Want to buy a 15 kVA generator canopy at an affordable price, We EO Energy offering various ranges of silent canopy for sale included a 15 kVA DG Set canopy. These highly configured & well design canopy for generators protect the DG Set against bad weather, theft, and vandalism. Also, the availability of various sizes & types of silent enclosures gives the opportunity to choose the best canopy according to the job needs.

The unit of quality control check this DG Set canopy in all parameters & only deliver after complete satisfaction. Our zero-tolerance policy with products makes us a prime distributor & 15 kVA generator canopy dealer in India.

15 kVA generator silent enclosure for sale- Price & Specification

EO Energy is the largest distributor of 15 kVA silent enclosures in Delhi NCR. We design & manufacture products according to the needs of clients. In short, if you want to make any change to the generator canopy our technical team will do it. Also, we are not doing any compromise with the quality of products.

Here get detailed information with specification & price of the 15 kVA generator canopy for sale.

15 kVA generator silent enclosure specification

This portable generator we are using for commercial purposes and this is very important to make them noiseless. Because the sound of the diesel generator is more irritating & not good for the environment. So choosing a canopy with 15 kVA Genset is always a great decision for the clients.

Product Specification

Noise reduction25 to 30 dB
Frequency50 Hz
VibrationVery less
Enclosure surfacePowder-coated
Deals inNew, Used
MaterialIron, steel
Min. order quantity1

15 kVA DG Set soundproof enclosure- Feature & Benefits

Having a silent enclosure for the generator is always beneficial due to its features such as security & noise reduction. They will protect your DG Set against any unexpected harm or accidental condition. Also, we can say if you want to increase the life of a power generator buying a generator canopy is the best decision.

The DG Set canopy comes with a number of feature & benefits which help you to find out what is generator canopy & what they do. Here get a list of a few best benefits of a 15 kVA generator acoustic enclosure for sale.

Why choose us to buy a 15 kVA Genset silent enclosure

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of acoustic enclosure manufacture we EO Energy offering the best range of canopy for sale. our team of technicians design & manufacture all ranges & types of generator canopy according to the job needs.

Also, this canopy comes with the portability feature which provides the opportunity to relocate portable generators from one location to another. Apart from these features of our silent canopy service in India, there are other numbers of benefits we are offering with our service such as,

Low cost of 15 kVA generator canopy

Our offering price of 15 kVA Genset silent enclosure is very low & easy to buy. That means as compared to other Soundproof generator canopy dealers in Delhi NCR or India, we are providing a more attractive price of the product.

Quality of generator canopy

Apart from the low price of generator canopy, we always maintain the quality of products. Our quality control team check & inspect silent enclosure very carefully before delivering it to the client location.

Product warranty

Our products are more user-friendly & check or test in all parameters before delivering at the client job location. So there are very rare chances to come to any problem in our product. But, if you get any issue during the operation our service team will help you without charging a single penny during the warranty period.

DG Set enclosure customization option

We are offering the opportunity of a 15 kVA silent enclosure customization option according to the client’s needs. That means if they want to add or remove some parts in the generator canopy our technical team will do as per client choice.

These are some of the best features & benefits of our acoustic enclosure service in Noida & Delhi NCR. For more information about the 15 kVA generator canopy or want to buy one, you can call or contact us. Our technical team will help you to find the best deal for your power generator. We are also offering all brands 15 kVA generators for sale.