing the best place for generator installation is always a major concern. The best place for power backup installation, you need to choose an area that is away from the main building and can be easily available for generator refueling, and generator service and repair. Ideally, open space and a place where you can easily provide the fuel supply is best for DG Set installation. Our team of experts visits the place where you want to install an industrial power generator and also suggest the best place if required.

    Types of Automatic Transfer Switch

    Range of industrial Genset of EO Energy comes with an advanced automatic transfer switch, which is helpful to switch the power on Genset mode when a power outage occurs due to any reason as well as switch on the standby mode when grid power comes. According to the client’s requirement, we also provide a manual transfer switch. However, in emergency services such as hospitals, this AMF panel is best for your emergency power supply DG Set. Our team of expert technicians provides high-quality AMF panels for commercial Genset as well as they guide you other technical specifications of DG Set.

    Generator Installation, service & maintenance

    Choosing an industrial power backup is not an easy task and also, choosing the right DG Set provider also a tough task. Always you need to choose a generator company, which provides service & maintenance after the sale. EO Energy offers you a high-quality product along with a generator service & maintenance solution. Also, we provide general services such as doorstep delivery, site refueling, annually provide service & maintenance by an expert technician, and complete installation of power backup Genset.

    Type of Acoustic Enclosure

    Acoustic enclosure or using a generator canopy is always helpful to increase the shelf life of generators. Genset enclosure protects your power Genset from bad weather and heavy storm. Because of the heavy-duty performance of industrial diesel generator. The engine of this generator is noisier and this sound is very irritating. This generator enclosure is also helpful in reducing the sound of noisy power Genset. EO Energy provides a huge range of inbuilt Genset canopies for power backup DG Set.

    Reasons to Choose EO Energy Industrial Generator

    EO Energy Pvt. Ltd. is engaged from the last 11 years in manufacturing, wholesaling & trading of the best quality range of 100 kV to 2500 kV industrial generators. Here you find a wide range of industrial diesel generators and industrial gas generators. Also, we customize our power generator according to the customer’s requirements. Because of the industrial generator price & features, EO Energy is one of the prime distributors of commercial power Genset in Delhi NCR. 

    Key Features of Our Industrial Genset

    • Compact structure
    • High fuel-efficiency & durability
    • Low noise
    • Reliable running
    • Availability with all famous brand

    If you need an industrial power generator or want some more information about our products, you can call us at any time. Our team of experts will assist you quickly.

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