How To Secure Generators From Theft & Vandalism?

How To Secure Generators From Theft & Vandalism – Useful Tips

Generators are a very useful thing for our business and houses. Although they are expensive but an important investment to run your business smoothly. As it is an expensive investment it needs security. Securing generators from theft and vandalism is an uttermost task we need to accomplish.

Here, we have tried to shed light on various ways from which we can protect generators from theft and vandalism.

Tips to keep generator safe

1. Keep generator near and visible

As far as possible, Just keep your generator near to your living premises so that you or other members can spot it most of the time. For this, you need a well-planned area to put your valuable generator and can maintain from the distance of your workplace or building.

Being near to your premises means your generator is viewed by most of the workers of the business and with the vehicles are passing by most of the time, the generator can remain in safe hands.

2. Non-Portable Generators

Well, it is a good idea if you are looking for a non-portable generator with security in your mind. Non-portable generators need a strong base which is generally fixed in either above-ground or under-ground. But first, you need to understand the pros & cons of portable generators.

With a non-portable generator, you need not worry about theft and vandalism if you properly place your generator according to fixable norms. As these generators are hard to be stolen and vandalized, the potential thieves are so often discouraged in their intentions.

3. Add lighting

Another important precaution you need to take is to provide enough lights to your generator area so that it is visible easily in the dark. Place ample lighting or (fix lighting) around the generator.

Today there are some advanced built-in cameras available with on the spot-lighting which enhances the security even tighter.

4. Plan security before arrival

Generators often arrive on a trailer which means you need to unload it immediately otherwise it is a perfect getaway for thieves to take your generator.

Just don’t store your new generator in a trailer or outdoors when it first arrives instead place it in a rather safe place with security measures ready to be installed immediately.

5. Fencing

Fencing in your outdoor generator is always advisable to keep unwanted intruders at bay. Just use good quality security fencing to protect your site and in turn, protect your generator. While it is a good idea but also a very good idea if you hire a method that provides for remote monitoring and alerts.

The perfect example is TagAlarm System which helps to detect any unauthorized entry and sends an alarm to a control center in any such happening.

6. Storage box

A storage box or Volte safe plays an important role in securing generators. Because it works to provide ample protection that holds the fuel tank within a secure steel unit. With everything contained in a container, there is much less risk of any theft or vandalism.

A lot of companies offer a variety of these specially designed boxes which helps to secure generators from even natural calamities like dust-storm or rain, etc; as well as any unauthorized access to the fuel.

7. Alarm systems

Installing an alarm system can be an important trick for securing generators from possible threats. Today, a variety of options available ranging from a CCTV system to a full-scale alarm system even with remote monitoring.

Although It can light-weight your pockets, if you are capable, then you just get your money value counts from a standalone perspective especially if you already have a security system.

8. Blocking sites

If you are more keen on securing such items like a generator, you just need to make it hard for people to gain access to these items. Especially if you have large generators to protect from theft and vandalism.

For example, you can block it by adjoining other pieces of heavy machinery. Though you need to provide all requirements from your manufacturer for the purpose, it allows you to control your temporary property effectively including the generator.

9. Protect fuel

Thinking about just securing a generator is actually not a good idea and even if it is inappropriate or incomplete if you can’t protect your all valuable fuel that runs the generator. you also need to consider steps to protect your fuel from theft or vandalism.

Just use security signs to highlight the current quantity of fuel to further discourage the opportunistic thieves. Consider using Environment, the latest technology in the field of fuel protection that uses sensors to catch stolen instances as well as fuel leaks.

10. Tracking method

What if you can still find your generator or any other valuables even after they are stolen. Well, the answer to this is to implement GPS satellite tracking into your generator which allows you to track your device online.

One such tracking method is A-Trak software, a sophisticated platform that provides a virtual fence around your device and meant to track the device even beyond the boundaries.

11. Hire security guards

Another useful and quite interesting way to protect your generator is to make the surveillance of security guard on the premises of where your generator resides. While this a very effective method but requires you to pay for the guard.

You can also hire guardian security for your temporary property for twenty-four hours. If you are capable enough, then you can hire such persons in shifts.

12. Chain the generator

The simplistic way to protect your generator, especially a portable generator is to lock it with a chain. This could be anything you can tie your generator with, such as a storage rack, a steel bar attached to the wall, a vehicle, etc.

You can also use a security cable which is a recommended solution if you want to tag your generator. For the purpose, Lumintrail cable is the most convenient tool for locking a generator, bicycle or anything else that requires extra security.

13. Know your Generator

Mark your generator with your company name using engraving, tags or die stamping. Just add identification or serial numbers in hidden places so that thieves can’t remove them. Also, just keep your generator documentation intact and complete to identify your generator in case of any such miss-happening.

You can also make your tools and equipment less attractive by painting it a non-standard color or making it stand out. For larger machines paint a unique number or symbol on the top where it would be visible from the air.

14. Drain the gas tank

Another important activity of securing generators from vandalism or keeping your generator safe is to drain the generator’s gas tank and run the carburetor dry before storing it for a long period of time. Alternatively, you can add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline before putting it in the tank. If you’re storing it inside a house, it’s better to drain the tank for safety reasons.

The main reason behind performing either of these options is because gasoline ages can create gummy deposits. These deposits can reduce the machine’s performance and clog the carburetor ports.

The Bottom Line

A generator set is much like our family member which provides us with 24-hour electricity. So it is a very disgusting feeling if it gets stolen or vandalized by some other elements. With all the ways provided above, We can say that Preventing theft is all about preparation and long-term thinking.

In the case of a generator, just put it somewhere safe and lock it properly especially when its placed outside. As portable generators are more threatening to their non-portable counterparts, it is advisable to keep them close to your location. For the purpose, you can use generators with fewer noise levels.

I hope, in this blog,  you get useful tricks to safeguard and securing precious generators from theft and vandalism.

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