Before going to know about Mahindra used generator. We will know briefly about the company. So let’s start with the company.

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1945. Some of the key people connected to this industry are Anand Mahindra (Chairman), Pawan Kumar Goenka (MD). We always work on We build. We improvise.

Reason To Choose Mahindra’s Generator

There are many reasons to choose the Mahindra generator. Some of them are as follow:

Peace of Mind Generators

Our generators are best in their way, easy recovery time. When the power cutoff issue it logically switchover as back-up power. It has strong control over the voltage fluctuations which take care of the complete safety of your equipment. 

Performance Unmatched

Our products are robust because of most preferred Engines Fitted Inside it. These have a compact design and are of low vibration. These engines have the smallest footprint as compared to other same rated engines. 

It’s Got One Of The Most Preferred Engines Fitted Inside – The Mahindra Powerol Engine. Compact And Low On Vibration, This Engine Has The Smallest Footprint As Compared To Other Engines Of Identical Ratings.

Silence Certified

Each and every power DG Set gets the noise and emission norms by The Central Pollution Control Board Of India (CPCB).

No compromise technology

Some are other advantages also. Transportation service through Mahindra Transport Solutions Group. Mahindra authorized Dealer comes to Installed and Commissioned. It comes with An Annual Maintenance Contract. 

It is good fuel-efficient and zero-leakage engines with Manual and AMF Control Panel Options. 

Preferred by all

These powerful Diesel Engine Sets are used in many preferences like Telecom, Defence And Railway Sectors. Our diesel engines are also placed at Petrol Pumps, Super Markets, Construction Sites and Hospitals. 

Benefits of Used Generators

There are several benefits of the used generator. Some of them are as follow:

Low Cost

Lower cost is one of the main reasons for preferring Used Generators. There are many options to whether you go with diesel or natural gas generators that will perfect fit power needs for your business or operations.

Reduced cost is the single momentous reason that most of the customers prefer to buy used generators instead of new generators. Basically used generator’s cost is half of the new generators.  

Lead Time 

Generally, while you going to purchase new generators there, there is a long time difference between ordering a generator until receiving it. This is due to the starting time from ordering to manufacturing to receiving. 

Commonly, a new order generator needs to manufactured first because usually there is no stock on-hand. It takes approximately eight to sixteen weeks. 

So, purchasing a used generator reduces lead time. Because they are ready to be shipped or delivered as they already manufactured. This is the reason why used generators are the best option as backup generators.


When are you going to buy a used generator you have an expectation that Genset should be in good condition. The main reason why we are best-certified used generators dealers because we always test, maintain, and repair any used generator or Genset to make it more reliable before selling it.  

We guarantee you to provide a quality product that you can trust. 

Reduce paperwork 

Another main reason to buy used commercial generator for an emergency, backup, or industrial use it reduces lots of paperwork. There are lots of paperwork you have to fill as you purchase new generators, which can usually be a slow and most strenuous task.

On the other hand, when you buy a used generator, you may still have to do paperwork but it is not as much as when you purchase a new generator.


In the end, the biggest advantage of purchasing a used generator is its flexibility. This is beneficial in this way when you going to buy a new generator you have to purchase as-at-is manufacturer produces it. But while you are going to buy a used generator, you have the great flexibility to make adjustments and modifications according to your own requirements. 

Some Models Of Diesel Generators with their Specifications:

Our Spectro series of portable diesel generators are very convenient and efficient in use. These generators are easily movable because of their strong wheels and long handles.

Mahindra’s Spectro series of diesel generators are compact and have a robust and powerful engine that produces a high output.  It is best fitted for small offices, retail outlets, households, makeshift shelters, small applications where it is used site infrastructure sites and other established sites.

5 kVA Mahindra Diesel Generator

Image of 5 kVA Mahindra Diesel Generator

Mahindra 5 kVA Generator

Specifications of 5 kVA Mahindra Diesel Generator

Parameters  DG Model
Genset 5 kVA
Genset Model MM8.205SSI(R1)-C2
Control Panel Manual/AMF
Rating @ 0.8 pf (kVA) 5
Genset dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1050 x 700 x 745
Fuel Tank capacity (Lit) 15

25 kVA / 125 kVA Gas Genset

For providing a cleaner environment Mahindra’s core engineering strengths designed India’s first-ever gas-powered Genset obedient to CPCB norms. 

Specifications of 25 kVA / 125 kVA Gas Genset

Parameters DG Model
Genset Rating (kVA) 25 125
Duty (Standby/ Prime) Prime Prime
No. of Phases 1 Ph / 3 Ph 3 phase
Genset weight (kg) 895 2250
Governing Class G2 as per ISO 8528 part 5 G2 as per ISO 8528 part 5
Output Voltage (V) 230 / 415 415V

400 kVA / 500 kVA / 625 kVA

Technical Specifications:

Parameters DG Model
Genset Prime Rating (kVA)  400 500 625
Genset Prime Rating (KW) 320 400 500
Phase / Voltage (V)
Genset Weight (kg) approx. 5200 5800 7500
Fuel tank capacity (lit) 750 750 900

250 kVA / 320 kVA

Technical Specifications:

Parameters DG Model
Genset Prime Rating (kVA)  250 320
Genset Prime Rating (KW) 200 256
Genset Weight (kg) approx. 3700 3950
Governing class G2 as per ISO 8528 Part V
Current (A) 348 445

10 kVA / 15 kVA

Technical Specifications:

Parameters DG Model
Duty (Standby/ Prime)   Prime Stand By Prime

Rating(kVA) 10 15 kVA
Rated(kWe) 8 12
Engine Model 2185GM-C2 2205 GM C2 3255 GM C2
No of Cylinders   2 2 3
Rated Speed RPM 50/1500 50/1500
Cooling System (Air Cooled/Water Cooled) Water Water Water


We always work on raising your power backup purpose. This is the reason why we exist, work 24*7, and attempt continuously in fulfilling our promise. The federation of the company is USD 20.7 billion to grow by innovation mobility solutions, driving rural accomplishment, improving urban living, sustaining new businesses and promoting communities.