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Generator on Rent: Complete Range of Rental Power Services

With the critical support of temporary power backup, EO Energy Rental power service provides a generator on rent in more than 250 locations at the PAN India network. We offer a complete range of rental power Genset & utility solutions in the best rental Genset prices.

Our reliable rental generator built especially under the complete requirement of the rental power industry. These DG sets on rent are able to give high-quality performance also in worst weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold conditions in different parts of India.

Highly experienced team of engineers & service technicians of our organization, support in all Genset parts availability and maintenance during power backup hiring duration. Also, the time duration between order and supply of rental power backup is very less in PAN India locations.

We provide Genset hire services from more than 11 years and serving diesel generators on rent in companies, industry, offices, construction sites, personal use, and emergency rental power services in hospitals. EO Energy is one of the popular names in Delhi NCR for generator sale & rental services. All our rental power equipment manufacture based on the latest technology and follow modern architecture to fulfill the complete requirement of industrial power.

The range of available rental DG Set presents with lots of features and the latest technology. Here you will get more information about our temporary power backup.


The most prominent advantage of using a rental generator comes with start-up companies, which need sustainability and independence with their long term funds. Rental generators are best for cost-cutting and maintenance cost and time. All you need is to hire a generator from us, pay for it and other work will be on the shoulders of our team for the smooth flow of your power supply. Get the quotes right away for the best in class generators services on rent.

Rental Generators: Features & Quality

We provide our generator hire services for industrial purposes as well as other place, where the need for temporary power backup is required. These rental power services include rental diesel Genset or portable generator on rent are highly fuel-efficient, cost-efficient, and also they provide a seamless power solution to the renter.

Key Features of Our Rental DG Set

Range of portable power generators on hire are standard in design, so you can easily shift from one location to another. This Genset on rent is high-demanding in the construction site.

Our generator rental cost is very cheap compared to other competitors in the market. Also, you can find Genset rent per day at a very low cost with high-quality services in affordable price.

Silent power generators on rent are present with a very low level of noise pollution. That means you can’t face the irritating sound of the diesel generator and operate it very smoothly.

The package of a Genset on rent is present with flexible features. In short, we charge only according to your Genset uses. Also, if you hire a power backup for a long duration, we offer an extra discount.

EO Energy offers several ranges of DG on rent to fulfill all power requirements. Also, if you need more temporary power for your site, we provide load-on-demand set-up. This will help to complete all business power needs.

Rental power units come with the cost-effective feature, it means when you hire a Genset on rent, the initial cost of rental DG Set is low as compared to buying a new one. This will help your business fiancially.

Our Generator Rental Services

Electric Diesel Rental Generator

Electrical diesel Genset are mostly used in industrial applications, as well as we deliver this Genset in the big corporate office and high-rise apartment.

Product Specification
kV Rating 180kV
Voltage 415V
Fuel Type Diesel
Aspiration TA
Bore*Stroke 118*135 (mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity 460 Liter
Class of Governing G3
Insulation Class Class H
No. of Cylinders 6
Power factor 0.8 Lagging
Frequency 50 HZ
Level of Noise Less Than 75 dBA
Rated Output 183 KW,248 HP
Coolant capacity 32 Liter
Cooling System Oil Colling
Ingression Protection IP 23
Alternator Efficiency 93 (at 100% load),93.6 (at 75% load)
Short Circuit Ratio 0.53
Engine Cubic Capacity 8.86 Liter
Brand Mahindra, Volvo Penta, Cummins, Eicher

Hire a Power Genset

A power Genset is the best way to get continuous external energy during a power outage. Our power generators are always the prime choice for mid-level or big businesses.

Product Specification
Power Rating 125kV
Noise LevelSilent or soundproof
Cooling SystemAir-cooling
Fuel TypeHigh-Speed Diesel
No. of Cylinder3
Bore*Stroke102*120 (mm)
No. of Phase3
Fuel Tank Capacity100 Liter
Displacement2945 CC
AspirationTurbo-Charged Inter-Cooled
Compression Ratio17:1
Cooling TypeAir Cooled
Lube Oil Sump Capacity9.5 Liter
Acoustic InsulationPU FR- Acoustic Form
Alternator Voltage240 V AC,415 V AC
Air CleanerDry Type
InsulationClass H
BrandEscorts, Greaves, Koel, Honda,etc

Silent DG Set on Rent

Because of low noise pollution, our silent generators are more demanding in corporate houses, shopping malls, hospitals, and home utility applications.

Product Specification
Power Rating 250kV
Voltage 415V
Colling System Air-Cooled
Aspiration TA
Noise Level Less Than 75 dBA
Class of Governing G3
No. of Cylinders 6
Cooling Capacity 31.8 Ltrs
Power Factor 0.8 Lagging
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Output 228 kW
Lube Oil Change Period 500 Hour
Lube Oil Sump Period 27 Ltrs
Engine Cubic Capacity 8.86 Ltrs
Fuel Type Diesel
Duty Prime
Rated Speed 3000 RPM
Phase  3 Phase
Type  Automatic
Brand Mahindra, Kirloskar, Kohler, Cummins

Small Home Genset on Rent

A small home generator in the range between 3 kV to 5kV is best to use in-home or small business utilities. These mini portable DG sets are more popular in small events and parties for continuous power supply.

Product Specification
Power 3kV to 5kV
Noise Level Soundproof-Silent
Fuel Type Diesel, Gasoline, Natural Gas
Output Type AC Single Phase & AC Three Phase
Insulation Class H
Frequency 50 Hz
Alternator Type 2 Pole
No. of Cylinder 1
Rated Speed 3000
Bore*Stroke 86*76
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 liter approx
Phase Single Phase & Three Phase
Application Home or Small Business Application
Condition New
Voltage 230V
Colling System Air-Cooled & Oil-Cooled
Sound Level Less than 70 DBA
Fuel Consumption 1 ltr./hour @ 100% load,
Type Automatic, Semi-automatic
Brands Kohler, Honda, Koel, Cummins, Cooper

Portable Power Backup on Hire

Portable Power DG on Rent is mostly used in the temporary location, where the external power is not required for a long duration. Such as construction site

Product Specification
Power rating25 kV to 500 kV
Cooling SystemAir & Water Colled
Fuel Tank Capacity100 to 150 Liter
Voltage230/240V, 415V
Power Factor0.8 lagging
InsulationClass H
No. of Cylinder2 to 6
Nature of AspirationNaturally Aspirated
Compression Ratio17:1
Type of GovernorMechanical
PhaseSingle Phase, Double Wire / Three Phase, Four Wire
Consumption3.20 Ltr/h (at 100% load), 2.53 Ltr/h
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Starting SystemElectrical
Noise LevelSilent
Fuel TypeDiesel, Gas
BrandMahindra, Ashok Leyland, Koel, Jakson

Industrial Diesel Generator on Rent

EO Energy provides different kV range of industrial diesel Genset for various industrial applications.

Product Specification
Power Rating500 kV to 2500kV 
Fuel TypeHigh-Speed Diesel 
No. of Phase3
AspirationTurbocharged After-colled
Current1126 A
Exhaust Temperature521 Deg C
Piston Speed7.95 m/s
Starting System24 V DC Electrical
Number of Cylinder6 to 16
Compression Ratio16.7:1
EnclosureIP 23
Stator WindingDouble Layer Lap
Insulation ClassH Class
Rotor BalancingDynamically Balanced
Power Factor0.8 Lagging
Power for Rated kV960 bhp
Bore*Stroke159*159 (mm)
BrandsCummins, Mahindra, Eicher, etc

Why choose our genset rental service

We are all familiar with renting services such as renting a car or house, but most people didn’t understand how to rent a generator. When you hire a rental Genset service, there are so many aspects that come. Any person or business renting a DG Set must be understood as a few basic things.

Reason to Renting a Generator​

Renting a DG set brings a number of benefits for your business. A person or any business that hires a generator on rent has no need to pay a heavy amount, the rental owner just pays an initial amount of Genset hiring cost. So it will helpfully reduce the financial cost of any startup. So the renting business owner utilizes the rest of the amount in favor of business. Also, the rental Genset service provider offers to take care of maintenance, servicing, and any breakdown in the backup power rental duration.

When to Hire a Genset

Hiring a power backup on rent or buying a new one totally depends on your external power requirement. If your power needs are temporary, then renting a DG Set is always the best option as compared to buying new power backup. But always you need to calculate the total cost of rental Genset in hiring duration. If rental Genset cost is higher or equal to the new one, then buy a new one is more beneficial, if you are looking for a power backup for permanent installation. We also deals in new power backup.

Expectation of Renting a Power Backup

Because of business growth prospects, diesel generator rental service is the best option. Due to its reliable power services, and ability in continuity of power in various sectors such as residential, commercial or industrial, a temporary backup power plays an important role. Also, In Different applications or various sectors such as oil & gas, shipping, telecom, construction, infrastructure, hotels and healthcare truly depend on the Genset renting business.

Advantage of Hiring a Genset

A silent generator on rent is present with a number of advantages. Some of them are as follows

Zero ownership 


Fast & easy availability of rental 


Very rare maintenance


Downtime is almost


Easy availability of


The configuration flexibility

of a rental DG Set

Why Choose EO Energy

With more than 11 years of experience in rental power services, EO Energy provides a huge range of rental power units for temporary power backup. Also, we offer a full range of small rental generators to industrial diesel generators on rent. All our temporary power units and equipment directly came from the manufacturing unit. We provide our customers, a brand new generator on rent. 

Apart from this, our technician team takes care of all electrification installation & fulfill the demand of all organizational needs in all aspects.

We design & deliver rental Genset as per the client’s needs. if they want any external modification in rental DG Set, we do.

Key Features of EO Energy Rental Genset

  • The range of silent rental DG Set provides continuous, cleaner, silent, and more efficient energy.
  • Our small portable generator and diesel power backup for industrial applications strictly follow the safety & emission standards.
  • We keep our power Genset in standby mode at Noida location. So the availability of generators on rent in Noida or Delhi NCR is very high.
  • EO Energy deals in the small home generator on rent (rental DG Set from 2kV to 25kV) and also deals in standby Genset or industrial diesel power backup.
  • For low noise applications, we provide a soundproof diesel power Genset or gas generator on rent.
  • Remote monitoring feature to serve continuous power & reliability.
  • Provide the cost-efficiency with the load on demand set up for different power demands 
  • Load on demand set-ups for variable power demands and also ensure the cost-efficiency.

Apart from this, our highly experienced team of technicians provides complete support in the DG Set rental duration such as Genset maintenance or any repair. We also deal with a new and second-hand generator from the range between 5 kV to 2500 kV.

We are committed to providing high-quality and fuel-efficient residential, commercial & industrial generators on rent in various locations of Delhi NCR such as Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon.

For more information or hire a Genset you can contact us, our sales team will quickly respond & happy to help you.

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