With the best team of qualified technicians, we are the manufacturer & service provider of soundproof generator canopies in all makes & models of diesel generators. All the acoustic enclosures are made with quality materials that maximize the life of products. Also, this weatherproof enclosure protects the industrial generator engine & other parts from bad weather conditions. Along with designing of quality DG Set enclosure, EO Energy also offers the opportunity of customization & modification of Genset enclosure. Our 625 kVA generator canopy presents all the above features. Also, the offering cost of silent industrial Genset enclosure is more affordable & easy to buy.

Our manufacturing units present with the advanced technology & we resolve various kinds of problems such as noise & vibration. The structure work design of the machine & enclosure supports the incorporating layout & gives the best work experience in all manner. Also, the proper ventilation & cooling features of Genset maintain the temperature of the DG Set engine during the operation. We offer the complete noiseless power backup solution for home, commercial & industrial generator space.

Apart from the manufacturing & dealership of the acoustic enclosure, we are one of the largest service providers of generators for sale in India. In our company, you get the complete inquiry for all makes & models of Genset in various KVA ranges. Also, for low-budget clients & temporary power solutions, we offer used Genset & rental generator services. Let’s take a look at the price & specification of the 625 kVA generator canopy.

625 kVA generator canopy price & specification

Get the inquiry for silent DG Set enclosure for 625 kVA diesel generator. Buy quality material manufactured canopy & gives the complete protection of your Genset against theft, vandalism & bad weather condition. Also, they give more portability to your DG Set so you can easily relocate your portable generator from one location to another. Here get more information for the price & specification of the 625 kVA generator canopy.


Product Specification:

Canopy designed for625 kVA DG Set
SurfacePaint coated
DimensionStandard needs
Water resistanceComplete waterproof
Fuel tankInside based on needs
Cooling systemVentilation fan & exahust
FeatureNoise-free & weatherproof
Min. order quantity1

Importance of silent enclosure- Reason to buy DG Set canopy

As we know that a canopy is used to give complete protection & soundless operational feature to your power generator. An enclosure is equally important when you run a DG Set in an open space. Because most of the time we didn’t predict the weather condition & other atmosphere components that easily affect the performance & efficiency of the generator. Such as rainy weather, dust, rust & other small particles. Here get more information on the feature & benefits of the generator canopy.

Why choose us

With several years of experience in manufacturing world-class generator canopies, EO Energy is one of the most eligible service providers in India. All the products are manufactured with quality products & under the observation of qualified testing & manufacturing specialist. We understand the requirements of clients & according to their needs, we design all the products at a standard level. Here are a few of the best features of our services,

Low cost: As compared to other service providers & manufacturers of generator canopies, EO Energy offers low & affordable prices products. You can review & compare with our online price listing.

Warranty: All the products manufactured by EO Energy is available with a long duration warranty. That means if you get any operational issues during the warranty period our team of technicians will resolve them without charging a single penny.

Modification & customization: According to the needs of the client we do the needful changes including customization & modification in the generator canopy. For example, if the client has low space to install a DG Set we reduce the size of the canopy. A few other changes such as ventilation, fuel tank, AMF panel & many more.

Sales & Support: We believe to make long-term relationships with our precious clients. So that we provide complete service related to the maintenance & parts support after the sale.

Flexibility: The flexibility in the product range is the most considerable feature of our service. That means you will get the complete inquiry of all product ranges including several brands.

These are a few of the best features provides by our organization. For more information or want to buy a 625 kVA generator canopy call us. Our sales team will provide you detailed information including the price & specification of products.