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    Buy small or large size industrial power generators to fulfill your daily power needs. We are the firm of largest wholesale trader & dealer of power generator for sale in Delhi NCR & India. We understand the importance of electricity in your daily life & due to this reason we always try to deliver high-quality power Genset for all kind of job location. Our all DG Set is well tested in all parameters to provide an uninterrupted power supply during planned or unplanned power failure.

    EO Energy deals in the best quality power generator for homes & Genset for industrial power backup. We also provide power Genset with multiple fuel options such as diesel, petrol & gas power generator. Our firm is the prime dealer of power generators in hospitals, hotels, large industries, events & power Genset for home.

    Here find the best deal on power generators for sale in India in different kVA ranges & for various job locations.

    Power generator for sale we offer- Types & specification

    We are the authorized dealer & service provider of power DG Set in different manufacturing brands. There is a number of power generator companies in India. They design & manufacture home & industrial Genset with the best specifications. We have the tie-up with most of the power Genset manufacturing organizations such as Honda, Kirloskar, Hyundai, Jakson & many more. We also offer affordable power generator prices to our precious clients. Let’s get more information on our selling product & buy the best DG Set,

    1. Portable power generator for home

    A portable power generator for home is widely used for residential power backup purposes. This small generator is run on gas or diesel fuel & provides temporary but continuous electrical power. EO Energy deals in a huge range of portable home generators in a variety of applications. This portable DG Set is present in various power configurations, which is suitable for different types of uses. 

    Based on the uses, we can categorize these home generators into 3 categories.

    • Portable generator
    • Inverter generator
    • Home standby generator

    Portable power generator for different uses

    Power GeneratorUses
    Portable GeneratorFor Small Home Appliances like Fridge, T.V., Washing Machine etc.
    Inverter GeneratorCar batteries, Laptop etc.
    Standby GeneratorEmergency uses like Hospital Machinery
    Product Specification
    Genset Rating3 kV to 5 kV
    No. of Phase1 Phase & 3 Phase
    Voltage Rating230/415 Volts
    Current10.9/3.5/15.2/4.9/21.7/6.9 AMPS at 0.8 PF
    Fuel TypeDiesel, Natural Gas, Propane

    2. Electric Power Generator

    • EO Energy provides a wide range of electric power generators with different power output capacity Here you can find low and high power of electric power generator with matching power output.
    • EO Energy gives you multiple fuel options for electric power generators such as diesel, LPG, natural gas, petrol, etc.
    • Portability in our electric power generator is one of the main key features. The attach wheel and handle with this generator is helpful to move from one place to another easily. 
    • The low noise of an electric power generator makes them more environmentally friendly. Also, you can get an acoustic enclosure for this Genset.
    Product Specification
    BrandMahindra, Cummins, Greaves, Honda, Koel Green
    Power10 to 250 kVa
    Phase3 Phase
    Automation GradeAutomatic
    Fuel TypeDiesel, Natural Gas, Propane

    3. Diesel Power Generator

    A diesel generator is used to supply electric energy by using a diesel engine along with an electric generator. This generator is mostly used in places where people face power outages frequently or where there is no power grid connection reached.

    Between home diesel generator to industrial diesel power backup, we offer a wide range of diesel power generator. 

    EO Energy is the largest manufacturer and supplier of diesel generators in Delhi NCR. We deal in a wide range of diesel engine Genset from 3kV to 2000kV. Our DG Set follows the CPCB-2 emission norms. This diesel Genset is specially designed to run on reliability, durability, economical operating cost, and eco-friendly. Also, we support genuine parts availability.

    Product Specification
    BrandMahindra, Cummins, Honda, Jackson, Koel Green
    Noise LevelSoundproof
    Application100 kVa to 500 kVa
    Genset kVa Rating100 kva to 500 kVa
    Cooling systemWater Cooling/Oil Cooling
    FuelDiesel, Propane, Natural Gas

    4. Industrial Power Generator

    The industrial power generator application is very different as compared to home or small commercial generator. This type of generator can perform in harsh conditions. Also, this type of power generator can serve a wide range of power supply – from 20 kW to 2500 kW in a single-phase to three-phase supply. An industrial power generator is more customized as compared to other types of generators. 

    EO Energy provide different types of industrial power generator based on different types of fuels like diesel, petrol, gasoline, natural gas, kerosene, etc. we also provide portable industrial generators that find uses in various applications where large industrial generators can’t be installed.

    Product Specification
    BrandMahindra, Ashok Leyland, Cummins, Volvo Penta
    Cooling SystemAir cooling
    Noise levelSoundproof
    Power Factor500 kV to 2000 kV
    No. of Cylinders 6
    Fuel TypeDiesel

    Things to Consider When Buying a Power Generator

    A power generator is always one of the reliable sources of power backup at the time of power outage. EO Energy describes all the specifications to our valuable customer, before selling power Genset.

    Here we share key features of a power generator, you need to consider before buying one.




    The high noise of power generators is always a big challenge. So you need to choose a generator which can reduce the noise level. EO Energy’s technician team always focuses on reducing the noise of the power DG Set. We also offer Genset enclosure and they are helpful in reducing noise levels from -35 DB to -45 DB.

    Handling & power management

    The handling of any generator is one of the most important things. A power generator that can transfer power when grid power fails and shut down the Genset at the time grid supply is on, is the best in operation. Also, you need to check a few other information like display warning of low fuel & other performance issues are present or not. Also, you need to optimize the fuel consumption and performance of power generators at the time of different load demands.


    Before buying a power generator, you need to calculate the total power demand by your home or business. According to your power requirement, you can choose the best power engine generator. EO Energy has a huge range of power backups between 3 kV to 2500 kV. We also help you to find out your home or business power requirement & provide you the best one according to your uses.

    Fuel efficiency of power generator

    Because of its pocket friendly nature, Fuel-efficient power generators are more popular as compared to other generators. EO Energy gives a different range of highly fuel-efficient DG sets. You can easily find out the fuel efficiency of a Genset by calculating the performance per kV or per hour.

    Genset portability

    Always choose a generator that is easy to lift and reduces the hassle of transportation. Also, you need to check the size of the generator according to the space you have. EO Energy provides a set of wheels with a power backup, which helps you in the transportation of the Genset.


    Power generator manufacture in both single and three-phase connections. You need to choose as per your home or business connection.

    Why choose EO Energy to buy power generator.

    For the last 11 years, we are engaged in providing high-quality power generators to our valuable customers. Our power backup Genset is manufactured using the latest techniques and high-quality components under the strict supervision of our expert engineers team.

    We always make sure that each and every product meets the customer’s expectations. We offer warranty support with our products. If any fault occurs within the warranty time period then we replace the faulty part without charging a single penny.

    The key feature of EO Energy Power Generators

    • Compact structure
    • A Strong acoustic enclosure as per requirement
    • Delivery on time
    • Reduce noise pollution
    • Fuel efficiency & durability
    • Reliable running
    • Availability with all famous brands

    Apart from this, we help you to find out the right size power generator for your home or industrial uses. You can choose a power backup according to different fuel types or different kVa Rating.

    For more information related to the power generator, you can contact us and our team will help you instantly.

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