Get the inquiry for 40 kVA generator canopy price in India. Here we are offering the best in design stainless steel silent enclosure for diesel generators. All the DG Set canopy design to increase the performance & life span of Genset. Also, the rugged & robust design of this canopy for the generator provides the complete assurance of generator performance at the worst job location or any weather condition.

Our organization is the largest manufacturer & wholesale supplier of silent acoustic enclosures for all makes & models of home or industrial Genset. This silent generator canopy design not only reduces the noise of DG but also protects them against bad weather. The best in a design ventilation system provides the complete cooling of a generator during the operation. The offering range of canopy for 40 kVA generator is highly assortment & durable for all job needs.

Apart from the manufacturing of canopy for DG Set, EO Energy deals in quality DG Set for home & industrial power backup. Also, you get the inquiry for used & DG on rent.

All the Genset we offer present with the best in the quality canopy. Here get the complete inquiry for the 40 kVA generator canopy price & product specifications.

Canopy for generator 40 kVA- Silent enclosure price & specification

Buy highly configured & best design silent enclosure for 40 kVA DG Set at affordable cost. This silent enclosure for generators designed to maximize the performance of home & industrial generators. Also, we do the customization in the canopy according to the needs of the DG Set. Such as ventilation & other cooling features. All the generator enclosures designed with high-quality material which provides them more power & durability.

Get an inquiry for 40 kVA DG Set canopy price & product specification.


Product specification:

Canopy for40 kVA DG Set
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage240 to 260 V
Customization optionYes
Canopy surfacePowder coated
Manufacturing materialIron, Steel
VibrationVery less
Min. order quantity1

Reason to choose silent Canopy- 40 kVA Genset canopy feature & benefits

Buying a DG Set canopy is always the best decision that helps to increase the life of the DG Set. This canopy completely covers to generator engine & parts & protects them against bad weather, dust & other particles which harm a Genset. The highly reliable components of the canopy make your DG Set more efficient for all power needs.

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EO Energy Genset canopy manufacturing service- Reason to choose us

Our organization is the trusted manufacturing brand & dealer of canopy for DG Set in India. Due to the trusted exporter firm of generator for sale & silent enclosure for DG Set, we are the prime choice for industrial clients. For the last 11 years, we are continuing to serve our best in quality service in various sectors. Our products are offering a more comprehensive list of the quality list such as low maintenance, affordable cost, latest technology, high performance & low lube oil consumption.

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