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Standby Generator

To make sure your home or business power is continuously protected by stable power solutions. Then a standby generator is the best solution for your home or business power needs. These automatic generators are present with AMF Panel, which auto-starts and shuts down the standby power backup during a power outage or when the main grid power comes.

Do you want to buy a standby Genset for your home, commercial or industrial power backup? EO Energy will help you to find the best standby generator according to your needs. We are a leading distributor & wholesale trader of a power generator in Noida and Delhi NCR. These backup generators are present in various kV ranges in Single-phase and Three-phase connection.

The availability of a home standby generator will ensure the process of power transfer will take a few seconds. Also, ensure the homeowner gets a continuous power supply at an affordable price.

Type of standby generator

Standby DG Set is designed & manufactured to provide continuous prime power for all applications and different job sites. Standard manufacture types of generators are as follows.

Home standby generator

A whole-house standby Genset is installed outside the home and provide prime rating duty during a power outage. These standby power backup manufacture in various fuel types such as diesel, petrol, or natural gas.

EO Energy deals in different kV range of home generators in all available brands in affordable price.

Commercial standby generator

Commercial generators are widely used to provide continuous power duty for office and small or mid-size business applications. This standby commercial Genset best in class and give the continuity of power without interpreting the work.

We deal in various range of commercial power backup in different fuel types. Our diesel standby generator price is best in the market.

Industrial standby generator

To maintain the continuous workflow for industrial applications, industrial standby DG Set is one of the best options. Mostly these generators are designed and manufactured in diesel and gas fuel engines because of the fuel efficiency of these. 

EO Energy is one of the prime distributors of industrial standby Genset in Delhi NCR. our generator is specially designed & customized as per the industrial power needs.

Standby Genset we offer

Standby generator for home

Product Specification
Genset Rating 10 kV, 15 kV
Application Households Use
Fuel Type Diesel, Propane, Natural Gas
Noise Level Sound-proof
Type Automatic
Colling System Air-colling
Voltage 230/240
frequency 50 Hz
Rated Speed 1500 RPM
Alternator Brushless
Battery Capacity 12V
Insulation Class H
Phase Single-phase
Duty Standby
Brand Kohler, Mahindra, Honda, Hyundai, etc

Commercial standby generator

Product Specification
Genset Rating 40 kV to 100 kV
Noise Level Silent
Duty Standby
Fuel Type Diesel, Natural Gas
Voltage 280 to 480 V
Insulation Class H
Alternator Brushless, Stamford
Cooling System Air-cooling, Water-Cooling
Phase Three-phase
Frequency 50Hz
No. of Cylinder 4 to 8 Cylinder
Engine Rated Power 80 BHP
Battery Capacity 88 AMP/H
Lube Oil Cons. 0.1 % of Fuel Cons
Brand Kirloskar, Tata, Caterpillar, Eicher, etc

Industrial standby generator

Product Specification
Genset Rating 500 kV to 2000 kV
Noise Level Sound-proof
Phase Three-phase
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 230 to 480 V
Cooling System Water-cooling
Alternator Stamford
Rated Speed 1800 to 3000 RPM
Application Industrial
Fuel Type Diesel
Insulation Class H
Duty Main/Standby
Starting System Battery
Enclosure Acoustic
Brand Mahindra, Tata, Volvo, Kohler, etc

Heavy industrial standby diesel generator

Product Specification
Genset Rating 2500 kV
Duty Standby
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 480 V
Insulation Class H
Alternator Stamford
Cooling System Water-cooling
Type  Automatic
Enclosure Acoustic
Application Industrial
Phase Three-phase
Fuel Type Diesel
Rated Speed 3000 RPM
No. of Cylinder 24
Starting Type Battery
Brand Mahindra, Kohler

Portable standby generator

Product Specification
Genset Rating 5 kV to 500 kV
Noise Level Silent
Cooling System Air-cooling, Water-cooling
Phase Single-phase, Three-phase
Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz
Voltage 230 to 420V
Insulation Class H
Alternator Brushless, Stamford
Fuel Diesel, Petrol, Gasoline
Rated Speed 1500, 1800, 3000 RPM
Power Factor 0.8 (Lagging)
Alternator Efficiency 88.9%
Application Home, Commercial, Industrial
Enclosure Acoustic
Brand Mahindra, Honda, Hyundai, Kohler, etc

How does a standby generator work

A standby Genset is a permanently installed powered automatic generator, which is installed outside the house, office or business. When the power goes out it will start automatically and the energy similarly when grid power comes it goes on standby mode.

AMF panels are the device that is connected into the standby DG Set and they swap power from your household utility to the Genset. When a power failure occurs, this automatic transfer switch transfers power from the generator to home or business utility. This will be turned on automatically when the transfer switch is engaged.

Because of this transfer Switch, standby generators are much faster, safer, and fuel-efficient as compared to other power generators. EO Energy provides AMF Panel for Standby generators. We design and manufacture this transfer switch as per client requirements.

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Features & benefits of Standby Generator

Before making a final decision or finalizing a standby generator, you need to understand the features & benefits of this power backup.

It will allow you to get continuous power during a long power outage, which is occurred due to any reason.

Also, provide a prime duty to run your business without any interruption in a power outage.

Make sure that your stored items like food & other things will be safe when the main grids power is not responding.

Standby generator’s best feature is quick response time, it means when the power goes out it will start automatically in a few seconds & provide continuous a prime power.

Allow you to maintain your luxurious lifestyle which may be caused due to power failure.

Protecting your home or business appliances from deadly voltage fluctuation.

Available in each size to protect the entire house, building or only critical portion and important portion of the job site.

Automatically transfer the power for your home or business appliances when the main grid power fails.

Standby power backup is a permanently installed generator, which means there is no need to connect extra extension cote or any kind of wiring to get emergency power backup.

Choose EO Energy to buy a standby generator

EO Energy has more than 11 years of experience in the generator power field. We are the most trusted leading distributor and wholesale trader of standby generators. With all available range and brand, our standby generator price is affordable and best in the market.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing them high-quality component power backup for home, business, and industrial use, make us a unique & popular brand name between our clients. Our standby generators are easy to install and an ideal match for all power needs.

Key features of our standby Genset

  • Compact structure makes it easy to maintain.
  • Low maintenance costs and high work efficiency..
  • Come with a strong generator canopy to secure Genset from bad weather and heavy storms.
  • Product delivery on time.
  • Available in all famous brands.
  • Highly fuel-efficiency & durability.
  • Quick support on a single call after the sale.

Apart from the new standby generator, EO Energy deals in standby generators on rent and used power backup.

To get more information or want to buy a standby generator for home or business applications, you can call or contact us. Our highly professional sales team will assist you quickly.

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