Cummins Rental Generator: Complete Range Of Diesel Generator On Rent

Due to the low initial cost of rental generators, saving money is one of the best features present with temporary power backup. If your Genset requirement is present for a short duration then hire a generator is usually the best option. Also, you can save a huge amount of maintenance & transportation of temporary power backup. Cummins rental generator is present with all of these benefits.

With Cummins rental power solutions flexibility, reliability, and cost-efficiency, EO Energy is a leading distributor of Cummins rental generator and service provider in Delhi NCR.

Note: Apart from the rental power services, EO Energy deals in new & used Cummins Genset. To get more information click on the above link.

We are a wholesale trader of Cummins power Genset and also provide a generator on rent. This top-leading DG Set brand design & manufacture a complete range of portable generators to serve power demands for home or business applications. Cummins rental diesel power units are most demanding in the industrial sector.

Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator
Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment for Diesel Generator

Cummins rental power backup, we offer

To complete the temporary power needs in various sectors, EO Energy offers Cummins rental power solutions to fulfill power demand for all needs. We deal in all available range of home generator to portable industrial generator. Here details of the Cummins rental generator, we provide.

10 kV Cummins power generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating10 kV
Speed1500 RPM
Compression Ratio18/3/1
No. of PhaseThree, Single
Power Factor0.8 (Lagging)
Frequency50 Hz
No. of Cylinder2-inline
Class of InsulationH Class
Noise LevelSilent
Voltage415 V
Bore*Stroke95*91 (mm)
Dimension481 x 715 x 662 mm
Duty CyclePrime
Current (3 phase/ 1 phase) (A) 11A / 33A

45 kV Cummins Diesel Genset


Product Specification

Genset Rating45 kV
Noise LevelSoundproof
Cooling SystemWater Cooling
No. of Phase3
Fuel TypeDiesel
Exhaust Temp.490 Degree C
No. of Cylinder4, inline
Mean Piston Speed5.75 m/s
Fuel Tank Cap.150 Ltr
Enclosure IP 23
Current70 AMPS

Cummins 100 kV Diesel Generator


Product Specification

Genset rating100 kV
No. of Phase3
No. of Cylinder6 inline
Mean Piston Speed 6 m/s
Speed1500 RPM
Standard Fuel Tank Capacity290 Liter
Current139 Amps
Frequency50 Hz
Bore*Stroke102*120 (mm)
Noise LevelSilent
Fuel TypeDiesel
Colling SystemWater-cooling

Cummins 250 kV industrial Diesel Genset


Product Specification

Genset Rating250 kV
No. of Phase3
Exhaust Temperature 499 Degree C
No. of Cylinder6 inline
Mean Piston Speed7.2 m/s
Starting System24 V DC Electrical
Speed1500 RPM
Stator WindingDouble Layer Lap
Fuel Tank Cap.450 Ltr
Insulation ClassClass H
Duty CyclePrime
EnclosureIP 23
Current348 Amps

Cummins 500 kV Diesel Generator


Product Specification

Genset Rating500 kV
Frequency50 Hz
No. of Phase3
Exhaust Temperature 464 Degree C
Mean Piston Speed7.95 m/s
Speed1500 RPM
No. of Cylinder6, inline
Current695 A
EnclosureIP 23
Insulation ClassClass H
Duty CyclePrime
Cooling SystemWater-cooling
Fuel Tank Capacity690 Ltr

Benefit’s of Hiring Cummins Genset

EO Energy rental power services work with flexibility, efficiency, low-cost, and high-quality power solutions. you can access our Cummins generator on rent services anywhere in India. These power Genset present with lots of features & benefits, some of them are as follows.

  • Cummins’s mobile power solution is able to serve energy requirements in every job site.
  • Reliable power, customized configuration, easy installation, and great technical support provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Rental power backup of Cummins gives you a fast & easy power solution for your home or business utilities.
  • The latest specification of this rental diesel Genset provides an Uninterrupted power supply in various sectors such as homes, industrial, and other service sectors.
  • Well-designed for the heavy load requirements, such as industrial application.
  • Compact design for noiseless & powerful performance.
  • Low emission, durability, and aesthetically are unique matches to complete external home power needs.

About the manufacturer

Cummins is counted among the top-leading brands or companies in designing and manufacturing various types of equipment that generate power efficiently and effectively for different purposes. Specifically, Cummins is a well-known American corporation which headquarter is situated in Columbus, Indiana that holds certificates of specialization in producing and manufacturing power generator products such as portable and diesel generators which are mostly being used in large numbers during the blackout for homes, offices and commercial uses.

Apart from offering and manufacturing various power generator products Cummins once again stands out to offer its generator rental services at an affordable price with tons of benefits and assistance.

The specialty of Cummins Rental Generator

Cummins Rental diesel Generator is considered the best option for your power blackout needs as many people gave us their precious and valuable reviews on the Cummins Gensets’s website from all over the world.

In addition, Cummins is aware of the fact that how important and essential the power is without interruption when something unavoidable or crucial task is going on. Therefore it believes in putting efforts to deliver a fast and easy fix to power issues. More importantly, Cummins Rental Gensets has a wide range of generators with very innovative and enhanced latest technology. A few of them are as follows.

  • Cummins offers highly reliable and long-lasting diesel Generators for peaking plants where the electricity is required and needed at any cost.
  • Many of the popular industries prefer to buy Cummins Gensets as it comes with soundproof, noiseless, and eco-friendly features.
  • Generators with long durability from Cummins seems a perfect match for home purposes.
  • Cummins rental generators are also utilized for emergency backup and construction sites need.

Hire a Cummins generator on rent not only save a huge amount of money, as well as it will reduce the possibility of standing unused equipment & covering the unwanted area of land unnecessarily.

Why choose us

EO Energy deals in superior, constant, and high-quality Cummins rental power Genset, which is able to serve reliable performance in every weather condition. Before delivering a rental DG Set on client work location, we check & test all major components of power backup. Also, Cummins G-drive engine is satisfying even robust requirements by providing not only high-performance but the strict assent & actual cost saving.

Apart from this, our rental DG Set delivers,

  • High work-performance with a heavy-duty air filter in hard & undusted environments.
  • We deal in Cummins G-Drive diesel engine to provide more durability & fuel-efficiency.
  • The world-class fuel injection system present with our rental power DG Sets.
  • Providing our rental customers maximum uptime, easy parts availability, lower inventory requirements, and great service in PAN India location.
  • Guarantee of high product quality with great engineering guidelines with easy terms.
  • Reduce the total cost of purchase and maintenance by longer lube oil and air filter service intervals, as well as extensive overhaul periods (over 20,000 hours on some of Cummins’ most popular G-Drive engines).

There are many other benefits & advantages if you go with a rental DG set. when you hire a Genset, it gives portability, durability, and versatility to your business. Because of its high-quality performance, today Cummins is a reputed name in the power sector. Also, Eo Energy is a prime distributor & wholesale trader of Cummins rental Genset. Based on rental duration we provide attractive discounts if your Genset hiring period is present for a long time.

To get more information about a rental generator or want to hire a DG Set, contact us. our sales team will happy to help you.