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What is Generator Canopy

What is Generator Canopy

When we buy an expensive item, safety & security are always a major concern. To secure our luxurious item we expend a lot of money. A generator is also one essential need for the person or place where we face frequently or long-duration power cuts. But due to its high price, we all want to provide them better security. Having a generator canopy is the best way to secure your DG Set from bad weather or vandalism.

Also, this generator cover protects your power generator from dust, raindrop, and other particles that are harmful to DG Set & its components. A perfect or suitable soundproof canopy for home Genset also reduces the sound of the generator engine. But before buying a generator canopy you need to understand what is canopy & how it works.

Here in this blog, we provide you detailed information on the types, features, advantages, and other key functions of a DG Set enclosure.

How generator canopy works

It is very important to cover your DG Set while it’s running in wet weather. A generator canopy available in various sizes & designs which are less expensive and more efficient. A GenTent protect your power backup & helping to ensure the diesel generator work continuously without any interruption.


Basically this DG Set canopy is a box with a proper ventilation system. This ventilation unit help to manage the temperature of the generator engine & pass all the gases through the outdoor unit. This canopy available in heavy metal design stainless steel which able to protect inside equipment against any situation. Also, you can design a canopy with yourself only. But at the time of designing the enclosure, you need to consider a few important points & the things which are needed during the generator enclosure manufacturing.

The proper ventilation in a canopy reduces the priority of health risk. Because it will throw all the harmful gases out of the workplace or residential area.

Key benefits of DG Set canopy

There are a number of benefits & advantages of having a generator canopy. Some of them are,

The important thing about the portable DG Set, this device is a very important part of our daily life. Especially at the places where we are facing power cut for a long duration or during the natural disaster.

If you are planning to protect your home or industrial generator against rain, air, corrosion, or any other harm, buy a generator canopy.

Why We Must Associate Canopy With Generator?


We can define a DG Set canopy as a home for a generator that protects DG Set components from outside weather. It is a fixed cover for DG Set, especially for shelter or protection. There are several kinds of canopy available in the market such as weatherproof and noise or sound-reducing canopy for Genset. 

A generator is just a single world and canopy is complete a perfect home for it. As we have talked earlier that canopy or enclosure is the fixed cover to your generator, especially for shelter or protection. An open set Genset is very loud as compared to the generator which is present in canopy. Using a canopy is useful for making a silent generator and make them more comfortable for home power backup.

Canopies sets tend to have their noise levels measured in decibels from 1 meter away from the power generator.

Things that canopy looks after the DG Set.

Note- ZombieBox is the first soundproof portable noise control system or canopy. Also, this canopy considers as the best or specializes in minimizing noise level up to 95% and more importantly also maximize the life cycle of the equipment.

Some of the most common features of DG Set canopies

Acoustic or weatherproof canopy

It’s a well-known soundproofing canopy for a generator that comes with lockable and weatherproof features that are installed or set outside the intake room and have 80dbA noise level.


These are the most common canopy for DG Set Set & considered for 500 kVA generator & above power backup.

Bespoke built generator

It’s a custom design generator canopy that is manufacture according to the requirement. That means you can customize this acoustic enclosure for a diesel generator based on the size & sound of the diesel Genset.

Silent specification

The silent feature of the canopy makes them more demanding & popular in the commercial or industrial sector. Also, the silent specification reduces the noise of Genset from 75 dBA to 55 dBA. You can feel this noise reduction at a very nearby location from a generator.


Canopy for a standby generator is very useful in several points of the way. But the main important things about an enclosure, the safety & security against bad weather, theft, and vandalism. But before buying an enclosure you need to know about what is a generator canopy & how it works. Also, the types of a canopy in the various ranges such as 10 kVA generator canopy to 2000 kVA DG Set canopy.

Here in this article, we share the knowledge on the canopy & its features. I hope this article will help you to more understand about DG Set canopy & help you to bing the best one.

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