Tips For Using Ozone Generator At Home- How To Use & Safety Features Of Ozone Generator

To keep our home & households clean is the basic requirement to fight against harmful germs & viruses. In this current situation, we all are facing a pandemic due to Covid-19 that strongly affects our life & work culture. There is a number of methods & equipment used to clean your home including an Ozone generator. But how to use an Ozone generator at home is always a major concern if you are not much familiar with this. The Ozone generator is widely used in the industrial sectors, manufacturing plants, medical sector & others to clean interior air quality.

An Ozone generator is also known as a disinfection machine that disinfects contaminated areas with the help of radiation. As we know there are a number of viruses & bacteria present in our environments & most of them are harmful to the human body. So this is very necessary to clean our indoor space. But most of the time, the unseen & small in size which we are not able to see with our naked eyes not cleaned by general disinfection products. To get the prevention against that kind of virus having an Ozone generator is always beneficial. But before getting the service of this product, you need to understand how to use an Ozone generator, its function & safety tips. So before getting many ideas about it first you need to understand about what is Ozone & its importance.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is basically made with oxygen modules that are not categorized in the human breathing oxygen category. During our school time we all here about the Ozone layer in our chemistry class. This layer surrounds our planet & protects against harmful radiation of sun rays. Here in this article, we are talking about the same Ozone but almost negligible level.

In Ozone the third molecule of oxygen is unstable and has a loose connection with the other two. This helps Ozone to let the third oxygen atom be easily attached to pollution, and especially smoke which is high odor pollution. It can also easily attach itself to other pollutants like viruses, germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The pollutant or the substance is easily destroyed or made non-reactive when it is attached to that third molecule. This gives Ozone the ability to clean the indoor areas for both households and industrial sectors.

What is an Ozone generator?

An ozone generator is a portable ozone machine that we can carry around for cleaning purposes. Air is trapped in a compartment of the Ozone generator device in the form of CO2. An electrical discharge produced by this device is then used to convert this form of oxygen into ozone. Generally, this machine is kept in a room, turned on, and left alone for a while. After it does its job we need to let the air escape out of the room. We also need to keep the room ventilated for a while.

When we say that we are releasing Ozone into our household, we passively say that we are releasing a dangerous disinfectant in our home. So we need to make sure everything is done right.

How to use an Ozone Generator- Safety tips

At the time of using an Ozone generator for home, you need to follow basic safety tips due to its chemical reaction. That reaction is sometimes harmful to the kids & pets. Here we shared a few important pieces of information for how to use Ozone generators & other major safety Tips.

  • If possible, always seek help from a professional or a company that offers Ozone generators as a part of their business. These professionals have a lot of experience and they will do the job efficiently and safely.
  • Start with removing all the major sources of pollution and contaminants from your home. Clean manually as much as possible. This can include the use of vacuum cleaners, disinfectants, and other basic ways to clean. You may also feel that after a thorough cleaning you’ll no longer require the Ozone treatment. 
  • You can also rent an Ozone generator which is a cheaper option. But if you prefer to buy your own and use it yourself you should never be in the room when it is operating.
  • It’s a smart move to use an Ozone generator if you have multiple or a lot of space to clean but if you are using it only for household purposes which you will only clean once in a while then renting the device is preferred.
  • Most of the Ozone devices will be different and you should always read the instruction manual before you use it.
  • always buy an ozone generator that runs on a timer because you will need to shut all the windows down and move out of the room for a while. The timer will run out after the set time and the Ozone generator will turn off. But it is always advised to stay out of the room for a while because the Ozone is still in there and it needs time to dissipate.
  • You can turn your AC or your fan on at low speed which will help the Ozone to better circulate in the room.
  • Keeping the AC ON will also help the ductwork to cool down and be sanitized.
  • Instead of keeping the generator on for a long period of time (12 hours) at a stretch, you can run the generator after small installments to get rid of the odor and contaminants gradually.
  • You need to make sure that everyone is out of the area including pets and you need to cover all your edibles. Also, take all the plants out. Cover your face or wear a mask even when you are outside the room.
  • Use these generators at low concentrations or prescribed levels as suggested by the OSHA or EPA. We can occupy the space during these levels but it is still not recommended to do so.
  • You need to set the level of your Ozone generator according to the thread in your house For example killing mold. 
  • Since even a little fault in this machine can be catastrophic, you need to do regular maintenance. Including clean its collector plate after every time you use it.
  • Last but not the least, do not use this generator in a humid area. Arching can be caused inside because of moderate or high moisture content.

How does an Ozone generator work?

As compared to other power generators such as diesel Genset or portable DG Set an Ozone generator is completely different. This generator doesn’t provide any backup related to the electricity but is used to clean the environment by disinfecting harmful bacterias.

For a stronger or longer ozone treatment period, it would take 3-4 hours for the ozone to dissipate into oxygen and for shorter or low concentration treatments it would take around 2 hours. It is suggested to stay out of the room or area for about 4 hours minimum to avoid health hazards. Before entering, leave the door open for a while to let the ozone escape.

Even after a few days or weeks, you can find the ozone smell still there in that area even after the toxic odor is removed. Ozone generators are considered safe to use in factories and medical applications because they follow strict safety standards. The quantity of ozone required to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms exceeds the safety level standards of normal people and areas like households. And thus it is not suggested to be used in households because when exposed to Ozone.

Without following prescribed precautions, if exposed to it, it can cause respiratory problems. It can cause irritation in the lungs and throat, shortened breath, heavy cough, asthma, Irritation in the eyes and nose,  chest pain, and other problems. This can be even more dangerous for kids or the elderly. People who are exposed to low concentration ozone or for a shorter period of time can recover quickly when compared to people who are exposed to a greater concentration of ozone for a longer period of time.


The clean environment & fresh air is the basic requirement for the better human health. But in this modern generation air pollution is a big challenge for all of us. Also, the daily lifestyle & modernization inviting the lots of unwanted germs & bacteria which is more harmful to the human. An Ozone generator provides complete treatment & increases the air quality. Also, this product disinfects all the germs & bacteria which present in the air.

Here in this article, we have shared the information for how to use an Ozone generator along with the various safety tips. I hope this information will help you to understand the use of this product.

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