No Electricity Since Last Week What To Do?

Electricity is one of the most salient & essential parts of human life for survival. Without electric power, we can’t imagine our life. Mour daily chores, business & other activity relays upon the electricity. But it’s not possible to live without it, there are numbers of activities to do when a power failure occurs for a long duration. Here in this article, we will share few important things related to what to do in power cuts.

As we know that power cut is either planned or unplanned. During the planned failure we know when the main grid supply will back. But unplanned or sudden power failure comes with so much confusion, people don’t know when the electricity supply is back on track. A few minutes of power cut easily spoil our mind, then just think what happened when power is not available for a week. You feel like your day is wasted and you get irritated from all the trouble-causing due to power cuts. You would definitely need to plan your day and upcoming days, according to the situation. Here is the list of what to do in power cuts that will help you to pass the time when there is no electricity.

What to do in Power cuts- Tips & advise

Our dependency on electricity has substantially increased so much that we cannot imagine a world without electricity. There are many people on this earth who still live in the dark as there is no access to electricity to them. This brings our thoughts back from ancient times. Remember? when we read in the books about the ancient people, about their lifestyle and work all without any electricity. This may be very hard to imagine as it will put an end to a lot of daily activities.

But going through the chaos with no electrical power will also enlighten your mind and brings thoughts about surviving without it. There are many positive scenarios and experiences that you will learn when there is no electricity. Here get the list of what to do in power cuts.

Make a change in way of living

Without electricity your lifestyle & way of living change suddenly. At this moment you need to perform more physical activity as compared to depending on the technology such as work-related to home. These physical activities make you more fit & fine also make your schedule busy.

Try to spend time with family

Without power, there is no work related to the office even you are not able to watch TV or other entertaining materials. So this is the right time to spend quality time with your family. You can also make a good bonding with the family member, especially with the kids. Because most of the time due to work pressure we are not sharing our time with our loved ones.

Time to enhance your skills

Due to daily busy schedule & high work pressure, people are not able to give time for themself. But the power failure duration gives you the opportunity to enhance your hobbies & skills. So take the advantage of these golden opportunities & do numbers of activity which comes in your interest area. Such as painting, gardening, cooking & many others which you can perform.

Play indoor games & improve your intelligence

A sharp & intelligent brain is helping you to do complex think & memory formation. It also helps you to deal with critical think. But without the exercise of the brain, you are not able to think wisely. So how to do brain exercise, it’s very simple by playing indoor games such as chess, card & others you can easily develop your brain functionality.

Organize your home & households

Most people always plan to decorate their home but due to busy schedules, they are not able to impediment it. This could happen especially with the working women. The power failure is the perfect time to do it. Because at this moment you are not able to perform any other activity. So utilize this time & decorate your home accordingly.

What to do if there is no power for a week- Prior preparation tips

As we previously explained, there are a number of reasons that affect the continuous power supply. Such as natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, damage to power supply, or any other reasons. This long duration, one week or more than that power failure comes with various problems. But in this situation don’t get panic, the proper preparation will help you to fight against power failure. Here get the list of a few of the best preparation tips for how do you prepare for a long power outage.

How to entertain yourself during the power failure

Think what people can do in an old generation when there is no power or most of the village has never seen the main grid’s power. Also, in our childhood, we have faced long-duration power failure many times. So go back to your childhood periods & think about what you will do to entertain yourself. Yes, there is a number of activities & fun material that give you the best experience & also make you busy. Here take a look at the activity you can do in an unplanned power failure.


An experience of power failure comes with a number of problems if you are completely dependent on the technology. But this is also an opportunity to explore yourself. Because, due to regular work & busy schedule, you do not spend much time with family & loved ones. So when you think about what to do with power cuts just close your eyes & feel the world around you, friends & family explore your time with them. Also, a few indoor activities, games & other things will help to pass your time during the unplanned power failure.

Here in this article, we have shared a few most beneficial pieces of information that help you to understood What to do in power cuts. Also, here you will get the best tips for saving yourself & family during the blackout such as buying a home generator & other equipment.

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