With the rich industrial experience & deep knowledge in generator manufacturing, EO Energy provides a wide range of Ashok Leyland generators & power backup Genset. Here get the inquiry for generator Ashok Leyland price & specification. Our organization is the trusted wholesale trader & supplier of power generators in various ranges & brands but the Ashok DG Sets are more popular & highly demanding. All the Genset provide by our organization are following the complete inspection before installation.

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Read this page if you are interested in buying an Ashok Leyland generator, its various model, specification & price list.

But before getting more information about Ashok Leyland Genset, first here is a small overview of the Ashok Leyland group.

Ashok Leyland genset

Ashok Leyland is one of the largest Indian automobile companies, which is located in Chennai, and was founded in the year of 1948. This company is owned by Hinduja Group.

This organization is the second-largest manufacturer in the commercial vehicle segment in India. When we look worldwide, this organization is the second-largest in bus manufacture and the tenth-largest in truck manufacturing. This all the production comes from different manufacturing units.

In the automobile sector, this company has a 32.1% market share according to the year of 2016 data. Worldwide Ashok Leyland is the market leader in the bus segment. The production of the entire truck range, from 7.5 to 49 tons.

Apart from the vehicle segments, the Ashok Leyland power generator is one of the best products in the power sector.

Ashok Leyland (Leypower) Generator

Ashok Leyland (Leypower) is one well know diesel generator brand in India. Leypower gives a fully integrated power system, with state-of-the-art technology in the engine.

This ready-to-use portable Genset follows the latest CPCB-2 norms in India and is also built to follow international norms. Ashok Leyland group feels the pride to serve more than 150,000 Genset over the last ten years. This incredible confidence has made Ashok Leyland enhance the offering wide range of Diesel Generators from 5 kVA to 2500 kVA at affordable prices. Also, the Genset comes from Ashok Leyland are, highly fuel-efficient, aesthetically designed, environment-friendly, very low operating cost, and with a soundproof enclosure.

Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator Price list- Get an inquiry

We are offering the best & affordable price of Ashok Leyland generator price in India. All the DG Set checks & tests in all parameters before installation at the client job location. That means, the Genset we sell is highly reliable & trusted for all applications. Here get an inquiry of our best-selling generator Ashok Leyland price list & specifications.

1. Ashok Leyland generator 40 kVA price

Get the inquiry for 40 kVA Genset Ashok Leyland price & specification detail. We deal in best in design & portable generator for multipurpose uses. Due to its easy to relocate feature, you can use it in multiple locations where the backup power requirement is high. Here get more information with product detail & buy Genset at a low cost.

Product Specification:

Genset rating40 kVA
TypePortable automatic
Cooling methodWater cooling
Phase3 phase
Rated speed1500 RPM
Voltage360 V
Frequency50 Hz
Battery Capacity (AH)24
InsulationClass H
No. of cylinder3
Deals inNew, Used, Rental

2. Ashok Leyland 125 KVA Generator

Ashok Leyland 125 kVA DG Set offers continuous prime power for industrial needs. This high power output DG Set is able to run large-size industrial equipment. We are offering the best in quality & completely tested in all parameters Ashok Leyland DG Set for sale at an affordable price.

Power Rating* (kV)125
Electric Power (kW)100
Rated Current (Amp)173.91
DG Size- L x W (mm)3300*1250
H (Including Base) (mm)1565
DG Weight approx. (Kg)1876
Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltr)200
Battery Capacity (AH)90
System DC Voltage (Volt)12
Engine Specification
Engine ModelAL6DTIDG2
Engine Rated kW/Engine Rated HP116/155.5
No. of cylinders & configuration6, Inline
Bore x stroke (mm)104*113
Displacement (Ltr)5.76
Compression ratio16.5 ± 0.5 : 1
Fuel Consumption** (Ltr/Hr)21.6
Lube Oil Capacity approx. (Ltr)17.5
Coolant Capacity approx. (Ltr)20
Governing ClassAO
Governer UsedElectronic
Oil Change Period600 Hrs or 1 Year
Lube Oil specificationGulf Leypower XLL Diesel Engine Oil
AlternatorBrushless, Single Bearing, IP23, Class H Insulated, 50 Hz, Voltage Regulation + 0.5%, 0.8PF Lag

3. Ashok Leyland 500 KVA Generator

500 kVA generator used to run very heavy electrical equipment during the power failure. Also, this DG Set is used in the location where the main grid power is not present. Here get an inquiry on Ashok Leyland 500 kVA Genset price & specification.

Rating (KVA)500 kVA
Rated Current (Amp)1404
The dimension of the DG Set (L x W x H)4315 x 2000 x 2528
The dimension of DG Set with Acoustic (L x W x H)8004 x 2825 x 3654
DG Weight(Kg)8150
Engine Specification
Engine Model12M26D968E200
Engine Rpm1500
No Of Strokes4
Gross Engine OutPut (Kwm)880
Gross Engine OutPut (Bhp)1180
No Of Cylinders & Configuration12 & Vee
Bore X Stroke (Mm)150 x 150
Compression Ratio15.7:1
Piston Speed (M/Sec)7.5
Bump (Kpa)2214
Lube Oil Capacity Max (Ltrs)113
Coolant Capacity (Engine + Rad)(Ltrs)191

4. Ashok Leyland 2000 KVA Generator

For supplying the high power energy at the construction, marine at other large industrial sectors 2000 kVA generator is the best option. This large in size DG Set properly check & maintain all the parameters to provide continuous power. Here get an inquiry on the 2000 kVA generator Ashok Leyland price & specification.

Rating (KVA)2000 kVA
Rated Current (Amp)3475
The dimension of the open DG Set (L x W x Hmm)6100mm x 3273mm x 3691mm
The dimension of DG Set with Acoustic (L x W x Hmm)Approx. 11450mm x 3800mm x 4600mm
DG Weight(Kg)Approx. 23500Kg
Engine Specification
Engine Model12M55D2750/5
Engine Rpm15
No of Strokes4
Gross Engine OutPut (Kwm)2200
Gross Engine OutPut (Bhp)2949
No of Cylinders & Configuration12 & Vee
Bore * Stroke (Mm)180 * 215
Compression Ratio16.5:1
Piston Speed (M/Sec)10.75
BMEP (Kpa)2990
Lube Oil Capacity Max (Ltrs)480
Coolant Capacity (Engine + Rad) (Ltrs)306 + Rad

Key Features of Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator

Why choose us to buy Ashok Leyland Genset

For the last 11 years, EO Energy is the prime supplier, wholesale trader, and distributor of Ashok Leyland generators in Noida & Delhi NCR. This generator is the best choice for home or industrial power needs.

Also, before delivering or installation of DG Set in any job location, we check & test all the components of a standby diesel generator. Our client-oriented service belive in delivering 100% customer satisfaction with best-in-class service.

Key features of our Ashok Leyland generator on sale,

Low cost:

Compare to other Ashok Leyland generator dealers in NCR, EO Energy Ashok Leyland generator price is more affordable and low in cost. Our DG Set cost feature makes us a prime choice for industrial and other commercial applications.

Door-step service:

EO Energy provides door-step installation & maintenance of Ashok Leyland Genset. Our highly qualified team of technicians is available 24*7 to resolve the power backup issue.


Our Generator service flexibility offers you to select the right size Genset for various power requirements & different needs. That means you can buy the best size generator based on the various job location and power needs.

Trusted & reliable service:

EO Energy trusted & reliable service never compromise with the quality of the product & maintain our great relationship with our clients. EO Energy is a trusted dealer of the generator for home, business or industrial power needs.

Apart from the New generator for sale, EO Energy provides Second-hand generators and generators for rent. To get more information or want to buy a DG Set, you can call or contact us. Our sales team will assist you & provide you more information with generator price & specification.