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Single Phase Generator

In our daily life, many power appliances we use is powered by single-phase power. single-phase generators are useful to run this type of equipment. A single-phase generator uses single-phase voltage. This generator is widely used in home & household appliances.

EO Energy provides the best range of single-phase motor-generators for your home or small business uses. This power generator is always an ideal match for the low power consumption equipment.

This DG Set produces a single voltage that alternates continuously. The level of voltage varies because single-phase Genset generates a single wave throughout its complete cycle. The up & down of the waves is one of the main causes the power level drop in throughout the process. Also, these waves are undetectable to the eye & ear in normal.  

For smaller operations, more rural or small residential areas, this generator is very useful for lighting small equipment or tool. A single-phase generator didn’t require constant high voltage power. This Genset can provide efficient power at a low cost. You can operate this DG Set anywhere from 120 to 240 volts. 

Our wide range of portable generators starts from 1 kV to 45 kV in a single-phase voltage connection. These generators are available in different fuel engine range like petrol, diesel, natural gas, LPG, kerosene.

Our manufacturing unit makes both silent and non-silent version of the generator with the acoustic enclosure. The silent range of Genset is EURO-2 and ICAT certified.

Single-Phase Generator We Offer

Single-Phase Petrol Generator

This single-phase petrol generator runs on petrol fuel. Few of them are also available with natural gas fuel tanks so they will also operate with the help of a gas engine. The compact & light-weight structure makes the whole unit compact and light-weight so you can easily place this Genset anywhere. The continually optimized engine performance & effective cooling system ensure a pure, safe & stable power supply to protect your household appliances.

Product Specification
Brand Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Cummins, 
Engine 6.5 OHV, Recoil Starter
Cooling System Air-cooled
Rated Watts 3600 Watts @ 75% Capacity
Surge Watts 4000 Watts
Run Time 8 hour @ 50% Load
DC Output 12V @ 8.3 amps
Starting System Recoil Starter
Fuel Type Petrol
Load rpm 3000 rpm

Single-Phase Gasoline Generator

This DG Set engine runs on natural gas and compares to other fuel engine generator, single-phase gasoline generator is a little bit costly, but the overall performance of this generator is more durable. Because it’s clean-burning property, this fuel reduces the problem with emissions.

EO Energy gives you a huge range of single-phase gasoline inverter DG set in different kV range. Our products are available in different models and they are much admired by the consumers for their reliable, robust, less operating cost, and easy to uses features. Because of its low noise pollution and clean-burning property, this Genset is more popular for home or small business applications.

Product Specification
BrandAshok Leyland, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra, Koel Green, Jackson, Volvo
TypeAutomatic & Semi-automatic
Power16.0hp @ 3600 rpm
Voltage230 to 480 volts
Fuel TypeGasoline
Cooling SystemAir-cooling
Phase1 phase to 3 phase
ApplicationHome & Small Business
Starting SystemBattery & Recoil
Total Displacement460cc
Rated Current34 amps
Alternator48 ams
Current48 ams
Engine Rating16hp @ 3600 rpm

Single-Phase Diesel Generator

EO Energy is one of the well-known organizations in the generator industry, who provide the best quality array of single-phase diesel generator. This generator runs on diesel fuel.

Our highly qualified technical team follow the CPCB standard emission rules to make diesel engine generator, low noise & low vibration we also work on diesel engine efficiency. 

Ours single-phase diesel generators present with numbers of the key features, for example, high efficiency, durability, low noise pollution, and stable power performance.

Product Specification
BrandAshok Leyland, Honda, Cummins, Hyundai, Greaves, Mahindra, Jackson
Cooling SystemAir-cooling
Fuel typeDiesel
Engine Power12
Number of Cylinder1 to 4
ApplicationHome, Small Business, Agriculture
Phase1 phase to 3 phase
Frequency50 Hz
Rated Speed1500
Current41.7 amp
Rated voltage240 Volts

Single-Phase Industrial Generator

Industrial generator’s features are very different as compared to the home generator or small business standby generator. This DG Set present in the range between 100 kW to 2500 kW with 150 hp to 4000 hp engines.

EO Energy provides you with a huge choice of single-phase generator. This type of generator used in an industrial application with a single volt current.

To meet various commercial needs of consumers, our company is offering the best product. EO Energy has 11 years of experience in this field and we are a well-reputed manufacturer & supplier of single-phase industrial generator. Our higher qualified technician team prepare these products very keenly with the best and quality checked components. Our products are reliable and easy to install.

Product Specification
BrandAshok Leyland, Honda, Volvo, Hyundai, Kirloskar, Jackson, Eicher, Mahindra
Fuel TypeDiesel
Starting System12V DC
Class of InsulationH
Phase Single Phase
Cooling SystemOil & Water-cooled
Power 100 kV to 500 kV
TypeAutomatic, Semi-automatic


Points to Consider when Buying a Single-phase Generator

A single-phase generator present with various features & application according to the requirements. EO Energy describes all the specifications of this Genset to our valuable customer, before selling portable Genset.

Here we share a few key features of a single-phase generator, you need to consider before buying one.

Soundless performance

This single-phase generator is especially design & manufacture to provide a soundless performance. EO Energy provides the best range of single-phase DG Set for your home or business application, but the soundless performance of our Genset is one of the key features, which will give you a hassle-free experience. Also, you can buy a Genset enclosure to provide security to your generator as well as this will help you to reduce the sound of a generator from -35 dB to -45 dB.

Easy handling & power distribution

The power distribution system of any generator is defined, how to a power backup Genset perform in different power loads. Our single-phase DG Set is design and manufacture to give you a great experience of the generator in different power load. This Genset comes with AMF panels which are helpful to start the generator engine automatically when the main grid utility fails and shut down when the main grid power supply is on. Range of our portable single-phase generator is easy to handle and also you can move them from one place to another place easily.

Fulfil utility power requirement

We manufacture our single-phase DG Set as per clients home of business power requirement. Also, you need to check it before buying a generator, this will help you to find out the best generator for your uses. Availability of different kV range of single-phase generator in EO Energy will give you the opportunity to choose the best power generator according to your power requirement.

Low fuel consumption

Our highly fuel-efficient single-phase generators are the first choice of customers because of its pocket-friendly nature. A high rate of fuel efficiency in per hour or per kV is the best key feature of EO Energy single-phase power backup.

EO Energy generator portability

Portability of our generators makes them easy to lift as well as provide them with easy transportation. We manufacture these generators as per the client requirements and also, give the opportunity to make a generator as per the space you have. With the help of inbuilt wheels, you will easily transport these generators from place to another.

Range of phase availability

EO Energy provides a huge range of availability in single-phase generators. The range of single-phase power backup Genset are used in both home or business purpose. But first, you need to identify which type of connection you have, which means if your utility connection is single-phase than only you need to buy a single-phase generator

Why choose EO Energy to buy Single-phase Generator

With a firm commitment to quality and manufacturing high-performance generator engine, EO Energy engages to design & manufacture a huge range of single-phase generator for home and industrial application, from the last 11 years.

We always try to fulfil our customer’s expectations as well as we provide warranty support with our all manufacturing product. There is very less chance to come to any fault in our product, but if we will get any complaint from customers end, we provide the service without any cost.

The key feature of EO Energy Portable Generators

  • Compact structure
  • A Strong acoustic enclosure as per requirement
  • Delivery on time
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Fuel efficiency & durability
  • Reliable running
  • Availability with all famous brands
  • Low operating cost

Apart from this, Eo Energy also deals in other types of single-phase Generators, for example, single-phase petrol generator, single-phase diesel generator, single-phase used generator, single-phase generator on rent, and Air Cooled single-phase generator.

This all range of single-phase generator comes with several unique features like reliability, fuel efficiency, low noise, and multiple fuel engine option.

For more information related to a single-phase generator or buying an EO Energy single-phase generator, you can call or contact us. Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

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