5 kVA Generator For Sale: Get Complete Inquiry

Want to buy a reliable backup power for households or small business power needs? Choose the best in quality 5 kVA generator to run home or business utilities when the main grids fail.

This small size silent 5 kVA Genset is able to run all home or small business appliances during a power failure. Also, availability of this small portable Genset in various fuel types, offering the opportunity to get 5 kVA DG Set in diesel, petrol or gas fuel.

A 5 kVA 3 phase diesel generator is capable of running home appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, and air-conditioner. Similarly, like households power backup this silent 5 kVA DG Set is helpful to run your business during any planned or unplanned power failure.

With the best affordable 5 kVA generator price, EO Energy deals in various ranges & different fuel types of the generator for home power needs. We provide a complete range of 5 kVA home generators in all available brands with best in class features. Here you get a complete range of 5 kVA generator specifications with price detail.

5 kVA Genset range, we offer

EO Energy deals in a various range of 5 kVA diesel generator to complete all power needs. Our highly trusted & reliable services make us a prime choice for small portable generator 5 kVA dealers in Noida & NCR. Here, Get an inquiry on the latest specification & 5 kVA generator price list in India.

5 kVA Honda DG Set

Honda design and manufacture a various range of small home generator for household power needs. Apart from them, this DG Set is the best option for home or commercial power backup. 5 kVA Honda generator price & latest technology components are some of the best features of this product.


Product Specification

Genset Rating5 kVA
FuelDiesel, Propane, Gas
ApplicationHome, Small Business
Cooling MethodAir-cooling
Voltage230 V
Rated Speed1500 RPM
Frequency50 Hz
InsulationClass H
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
Engine TypeSingle Cylinder

5 kVA Kirloskar Genset

Kirloskar is the reputed & trusted manufacturing brand of silent DG Set 5 kVA. This Kirloskar 5 kVA generator load capacity is very high & they are an ideal match to run home or mid-size business power needs. We are offering the best range of Kirloskar 5 kVA single & 3 phase generator for sale. Here, get an inquiry on the latest specification & Kirloskar 5 kVA DG Set price list in India.


Product Specification

Genset Rating5 kVA
FuelLPG, Diesel, Petrol
Cooling MethodSemi-automatic
ApplicationHome, Shops, Small Business
Alternator TypeMaganetic
Frequency50 Hz
No. of Cylinder1
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)
InsulationClass H
Rated Speed3000 RPM
Starting SystemRecoil, Self Start

5 kVA LPG generator

Due to the clean & reliable energy of 5 kVA LPG DG Set, they are highly demanding for the home power backup. Also, this fuel DG Set’s are more cost-effective as compare to other fuel engine generator. Here, get an exclusive range of 5 kVA LPG generator prices in India.


Product Specification

Genset Rating5 kVA
ApplicationHome, Shop, Small Event
Cooling MethodAir-cooled
Power16.0 hp
Rated Speed3600 RPM
Rated Current34 amps
Displacement460 cc
Starting SystemBattery & Recoil
Altenator48 ams
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)

5 kVA diesel generator

EO Energy offering best in class 5 kVA diesel generator for sale. This highly efficient 5 kVA generator fuel consumption is very low which reduces the overall operational cost of DG Set. Here, get an inquiry on specification & 5 kVA DG Set price in India.


Product Specification

Genset Rating5 kVA
ApplicationHome, Shop, Small Business
TypeManual, Semi-automatic
No. of Cylinder1
Cooling MethodAir-cooled
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage230 V
InsulationClass H
Starting SystemBattery, Recoil
Power Factor0.8 (lagging)

5 kVA silent generator price & specification

Due to the silent & noise-free performance of the DG Set 5 kVA, they are offering the best classwork experience. Also, the low noise feature reduces pollution & good for the environment. Here get an inquiry on the cost of 5 kVA Genset with the product specification.


Product Specification

DG Set rating5 kVA
BrandsKirloskar, Honda, Powerol, Jakson, etc
PhaseSingle & 3 phase
FuelDiesel, Gas, Propane
Voltage320 V
Frequency50 Hz
Rated speed1500 RPM
InsulationClass H
Cooling systemAir cooling
No. of cylinder1
Deals inNew, Used, Rental

5 kVA generator load capacity

The load capacity of DG Set is the property which decide the running power output capacity. Also, the various output range Genset’s are uses in various sector based on there load capacity.

A 5 kVA DG Set is an ideal power solution & offering perfect load current to run complete home or mid-size business power. Also, the rate of 5 kVA generator fuel consumption is always different in various load efficiency. That means, when you operate a DG Set in full load efficiency, the fuel consumption rate is high as compare to low load capacity. The fuel consumption also depend upon the DG Set size, condition, performance and kVA range.

Apart from that, before buying a DG Set you need to consider the total number of wattage consumption during the power cut. You can easily check the running & starting wattage of any appliances by checking the product manual guide. If you get any issue call us, we help you to find out the best deal on DG Set.

5 kVA DG Set: features & advantages

Due to the continuous prime or standby power of a small portable generator of 5 kVA, this Gensets are the best choice during any planned or unplanned power outage. Also, this small power generator provides prime duty because of its portable features. This generator is present with the numbers of key features & benefits.

Key Features of 5 kVA silent portable Genset

  • Due to the portability feature of this Genset, the 5 kVA silent DG Set is used for the multipurpose in a remote location.
  • 5 kVA petrol generator provides clean & eco-friendly energy. So that this Genset is the best option for household utilities.
  • The best in class power engine of this portable generator provides max durability & work efficiency in every job location.
  • Fuel-efficient 5 kVA diesel generator gives more durability due to low fuel consumption.
  • Availability with all reliable brands such as Honda, Kirloskar, Koel, and 5 kVA Eicher generator price with best in class components.
  • The High-class & latest technology of the Genset engine provides clean, reliable, and eco-friendly energy for various power needs.
  • Due to the high-quality compact structure design of this silent portable generator, this power backup is easy to install in every job location.
  • Various brands of 5 KVA Genset such as Honda, Kohler, Kirloskar or Koel provide the push button to start or shut down the generator. So these generators are easy to operate.

Benefits of having a silent generator

  • Run your home or business power utilities during a power failure or blackout.
  • Provide continuous prime power in bad weather or heavy storm.
  • If you have a portable inverter generator, that means you can easily manage outdoor recreational activities.
  • Various range of generator fuel engine gives the opportunity to choose the best in class generator based on your needs.
  • Allow you more mobility in daily use with highly efficient energy.
  • Follow all standard emission & CPCB-2 norms to deliver clean & reliable energy.
  • Easy to operate make them more familiar for various power application.
  • This 5 kVA silent diesel Genset is more fuel-efficient & provide high work-efficiency.

Why Choose EO Energy

Since 2009, EO Energy is a prime distributor of 5 kVA generators in Noida & Delhi NCR. We deal in a various range of best portable Genset in all available brands. Also, we provide the best DG Set5 kVA prices in India.

Our organization is working with customer-oriented service & belive to provide 100% customer satisfaction from our end. We believe to deliver the best range of silent diesel generators as well as the best 5 kVA generator for sale.

Best key features of our generator service

Affordable price

The price of 5 kVA DG Set we provide is very low in cost and affordable. Also, we didn’t charge any hidden price. Our cost-effective feature & best in class service make us prime Genset distributor in Noida.

Low maintenance

Due to the high-quality components of our Genset, the generator maintenance cost is very low. Also, we provide free maintenance of the generator in warranty periods.

Warranty & guaranty

Our every power backup comes with assured warranty & guaranty, which provide our customers reliable & trusted service.


The high availability of generators in various kVA ranges gives the opportunity to choose the best in class DG Set. Because of this flexibility feature, you can choose the best generator based on your needs or required power.

Sales & service support

EO Energy provides doorstep service after sales, Which means we believe to maintain long term relations with our clients.

With all these benefits & service support, We provide the best in class 5 kVA portable silent DG Set from the last 11 years. Also, reliable & trusted service of EO Energy, We are a prime choice of our clients.

Apart from the dealing in 5 kVA portable diesel generator in new condition, We deal in used 5 kVA generator for sale and also you hire 5 kVA generator for rent. To get more information or want to buy a 5 kVA Genset at the best affordable price, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will provide you more information with price & product detail.